Posted July 28, 2014

Last year, Jahron "PARTYNEXTDOOR" Brathwaite burst onto the scene with PARTYNEXTDOOR, a critically-acclaimed EP released through his homie Drake's OVO Sound label.

Now, the Mississauga-based R&B singer has unleashed the sequel, titled—wait for it—PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO, via OVO Sound/Warner..

The 12 track set comes on the heels of reader-acclaimed lead single "Her Way" and Drizzy-assisted hit "Recognize." All production on the project is handled by the artist himself.


For those who aren't already familiar with my intimate and often convoluted musical preferences, here's the background between myself and one Mr. PARTYNEXTDOOR.

A little over a year ago I decided to hate him, although at the time I didn't even know who "him" was. The allmighty Drake simply tweeted "Make A Mil", a song by a then-mysterious new, enigmatically singer named PARTYNEXTDOOR, and predictably the interwebz lost its collective shit. Even though almost no one even knew his actual name, and his musical output essentially consisted of one song, many were already rushing to proclaim him the next big thing. It was everything I didn't like about how music worked in 2014. While some artists worked for years making incredible, truly original music without a glimmer of that same attention, one tweet from an influential co-sign and the world came rushing like moths to a lightbulb. But have you ever watched one of those moths? Banging and fluttering, convinced the lightbulb on your Ikea lamp is actually the moon. I wasn't going to be one of those moths.

So yes, sure, it didn't have a whole lot to do with PARTYNEXTDOOR specifically, more like his place in a musical ecology I didn't want to live in, but sometimes you just have to irrationally hate someone. This isn't stock market reporting, this is music writing, objectivity is a smoke screen a lot of writers use to just secretly write subjectively anyway. The closest we can get to actual objectvity is to be as open and honest about our subjectvity. So just like in real life when you don't like that one guy in your office for no real reason besides he kind of looks like this d-bag you went to high school with, or he chews his sandwiches in the break room super loud, I decided I didn't need PARTYNEXTDOOR in my life. The way he sounded like some blend of the Weeknd and Future? The "oh, look at me, my name's in all caps BECAUSE I'M UNIQUE" thing? The way he (probably) chewed his sandwiches super loud? Fuck that guy.

I didn't want to be some constant spewer of negativity though, so I simply decided to boycott PARTY. I wouldn't listen to him, woudn't write about him, wouldn't read about him. That way I'd be able to hang onto my comfortable irrational hatred without killing the vibe of those who did like him. Boom, problem solved, and for the last year it worked just fine. But then I started to see some reactions to his debut studio album, "PND2", on my Twitter timeline, and for the first time, it made me question my boycott. Maybe I was actually missing out on something great, maybe I should wipe the slate clean and give this album a listen? So that's just what I did. And as long as I already have this love/hate theme running, I'll continue it into the review.


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Posted July 28, 2014
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