Odd Couple - Chatterbox

Posted June 30, 2015

Chicago producer Odd Couple has released Chatterbox, his debut album on Closed Sessions.

Included on the excellent, 12-track free release are previously-featured singles "What Kings Do," with Top Prospect Saba and Taylor Bennett, and "Me Time," with The O'My's and Kweku Collins. But the quality guest features don't stop there. Also joining in on the fun are Boston's Michael Christmas, DJBooth Freestyle Series alum Allan Kingdom, Alex Wiley, Mike Golden, Pell and more.

While OC handles production himself, additional instrumentation is provided by Boathouse, Cam O'Bi, Carter Lang and Will Miller. Michael Kolar, co-owner of Closed Sessions, mixed and mastered the project.

Released on Tuesday, June 30, and premiered by our friends at Pigeons & Planes, Chatterbox is available for free stream and download.

Chatterbox Album Review

Most producer albums are different from normal albums. Often times the recording quality, guest spots, and structure of the album leave room for improvement, more aimed at getting across a producer's overall sound than delivering a larger artistic message. Chatterbox is not one of those typical producer-projects. I went in expecting to hear some great instrumentals, maybe some dope rhymes and not much more, but I came out stunned. Shocked. Giddy.

This ain't your momma's beat tape. This is a full-fledged album, one where you can take out individual songs for a playlist play from start to finish. The progression, pacing and sequencing is perfect. One minute you have a song like “Glass Up” (a standout), featuring an ambient, chiming beat and though it’s followed the guitar driven “LightShow,” which oozes a remarkably different vibe, the transition is seamless. Even the songs themselves ebb and flow, demonstrating, Odd Couple’s attention to detail and depth. Take “Talkin’ Like That,” my personal favorite track off the project. One minute you have (Surf contributor) Mike Golden’s vibrant vocals and the next you have Dally Auston’s blunted, raspy flow, which then flows into a instrumental section before The O’My’s frontman Maceo Haymes leaves his fingerprints. Still the best part is the ending. I know that sounds like a bad thing, but when you take a listen to the way the track ends, going from a culminating instrumental into a minimalist, airy backdrop, driven by a plodding bassline and a simple yet poignant guitar riff, the track closes with a real kick. I could feel my heart beating from the excitement of how vibrant and busy the song was. To make that transition in such a short time really speaks to Odd Couple's attention to detail and though “Talking Like That” is just one song it’s a microcosm for the album as a whole.

How is he able to do it? How is he able to bring together so many different, talented artists - Allan Kingdom, The O’My’s, Alex Wiley, Saba, Kweku Collins, Taylor Bennett and so many others - and not have the album feel too feature-heavy? His heart. Above all else, this album has personality and heart. Music is fun, it makes us smile, it makes us happy, but Chatterbox reaches you on a deeper level. It made me feel good about life in a way most other albums simply can't. I wish I could better explain the interesting blend of sentimental and happy, but sometimes things are just beyond words, that’s kind of the magic of this album. It’s not so much the notes, beats or instrumentals but the emotions and intentions of the people behind them that makes Chatterbox a winner. I may not be able to put it into words, but take a listen to Chatterbox and you’ll know exactly what I mean. You'll feel it.

[Excerpt from "Odd Couple’s Chatterbox Album is Simply Excellent"

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Posted June 30, 2015
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