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Posted 9 years ago
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Besides offering one of the snazziest MYSPACE pages known to man, Grand Hustle artist Young Dro...

Best Thang Smokin' Album Review

Besides offering one of the snazziest MYSPACE pages known to man, Grand Hustle artist Young Dro also offers a familiar sound. Considering the hectic schedules of artists in the hip-hop industry, I doubt he coded his own HTML for the layout. I can however guarantee that Young Dro is without a doubt, the most successful radio play artist of 2006 (for urban formatted stations obviously).

The release of his debut album, Best Thang Smokin, couldn’t have arrived at a more precise time. Holding the title of “Summertime Success Story,” Dro has significantly banked off of his smash single, Shoulder Lean. Under the tutelage of Grand Hustle top dog and self-proclaimed King of the South, T.I., Best Thang Smokin offers exactly what fans of his music want to hear. What worked with T.I.’s last album, King, and didn’t with P$C’s, 25 to Life, has all been taken into consideration here.

Jazza Pha’s production on multiple cuts is rather fresh and not overdone with his boisterous vocals on the front and back ends. Unlike most creations where he feels the need to rhyme his name with made up Snoop-lingo, on Smokin, Pha only mildly interrupts what Dro is trying to accomplish. The new single Rubberband Banks leaves right where Lean left off and actually bumps in the club even harder. The only question remains to be seen is if radio adapts the same way?

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Posted 9 years ago

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