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Birdman Believes Hip-Hop’s Future Is In Artists Signing Other Artists—It’s Not

By DJ Z | Posted October 9, 2017
He was so close to being right, though.

Birdman Wants to Exec-Produce 50 Cent’s Next Album, 50 Should Say No

By DJ Z | Posted June 6, 2017
Don't take my word for it, though—just ask Lil Wayne.

Birdman on Hot Boys Breakup: “They Ain’t Last, Not One of Them”

By DJ Z | Posted May 8, 2017
"Once they left, I was like, f--k 'em, I'ma do me, let them do them."

Birdman Confirms Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’ is “Definitely Coming,” But He’s Lying

By DJ Z | Posted January 6, 2017
Lil Wayne teased 'Tha Carter V' earlier this week, but don't hold your breath.
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Apple Music Didn’t Sign Cash Money to “Exclusive” Deal, The Internet Lied

By DJ Z | Posted August 17, 2016
Don't believe everything you read on the internet, especially when Birdman is involved.
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Birdman Says Singing Rappers F*cked Up The Game

By brokencool | Posted June 29, 2016
Is sing-rap a fad or is it here to stay? Birdman believes it's "a new wave."
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Lil Wayne & Birdman Appear Reunited, But Weezy’s Still a Prisoner to Cash Money

By Nathan S. | Posted January 21, 2016
Don't be fooled by Instagram photos, Weezy and Birdman's conflict is still very much active.

Did Young Thug & Birdman Actually Plot to Kill Lil Wayne?

By Brendan V | Posted July 17, 2015
We sift through the 17-page indictment to give readers the biggest takeaways from the mindblowing allegations.

EXCLUSIVE: Read Full Indictment Alleging Birdman & Young Thug Involved in Lil Wayne Shooting

By DJ Z | Posted July 16, 2015
DJBooth exclusively obtained the full indictment of PeeWee Roscoe, naming Birdman & Young Thug as conspirators to kill Lil Wayne.
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