Alex Wiley - Village Party

Posted June 5, 2014

Back in June of 2013, Alex Wiley unleashed his Closed Sessions debut street album, a hard-hitting project that had hip-hop heads everywhere lining up to join Club Wiley. Now, on the freshly-minted follow-up, the Windy City repper has invited his burgeoning fanbase to join him as he throws a Village Party.

Singles "Ova" and "Vibration," which dazzled Booth readers when they hit our front page in the lead-up to the set's release, offer just a taste of the dopeness contained in the Thug Angel's new opus. Kembe X and Mick Jenkins make guest appearances on the tape, which packs production from Blev, Hippie Sabotage, Jabari Rayford, The Innovatorz, Kito, Odd Couple, Stefan Ponce, Sunny Dukes and THEMPeople.

Village Party can be streamed in full via The DJBooth, and is also available for streaming and download via the artist's Soundcloud.

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Posted June 5, 2014
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