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Why I’m Thankful For… Prince

By Yoh | Posted November 23, 2016
Prince died this year, but I'm thankful for his life and his art.

Laughter, Tears & Apollonia: The Night I Saw “Purple Rain”

By Yoh | Posted July 11, 2016
It took me 24 years to watch Prince's "Purple Rain" movie and the experience was life changing.
Tags: Prince, Opinion

Young Thug, Prince & the Misconception of a “Slept On Legend”

By Yoh | Posted June 30, 2016
Young Thug was wrong about Prince but I understand his point-of-view.

Prince Dead at 57-Years-Old, Music Mourns

By Nathan S. | Posted April 21, 2016
According to news reports the legendary artist passed away at his home in suburban Minneapolis.
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Prince Says Artists Can’t Get Rich Off the Internet & Other Insane Stories

By Yoh | Posted November 18, 2015
Prince's comments about digital music opens up a rabbit hole of insane Prince stories.
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Prince - Art Official Age

By richard | Posted September 30, 2014

Prince - Clouds

By richard | Posted August 25, 2014
Artist(s): Prince
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