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Posted October 28, 2007
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If I were the head of Def Jam (move over Hova) I’d concentrate on coming up with crazy ideas...

Supply & Demand Album Review

If I were the head of Def Jam (move over Hova) I’d concentrate on coming up with crazy ideas instead of commercial success. For example, my first priority would be assembling a super group comprised entirely of people who were the least-talented members of their ensemble. The Second-String All-Stars would be made up of Wish Bone of Bone Thugs, Tony Yayo of G-Unit, I’d even get the guy from the St. Lunatics who wears that crazy mask. Def Jam would be bankrupt in months, but I’d be amused and that’s what really matters.

The only thing missing from the Second-String All-Stars’ roster is a Southern rapper, a slot I’m hoping to fill with the addition of Dolla Boy. Dolla is half of Playaz Circle, Atlanta’s latest sons of trap-music, and one listen to their new album Supply and Demand confirms he's half the rapper his partner Titi Boi is. But how much does Dolla’s unimpressive rhyme style matter? Nearly every beat on Supply and Demand is overwhelmingly huge, the guest appearances are frequent, and Tity Boi picks up most of the lyrical slack. It’s simple really: if you think the South is 90 percent beats and 10 percent lyricism there’s plenty of evidence on Supply and Demand. And if you think those people are shameless haters, go roll by their house at three in the morning with the album cranking.

If you’ve heard of Playaz Circle it’s probably because of the way Duffle Bag Boy is not-so-quietly climbing the charts. This is the kind of beat sub woofers were made for, slamming percussion and driving synth melodies complete with church bells. Let’s be honest for a moment; if you love this track, and I legitimately do, it’s because of the ill production and Weezy’s addictive chorus, not Playaz Circle’s lyrics. I mean Tity Boi, who as we discussed is the better of the two, actually says, “I am on my shit/I need a Pamper on me.” It’s nearly impossible to look hard wearing a diaper but Tity Boi’s apparently determined to give it a go. Adult diaper related jokes aside, Duffle Bag Boy’s been on my repeat list for a while now. #1 Trap Pick may lack the contributions of Mr. Wayne but it’s still a candidate for anthem status. The beat’s even harder than Duffle Bag, the word “ridin” doesn’t begin to do it justice, and Dolla Boy makes me look stupid for questioning his rhyme skills. There are definitely better groups from Atlanta than Playaz Circle (Outkast) but there are also much worse (Shop Boyz).

Speaking of incredible rappers from the A-Town, Ludacris appears on Supply and Demand twice (considering they're on DTP I’m surprised it’s not more,) most notably dropping a verse on U Can Believe It, a track filled with some surprisingly soulful production. It’s the kind of 70’s funk meets pimp music style that UGK has perfected and Playaz Circle does a pretty decent Bun B impression with cadenced rhymes that flow in lock step with the gliding beat. The other notable departure from scales and baking soda rhymes that saturate the album’s lyrical content is Let Me Fly, a gospel-born cut that has Playaz Circle describing the path that lead them to a life of crime and hip-hop. On a side note, why do rappers always put their most personal songs on the end of their album? Regardless, the song won’t change your view of Playaz Circle, just reveal their more complicated side.

If Let Me Fly is too emotionally involved for you don’t worry, there’s plenty of songs on Supply and Demand even a Flava Flav girl could follow. I’m not gonna bother to describe the production on Paint Still Wet, believe me you’ve heard it, though a chorus which boasts “she don’t wanna freak me she wanna freak my car” does deserve mention. If a woman doesn’t want to have sex with you doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of a nice whip? There’s no such confusion on Gucci Bag, a song so predictably tired even a guest verse from Shawnna can’t wake it up. The truth is that the quality of Gucci Bag is average for Supply and Demand, which is bad news for Playaz Circle but good news for the Second-String All-Stars. I got a feelin Dolla Boy’s gonna be looking for another job soon.

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Posted October 28, 2007
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