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JAY-Z Gives Therapy a Major Co-Sign: “I Grew So Much From the Experience” [Feature ]

Not even JAY-Z is too cool for therapy, and rightfully so. In a brand new interview with The New York Times, Hov gave therapy his biggest co-sign, explaining how it rewired his perspective on himself and his external... Read More


The Winners & Losers of Rap’s 2018 GRAMMY Nominations [Feature ]

Well, I'll be damned. The GRAMMYs (mostly) got it right. On Tuesday, the Recording Academy announced the nominees for the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards, which will take place at New York's Madison Square Garden... Read More


The Unlikely Story of a Street Musician Who Shared the Stage with JAY-Z [Feature ]

“So if you stay ready, you ain't gotta get ready, and that is how I run my life” - Will Smith The magnetism of curiosity arrested JAY-Z's attention. In a building big enough to be considered a colosseum... Read More


30 Best Hip-Hop and R&B Albums of the Decade (So Far), Ranked [Feature ]

The music landscape has changed tremendously since the dawn of our current decade as the internet and streaming have altered the way we consume music and given rise to the almighty playlist, casting doubts over the... Read More


10 Best 3-Song Album Sequences of 2017, Ranked [Feature ]

Crafting an album without a single skippable song is a rare, special feat. Sequencing matters. Just throwing a collection of songs together can be the careless approach that ruins an entire listening experience for... Read More


JAY-Z Told Talib Kweli He Couldn’t Afford His “Get By (Remix)” Verse [Feature ]

On November 17, Talib Kweli will release his eighth studio album, Radio Silence, and in support of the forthcoming project, on Wednesday evening, the Brooklyn-born MC stopped by Desus & Mero for a chat about Dave... Read More


Rap Quiz: How Well Do You Know JAY-Z & Nas Lyrics? [Feature ]

Below you'll find 10 lines. Some are from the King of New York (JAY-Z) and some are from the other King of New York (no, not Kendrick). Your job is to know which MC said which; it's harder than you think. Of course,... Read More


Bryson Tiller Didn’t Become a “Real Fan” of JAY-Z Until He Heard… “Clique” [Feature ]

In a new interview with GQ, R&B star Bryson Tiller talked about his desire to be mentored by JAY-Z, and as it turns out, he just started listening to his work a few years ago. "I just really got into Jay-Z," he... Read More


50 Cent Believes JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Went “Quiet Quick” Because It Was Too Mature [Feature ]

For the first time in over 10 years, 50 Cent returned to Hot 97 on Tuesday, sitting down with Ebro in The Morning to talk about his foray into television, JAY-Z's 4:44 album and the death of New York hip-hop, among... Read More


The New Story of O.J.: How JAY-Z, Tyler & Frank Created New Black Legends [Feature ]

Twenty-three years have passed since O.J. Simpson faced murder charges for the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, but American cultural memory has kept the story alive into today. In 2016 alone, FX released the... Read More


JAY-Z Delivers Sound Advice for How Artists Should Handle Social Media [Feature ]

When JAY-Z released his debut album, Reasonable Doubt, in 1996, social media wasn't a thing. At that time, the internet as a whole was barely a thing. But 21 years later, social media is the internet, an advent that has... Read More


20 Best Hip-Hop and R&B Albums of 2017 (So Far), Ranked (Pt. 2) [Feature ]

Now eight-plus months through the calendar year, it's time for a part two in our quest to highlight the very best hip-hop and R&B albums of 2017. Following our first Best of 2017 installment, which we published... Read More


JAY-Z, “Empire State of Mind” & the Power of Time & Place on Music [Feature ]

The concepts of time and place are both of paramount importance to the listening experience. In other words, when and where you hear some shit drastically affects how you receive said shit.  Case in point: JAY-Z's... Read More


From JAY-Z to Vic Mensa, What Comes After the Confessional Rap Album? [Feature ]

Several years into the “golden age of television,” a trope that has emerged is the newfound inclusion of visibly flawed protagonists in virtually every critically acclaimed drama. Across the approximately... Read More


4 Hip-Hop Songs Actually “Fighting The System” That You Won’t See at the VMAs [Feature ]

MTV recently released their nominations for this year’s VMA Awards, which—much like the GRAMMYs—have ebbed and flowed in their relevance within the hip-hop community since their formation back in 1984. As... Read More


