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Posted 9 years ago
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Five years and two names changes since his last solo project, Sean Combs (known currently as...

Press Play Album Review

Five years and two names changes since his last solo project, Sean Combs (known currently as Diddy), is back with Press Play. The album on the whole is very well rounded and an entertaining listen. Nobody, including himself, thinks that Diddy is among the upper echelon of rapping talent in the industry.

Some might argue that the excessive amount of guest features and top-notch producers makes this album a compilation, and not a Diddy solo project. The key difference between that consideration, and reality, is that Diddy has purposely brought along his friends to compliment his style and turn average into great.

The most sensational angle of this product is the impressive list of chosen producers. How can DJs not love the crowd pleasing sounds of Havoc, Kanye West, Mario Winans, The Neptunes, Timbaland, and Will.I.Am? Go ahead and press play, you won't be disappointed.

DJBooth Rating - 3.5 Spins

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Posted 9 years ago

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