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Will Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour Spectacle Overshadow His Music?

A great stage show is key, but with a Kanye show the music is almost an afterthought. Read More
Posted 2 days ago by Brent Bradley

Kanye Made a Poem About McDonald’s, WTF Does it Mean?

Kanye has taken some weird artistic turns in the past, but a poem about McDonald’s just begs to be investigated. Read More
Posted about 6 days ago by Brent Bradley

Hip-Hop Is Cashing In on $34 Billion Mobile Games Market

As hip-hop continues to evolve some of it's key contributors are looking to capitalize in another medium. Read More
Posted one week ago by Brent Bradley

Kanye West, Paul McCartney & The Measurement of a Genius

In a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the Beatles legend refused to label Kanye a "genius." Read More
Posted 2 weeks ago by DJ Z
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