A Fascinating Theory Linking JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ & Page 444 of Ralph Ellison’s ‘Invisible Man’ [Feature ]

Just how deep does JAY-Z’s relationship run with the number 444? Not only did Hov reveal that he woke up at 4:44 a.m. to “write” the title track of his latest album, but just last week, we learned that the... Read More


Meet the Brooklyn Soul Band Who JAY-Z, Kendrick & Kid Cudi All Sampled to Make Magic [Feature ]

I figured it would have to be finished before feeling the effects of adding magic mushrooms to the tea. I was wrong. My glass wasn’t empty—at best it was half-full—when my nausea began to subside and... Read More


Vic Mensa Removed a Diss Line From ‘The Autobiography’ Because of JAY-Z [Feature ]

Vic Mensa isn't exactly known for biting his tongue, but as we've seen over the past year or so, the Chicago emcee has matured quite a bit. In a new interview with Big Boy, Mensa was asked to share the best advice... Read More


JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Isn’t Named After the Hotel Where the Solange Elevator Incident Happened, Or Is It? [Feature ]

Shortly after the release of his highly-acclaimed new album, 4:44, JAY-Z provided the backstory for each of the album's 10 tracks. As it pertains to the album's titular track, JAY-Z wrote the following:... Read More


M-1 of Dead Prez on JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’: “Financial Freedom Is Not Liberation” [Feature ]

For the past three weeks, the hip-hop community has showered JAY-Z with praise for the messages of growth and Black empowerment that dominate his latest album, 4:44. Of the many teachable moments found across the... Read More


From Odd Future to “Otis,” Finding Beauty in the End of Rap Friendships [Feature ]

Trying to define friendship is actually trickier than one might believe. The deepest connections and experiences within a friendship often stand at the border of indescribable, as what we remember most about our closest... Read More


From JAY-Z to Nas: A Brief History of the Grown-Ass-Rap Album [Feature ]

No genre has a specific, single point of origin. The party DJ Kool Herc threw on August 11, 1973, at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in New York, is often described as the birth of hip-hop, but that’s a label people have placed... Read More


Childish Gambino, JAY-Z & Why Great Art Doesn’t Need to Reflect Your Reality [Feature ]

Sincere terror bleeds from the heart of Childish Gambino as he begs on "Baby Boy.” Please, the singer humbly requests, singing with soaring vocals as if he’s making the request on his knees. Please, he... Read More


Joey Bada$$ Inspired JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’, According to Joey Bada$$ [Feature ]

Joey Bada$$ and his label, Pro Era, have been highly influential in the New York rap scene over the past five years. How influential, exactly? According to the artist himself, JAY-Z's new album, 4:44, was, in part,... Read More


DJ Khaled “Lost His Mind” When JAY-Z Delivered a 2008 Verse as a Christmas Gift [Feature ]

DJ Khaled is fresh off the release of his star-studded new album, Grateful, but in a new interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra host DJ Semtex, the We The Best Music Group head honcho harkened back nine years, to share the... Read More


From Vince Staples to JAY-Z, Hip-Hop Money is Breaking the Family Curse [Feature ]

Vince Staples asked his manager Corey Smyth to secure a record deal. Signing to a major label is frowned upon in an age where success can be acquired independently, where rappers are no longer required to give up their... Read More


JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Went Platinum Because of Sprint [Feature ]

It took Kendrick Lamar less than one month to earn a Platinum certification for his critically-acclaimed new album, DAMN. And then JAY-Z asked Kendrick to hold his beer. In less than a week—five days to be... Read More


How J. Cole Indirectly Helped A&R JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Album [Feature ]

In a fantastic interview with Rolling Stone, veteran producer No I.D., the architect behind JAY-Z's outstanding new album, 4:44, revealed that before he ever played Jay a single beat, he actually sat down with J.... Read More


Snoop Dogg Bootlegged JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Because He’s “On iTunes and Shit” [Feature ]

Snoop Dogg is a big fan of JAY-Z's newly-released album, 4:44, but in order to hear the album, which was released on Friday, June 30, as a TIDAL exclusive, the veteran rapper was forced to go below-board. "I don't... Read More


Watch The Lawsuit: Kanye West Leaves TIDAL, Says He’s Owed $3M [Feature ]

