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Posted July 26, 2007
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I’ve been thinking about establishing a hip-hop court for a long time. The court would...

Almost Famous (Sexy Lady EP) Album Review

I’ve been thinking about establishing a hip-hop court for a long time. The court would consist of as many different hip-hop characters as possible: the backpacker, the street thug, the screaming teenage girl, the flossed out paper chaser, the grown and sexy woman, and just some normal guy who works at the corner store. We’d call them the Supreme Court (I know the name’s taken but its still fresh as hell) and they’d address any and all beat and rhyme related matters. Who’s better, Hova or Nas ? Did The Game really get with Vida Guerra? Should 50 Cent be fined for lip-synching at the BET Awards? Ask the Supreme Court. The first case before the docket concerns Yung Berg and his new release, the Almost Famous EP. Yung Berg, one hit wonder or here to change the game? Court’s in session...

The Supreme Court: (bangs gavel) This court has now convened. We’ll begin with opening arguments. The Hatin Lawyer will be representing the one hit wonder side and Yung Berg has chosen to represent himself.

Yung Berg: Thank you your honors. Anyone who’s heard my single Sexy Lady, and who hasn’t, loves it. That beat’s got everyone in the club goin’ off. I got crazy charisma on the track, my flow sounds nice and smooth, and Junior singing the hook is icing on the cake.

Hatin Lawyer: That’s Junior? Who’s Junior? I thought it was Tyrese havin' an asthma attack.

Yung Berg: Come on man, you weren’t even feelin it a little?

Hatin Lawyer: We all agree that Sexy Lady is a hit, that’s not the question. The question is will that be your only hit? I’d like to submit to the court Exhibit A, the Sexy Lady Remix. The beat’s the same except with a funk vibe now, but you’re the worst rapper on your own song. Rich Boy brings it and Jim Jones sounds exactly like he does on every other track, but at least he sounds older than 15.

Yung Berg: That’s a low blow. This song’s a radio hit, you’re not supposed to need a dictionary to listen to it. The people want cars, women and money and I delivered.

Hatin Lawyer: But on it you rhymed: “young 50, beats like Dre, flow like Biggie.” You out of your mind! 50’s been shot nine times, Dre’s made more hits than you’ve ever heard, and Biggie just rolled over in his grave!

The Supreme Court: Order! It’s agreed. Yung Berg, you will refrain from comparing yourself to hip-hop legends, you haven’t even released an album yet. Now let’s move on.

Yung Berg: In my defense I’d like to present to the court Exhibit B, my track Almost Famous. First off that beat’s tight. It’s got a spacey feel but still maintains some bang, and I slow down my flow nicely. The lyrics are more personal and prove I’m more than just a hip-pop rapper.

Hatin Lawyer: I’ll agree J.F.K.’s production is surprisingly good throughout, but I think the track also shows your true motivation. You don’t love hip-hop, you just want to be “famous and a millionaire before 23.”

Yung Berg: The game’s changed old man. Hip-hop’s not just about breakin’ and boomboxes anymore, that’s why they call it the industry. I’ve got legitimate skills and I’ve been working too hard for too long to stop now.

Hatin Lawyer: What about the track Into It? The chorus is “I’m about to show you something real ignorant,” and I couldn’t agree more. “Petron/morn/on/phone,” that’s some basic rhyme style about nothing.

Yung Berg: What about it? Women love me, I get money, I party hard, and I drop that 2007 rap. End of story.

Supreme Court: Enough gentlemen. The court acknowledges that Yung Berg can rhyme, he is not a joke. The court will now hear closing arguments.

Yung Berg: I got another track on the EP called Where Do We Go featuring my Chi-town homie Twista, I’m killing that track. Rhymin fast like Twista, you got to feel it. Go get that Almost Famous EP.

Hatin Lawyer: Chi-town homie? Almosy every reference on the EP is to L.A.; Kitana, Privilege, the 101. You sound more like the Prince of West Hollywood.

Supreme Court: That’s out of line Hatin Lawyer, Yung Berg’s ability to rep Chicago is a separate case. The court has decided the Almost Famous EP is just alright, the evidence is inconclusive. We’ll hear further arguments when his album Look What You Made Me drops. Court is now adjourned!

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Posted July 26, 2007
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