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10 Things We Learned From Lil Wayne’s ‘Gone ’Til November’ Prison Memoir

Lil Wayne’s eight-month bid on Rikers Island had its moments. Read More
Posted 4 days ago by Andy James

Why Lil Wayne’s Refusal to Embrace New Generation Rappers is Troubling

Rap is all about relevancy, and unfortunately Wayne’s outlook is a recipe for the opposite. Read More
Posted one week ago by Tara Mahadevan

My Favorite Sport: Rappers Obsessed With Basketball References

Jay Z, J. Cole, Wale and a countless number of our favorite emcees love to rap about NBA players. Read More
Posted one month ago by Yoh

Lil Wayne’s Frustrated Retirement Tweet Wasn’t an Idle Threat

The rapper who inspired a generation of rappers might no longer rap — and that, in itself, is wild. Read More
Posted one month ago by Tara Mahadevan
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