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Posted April 15, 2013

Fresh off his split with Kanye's G.O.O.D Music, alternative hip-hop artist Kid CuDi has released his third studio album, Indicud. The 18-track album, his first since 2010's Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, features previously-releases singles "Just What I Am," "King Wizard," "Immortal" and "Girls." Joining the Ohio native on the Universal Republic release are A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, King Chip, Too Short and, believe it or not, veteran pop singer Michael Bolton.

Indicud Album Review

Lately headlines have been circulating about Kid Cudi's departure from the label that birthed him, wondering if Kid Cudi’s career will maintain its longevity without the G.O.O.D. Music machine behind him. It’s been three years since the release Kid Cudi’s breakthrough Man on the Moon series. Even though it has only been less than a year since we’ve heard his alternative-pop LP effort WZRD (with Dot da Genius), Cudi fans wanted Indicud to be that reason to fall in love with the Cleveland rapper all over again.

It is fair to say, the lead single Just What I Am reminded listeners that Cudi hasn’t lost a thing; plus, the song features King Chip to keep it all the way Cleveland. Since the un-mastered version hit the net, fans have been geeking for the release of the album. The video marked his directorial debut, and in typical unorthodox-Cudi fashion, was meant to be viewed in not exactly the most sober state. “The video was made to be watched while on acid and/or shrooms” Cudi tweeted to his fans. All worries of if the old Cudi would return on this album at this point had officially been thrown out of the window. Pushing the boundaries, check. Amazing visuals, check. Good music, check (no pun intended). The tone and expectation for Indicud had been set.

Indicud is now the unofficial Man on the Moon 3, not missing a beat since the release of the first two. Cudi has always made it a point to be very calculated with every aspect of his music, resulting in features that make sense for the music, as opposed to bigger names just for the sake of it. You’ll see legends such as the RZA, and Michael Bolton make appearances on the album, as well as a stand out collab with Bay Area OG Too $hort on Girls. The two take listeners on a night out to paint the town red picking up pretty girls “everywhere they go”. The vet assists with a 16 reminding us this isn’t his first time opening up when it comes to the topic of women, especially that he apparently has an “endless supply”.

After proving that he can hold his own with vets, Cudi does the exact same with the leaders of the new school. Harlemite A$AP Rocky and Mescudi collide on the slower tempo Brothers. The popular quote “blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family” is the best way to describe the record. Both artists express the mutual loyalty to their friends and what it takes to remain loyal. King Chip also makes another appearance on the album, giving his laws of what friendship (or brotherhood in this case) should consist and not consist of. Hip hop heads will be more drawn to a record like this because the pace of the production leaves all three artists no choice but to actually spit bars.

And once again demonstrating his range, Indicud isn’t just limited to being a hip hop LP. Alternative-pop influenced records like Immortal and Red Eye (which features Haim) are sprinkled throughout the album, showcasing Cudi’s artistic vision and the lessons he learned on WZRD.

Furthermore, Indicud sees zero vocal assists from the G.O.O.D. Music camp and still remains solid throughout, although, it did seem as if the featured records do outshine the records where Cudi is solo dolo. Fans need not worry though, history has proven that Mescudi has been most successful when he decides to release un-assisted music. Overall, Kid Cudi is refreshing and lively thoughout Indicud, proving he can go off and experiment (like he did on WZRD), yet come back to the Day & Night Cudi we have all grown to know and love. It's good to have the man back, albeit in his evolved form.

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Posted April 15, 2013
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