Kanye West is parting ways with TIDAL, according to TMZ, who is reporting West is owed $3 million by the JAY-Z-owned streaming platform. TIDAL is claiming West never delivered on a specific number of videos to support his... Read More


All 54 People JAY-Z Name-Drops on ‘4:44,’ an Absurdly Detailed Investigation [Feature ]

Hip-hop is a fantastic arena for anyone that loves pondering and dissecting linguistic acrobatics, and few emcees have come to garner the type of intense perusal that JAY-Z has throughout his career. Hov has built his legacy... Read More


Ego Death: How JAY-Z Found His Most Vulnerable Voice on ‘4:44’ [Feature ]

What you about to witness is my thoughts / Just my thoughts, man—right or wrong / Just what I was feeling at the time / You ever felt like this, vibe with me / Walk with a nigga man, just vibe with me... Read More


Cheat Sheet: Every Sample Used on JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ [Feature ]

When news broke that JAY-Z’s 13th studio album 4:44 would be produced entirely No I.D., we assumed that, at the very least, the LP would be a cohesive listen. Now that we have the project in our Tidal... Read More


JAY-Z ‘4:44’ 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

JAY-Z is a quiet man. He is proof that a giant can walk without making the earth shake. He is proof that when a giant decides to stomp, the earth will tremble. His name has been causing quite the stir these last few... Read More


JAY-Z Breaks Down All 10 Tracks on ‘4:44’ [Feature ]

JAY-Z has unveiled the back story and meanings behind all 10 tracks on his newly-released album, 4:44. Shortly after the album was made available for stream on TIDAL, iHeartRadio released the following breakdown: "4:44"... Read More


Report: JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Album Will Also Be Available… On the Radio? [Feature ]

When JAY-Z releases his 13th studio album, 4:44, on Friday at 12 a.m. EST, the project will be exclusively available for stream on TIDAL, but that won't be the only place Jay's fans will be able to hear the... Read More


Before Every Lame Artist Called Their Album “A Movie,” There Was ‘Fade to Black’ [Feature ]

As footage of JAY-Z extemporaneously mumbling the lyrics to “What More Can I Say” plays silently beneath his voiceover, the rapper attempts to contextualize this moment for the viewer: "I can’t explain it... Read More


I Prayed to Gotti: Why ‘American Gangster’ Is JAY-Z’s Hustler Masterpiece [Feature ]

"Man, there’s nothing wrong with telling ghost stories. We need them. We love them. We love these things..” - Pusha T’ You never forget the imagery of a woman being force-fed dirty dollar bills once... Read More


Classic Hate: The Internet Hates on JAY-Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ [Feature ]

I may have already admitted my lukewarm relationship with Hov’s catalog, but I always thought I was in the minority whenever I felt bored by music that others vehemently argued to be a "classic." The way most people... Read More


JAY-Z’s “Public Service Announcement” Wasn’t A Reintroduction; It Was His Finest Moment [Feature ]

Without trying very hard, you can imagine the entire song in your head, layering piece by piece. The abrupt static signaling the break in our regular scheduled programming. The slow, defiant piano keys rumbling like tremors... Read More


An Ode to ‘The Dynasty: Roc La Familia,’ JAY-Z’s Most Underrated Album [Feature ]

I’m probably about to lose my hip-hop writing credentials by typing these words, but I’ve never been a huge fan of JAY-Z. I’ve always respected Jay as one of the most masterful lyricists in the history of... Read More


Beats By Dion: A Complete History of JAY-Z & No I.D.’s Collaborations [Feature ]

It’s official: JAY-Z’s new album, 4:44, is dropping on June 30. Though the album was only confirmed last night, the rollout is already reminiscent of Magna Carta... Holy Grail’s campaign four summers ago:... Read More


It’s Official: Jay Z’s New Album ‘4:44’ Will Be Released on June 30 [Feature ]

It's official. On June 30, Jay Z will release his brand new album 4:44. The project will be made available exclusively on Jay's own TIDAL platform in conjunction with Sprint, who owns a 33% of the streaming... Read More


Jay Z Randomly Pops Up on Twitter, Gives Props to 96 Rappers Who “Inspire” Him [Feature ]

Jay Z tweets as often as Jay Electronica releases new music, which is basically never. But on Thursday evening (June 15), after being the first rapper to ever be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Hov randomly... Read More


