Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky


Rap is No Joke, Except for When it Totally Is

By Hershal Pandya | about 4 days ago
Sometimes comedy rap works, but more often than not, it fails miserably.
Tags: Humor, Opinion

4 Successful Artists Who Were Just as Clueless as You at Your Age

By Kareem Sheikh | one month ago
If you feel like you don’t know what to do with your life, don’t fret. They didn’t either.

Young, Black, and Terrified To Make Lil Dicky’s “Save Dat Money” Video

By Yoh | one year ago
Lil Dicky's wildly-popular video enlarges a limitation that a young, black rapper faces head on.

Lil Dicky’s “Professional Rapper” is Billboard’s #1 Rap & Comedy Album

By Nathan S. | one year ago
Lil Dicky's "Professional Rapper" easily outsells Migos to become the number one rap album in the country.
Tags: News
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