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A Brief History of Swizz Beatz Ruining Songs

By Andy James | 45 minutes ago
Swizz Beatz: a guy you want producing your song? Yes. A guy you want rapping on your song? No.
Tags: Humor, Opinion

Holy Sh*t You Need to Watch D.R.A.M.‘s Yachty-Less “Broccoli” Performance on CONAN

By Brent Bradley | 17 hours ago
The Virginia native's ascension to stardom seems inevitable at this point.

Logic Details Hearing Nas as His First Experience with Hip-Hop

By Brent Bradley | 18 hours ago
"My mom was freaking out. I never forgot that, which is kind of messed up."
Tags: News, Opinion

Can Jay Z Save Tidal by Acquiring Prince’s Vault of Unreleased Music?

By Yoh | about 21 hours ago
Jay Z is bidding big for Prince's unreleased musical vault, but will it be enough to save Tidal?

What the F**k is Going on with Eric B. & Rakim’s Long-Awaited Reunion?

By Brent Bradley | 21 hours ago
If the announcement is true at all, it’s been severely fumbled, and we’re all very confused.
Tags: News, Opinion

How Closed Sessions is Rewriting the Rules of a Record Label

By Tara Mahadevan | 22 hours ago
Milwaukee emcee WebsterX joins the label's burgeoning roster of artists from across the Midwest.

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