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From Joey Bada$$ to Lil Yachty, The Highs & Lows of the Brand-Sponsored Rap Song

By Yoh | one month ago
There’s a way to mingle with the suits and still keep your soul.
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No Surprise: Rap Ruled SoundCloud in 2016

By DJ Z | 2 months ago
Chance The Rapper, Desiigner and Lil Uzi Vert set milestones for the streaming service last year.
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Desiigner, Vogue & Why I Hate Rappers Performing in Rooms for Executives

By Yoh | 3 months ago
Instead of coming off as creative expression, the dancing and singing appear as nothing more than a minstrel show.

G.O.O.D Music COO on Desiigner: “If You Listen to the Lyrics, He’s a Rapper’s Rapper”

By DJ Z | 3 months ago
Desiigner has been called a lot of things, but "rapper's rapper" is one we haven't heard yet.
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Desiigner’s “Panda” is the Best Mumble Rap Song of 2016 #BOTBAwards

By Brendan V | about 4 months ago
Love it or hate it, there's really no denying 2016 was the year of "Panda."

Desiigner’s “Panda” Gets Rebirth Thanks to “Blackish” Placement

By Nathan S. | 4 months ago
"Panda" may have finally fallen from the top of the charts, but Desiigner's still number one thanks to TV.
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