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Posted October 28, 2008

Today I almost died. It was a bus that almost sealed the deal - one of those Tour of the...

Stick 2 Tha Script Album Review

Today I almost died. It was a bus that almost sealed the deal - one of those Tour of the Stars’ Homes buses filled with tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of a coked-up Lindsay Lohan stumbling down Rodeo Drive. (I live in L.A., this type of sh*t happens every day). After I had unleashed the appropriate barrage of obscenities, I realized that getting run over by a tour bus would have been ironic, since what am I really but your tour guide through the highs and lows of hip-hop and R&B? With that in mind, I thought I’d kick off my inaugural Hip-Hop Album Tour with a cruise through Statik Selektah’s latest creation, Stick 2 the Script. Statik, a Boston-based DJ known for his soul samples and scratching skills, has used Script as a platform to prove he’s still dedicated to the ring-tone free music he’s made his trademark. So buckle up, keep both hands inside the vehicle and enjoy the ride.

Stick 2 the Script (intro) – First up we have the intro, also known as the “time when the DJ says some random sh*t” portion of the program. Also-also known as the “every time DJ Khaled breathes” track. Still, I’ve got to hand it to Statik, for the most part he lets the music speak for itself.

To The Top – Coming up on your right we have To The Top, a track featuring Statik transforming a jazz guitar melody into some expertly mellowed beat. Vocally, Cassidy continues to remind everyone that he’s one of the most slept-on lyricists in the game, while fellow Bostonian Termanology drops yet another solid verse. Also, Saigon takes a break from...whatever he’s doing now do work.

For The City – A more hard-laced joint featuring Jadakiss and the always grimy M.O.P. Other than the unfortunately choice of a high-pitched vocal sample as the hook, it’s a decent track, but not worth another trip around the block.

Get Out Of The Way – Every tour has it’s unexpected moments and Statik uses Script to show that he’s got more than the stereotypical stripped down East Coast beats. Get Out unexpectedly combines an Asian-infused production with swaggering verses from Bun B and Corey Mo (no, I’ve never heard of Corey Mo before either) for a sound that doesn’t quite work, but Statik still deserves credit for breaking out the box.

All2gether Now – The tour bus has taken a turn through the bad side of town, running straight into a full-blown State Property reunion (almost, kind of). It’s not everything State fans have been dreaming of, but it as close as their going to get. On a related note, I’m beginning to realize that Peedi Crack uses the same cadence on every track.

InterludeQ-Tip does a mediocre Busta Rhymes impression. Why? Why the f**k not?

Church –Statik brings back his partner in rhyme Termanology for some of the album’s best production, though an average effort from Termanology. Something tells me this isn’t the last time we’ll see this combination on the album (it’s two and counting).

Talkin Bout You – Welcome to our next stop on the tour, Brooklyn. If Script has a ladies track it’s this one, a soulful track featuring Skyzoo, Joell Ortiz and a mailed in verse from Talib Kweli. Smoothed out tracks just aren’t Statik’s strength, someone call 9th Wonder for the remix.

On The Marquee – That last reference must have been prophetic, because Marquee is a Little Brother assisted track that finds Statik doing his best 9th impression with softly swirling production. This is the part of the tour when you just relax and enjoy the scenery roll past the window.

Mr. Popularity – Nap time’s over ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to direct your attention to Mr. Popularity, a grinding track that enlists the lyrical aide of Consequence. It’s an atypically dark track for Con, and without his trademark sense of humor I’m just not that interested. But feel free to take a picture folks; sadly Consequence sightings are rare.

Interlude (Mad Rapper) – It’s an interlude, which means if you have to get off the tour bus to use the facilities, now’s the time.

This Is It Remix – That cloud of smoke we’re driving through must mean we’re in Redman territory, who comes on board for another insane verse over relaxed party-ready production. Oh, and there’s also D-Dot (who I frankly don’t know) and Black Rob (who as far as I’m concerned hasn’t made a song since 2000’s Like Whoa). So it’s got that going for it.

So Good – It’s officially a party on the bus as Statik’s brings on a rare live instrumentation vibe for So Good. Not many folks outside of the underground will know Naledge, REKS and CL Smooth – listen and learn.

Streets of M.A. – I’m Boston born and raised, which might be why Statik’s atrocious choice of a hook on Streets is so upsetting. You know what, we’re skipping past this part of tour.

Sounds of the Street – Worth slowing down for, but not stopping. The Script tour is getting a little too long for its own good, I hope you brought refreshments.

Destined to Shine – I might have enjoyed this as the fourth stop on the tour, but I’m starting to count the minutes until the ride’s over. Sorry Destined, you’re the right track at the wrong time.

Cali Nights – Every good tour ends on a high note and Script is no different. Cali Nights takes on an appropriately Left Coast vibe with the inclusion Glasses Malone, Mistah Fab and Novel, even it’s obviously the work of an east coast cat’s idea of a west coast track. Is it too late to get Snoop on this too?

Take It All Back – It’s taken this long to get a female voice on the album. Welcome Paula Campbell, thanks for coming, now get out, the tour’s over.

Thanks for coming along folks. We had some ups, we had some downs, but in the end I’d like to believe I was a hell of a tour guide. Which brings me to my final point: while cash tips aren’t mandatory, they are greatly appreciated. Watch your step your step as you exit the vehicle, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of Stick 2 the Script at the gift store on your way out.

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Posted October 28, 2008
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