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As suggested by the title, Omarion is finally legal. Although adult status has always been...

21 Album Review

As suggested by the title, Omarion is finally legal. Although adult status has always been measured in age, it is also considerably gauged by maturity and growth. Using both benchmarks, Omarion has come into his own on 21, following a youth-filled career of waving correspondently aged material.

As a member of B2K, Omarion was able to shine as the lead. His spotlight became so bright in fact; he left the group in search of solo success. That success however was nowhere to be found on his debut album ‘O,’ released in 2005. The album garnered successful radio singles but was unable to move units. To date the album has barely gone gold (just over 500,000 copies).

Omarion’s sophomore venture, 21, won’t be a case of déjà vu. The lead single ‘Entourage,’ produced by Eric Hudson, is a full-grown transition for Omarion as both a singer and co-song writer. Following the trends of maturity and sophistication include the Timbaland-produced single, Ice Box, as well as ‘Just Can’t Let You Go’ and ‘Midnight.’ When you’re young, you want to appeal both to your fan’s demographic and create material that seems well within reason of being an actual life experience. Omarion has become a full-fledged man, and in the process, has finally shown us through to his music.

In addition to the material on 21 becoming lyrically rich, the production is also top notch. Work from Timbaland and The Neptunes is reasonably good for their talent level, but not enough credit is given to The Underdogs. Lending their hand to A-List singers Mario (How Could You), Marques Houston (Sex With You), Tyrese (One) and Chris Brown (Young Love), the R&B/Pop production duo has had their stamp of success on most of the industry’s Top 40 success the past five years. On 21, they offer-up a potential single in the down-trodden track ‘Do It.’

When you become an adult you are legally allowed to pop bottles and roll dice. Omarion’s second album is a welcome addition to his musical catalog and should appeal to both his fan base and a more adult crowd. 21 doesn’t involve risk, so the reward is high, an album where success isn’t a gamble but rather a guarantee.

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