A New Jay Z Album is (Probably) Coming, Should We Be Excited? [Feature ]

The summer is heating up and so are the internet streets, which are currently ablaze with chatter surrounding the possibility of a new Jay Z album. Is it called 4:44? Does it have anything to do with the cryptic ads that... Read More


Jay Z Reportedly Signs 10-Year, $200M Deal With Live Nation [Feature ]

According to the AP, Jay Z has signed a 10-year, $200 million touring deal with Live Nation. "I have traveled the world producing historic music experiences," Jay Z said in a statement, adding, "We will continue... Read More


How Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life” Helped Make Eminem’s “Stan” a Reality [Feature ]

“Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)” is one of Jay Z’s biggest and most important hits, but like many other hit records that get passed around the industry, the song wasn’t even Hov’s to begin... Read More


Kanye Wanted to Add N-Word to Every ‘Watch The Throne’ Track Title [Feature ]

The n-word is only used on one of the 12 track titles that make up Kanye West and Jay Z's 2011 collaborative album Watch The Throne, but it was almost in every song title. According to... Read More


Jay Z, Spotify & How You Can Avoid The Streaming Wars [Feature ]

On Friday (April 7), Jay Z “George Bush’d the button” in the so-called streaming war by pulling most of his back catalog—minus his collaborative albums with R. Kelly and Linkin Park, perhaps because he... Read More


While You Were Sleeping, Frank Ocean Released “Biking” With Jay Z & Tyler, The Creator [Feature ]

Who is this man? It's been less than a month since Frank Ocean debuted "Chanel," a bold and fashionable single about being bisexual, but the once-reclusive singer/songwriter has already returned with another ear-pleasing... Read More


Frank Ocean Releases Snippet of “Biking” Featuring Tyler, The Creator & Jay Z [Feature ]

Frank Ocean has released a trailer for Blonded 003, the third episode of his program on Apple Music station Beats 1, featuring a snippet of his new single "Biking," which features Tyler, the Creator and Jay Z. The trailer,... Read More


Beat Break: S1 Shares the Story Behind His 5 Biggest Songs [Feature ]

Beat Break is a new series in which we interview our favorite producers about five of their biggest songs—what inspired the beat, how the collaboration came about and the impact the record has had on their... Read More


Jay Z, Freestyling & The Decline of Mainstream Lyricism [Feature ]

Freebandz rapper Doe Boy recently sat down for an interview with VladTV, and the subject of Future’s work ethic came up. Considering we’ve just recently received a double-dose of Future’s work ethic in... Read More


Why Was Jay Z a Guest on Frank Ocean’s Apple Music Program? [Feature ]

On Friday (February 24), Frank Ocean hosted a special two-hour #blondedRADIO program on Apple Music station Beats 1. During the first hour of the show, Ocean played a smooth mix of new material (Kodak Black's... Read More


Jay Z to Become First Rap Artist Inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame [Feature ]

The Songwriters Hall of Fame class of 2017 was announced Wednesday morning (February 22) and among the eight inductees is Jay Z, who will make history by becoming the first rap artist to be inducted. On hand for... Read More


Where Did All the Cool Rappers Go? [Feature ]

In 2009, Jay Z made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote his underwhelming album, The Blueprint 3. Seemingly aware of Letterman’s penchant for dry humor and slyly cutting remarks,... Read More


10 Hip-Hop Songs Under Two Minutes We Wish Were Longer [Feature ]

Don't you just hate it when a song you love is too short? The internet may have crippled our attention spans (thanks a lot, Vine), but a great song will always hold our ears for longer than our impatient minds... Read More


An Ode to the Brown Paper Bag, Hip-Hop’s Favorite Status Symbol [Feature ]

The hustler is the unconventional anti-hero of hip-hop. He is the symbol of prosperity from poor circumstances, a personification of the street corners, blocks, housing projects and hoods worldwide. The riches that... Read More


The Complete History of Drake & Jay Z’s Cold War [Feature ]

Unlike J. Cole, Drake doesn’t seem to care if his idols turn into his rivals. Since becoming the rapper-everyone-loves-to-hate, Drake has beefed with Common, Pusha T, Diddy, Ludacris and even Kanye West to varying... Read More


5 Best Hip-Hop Album Series, Ranked [Feature ]

It's an extremely difficult task to create an album that's excellent, timeless and unforgettable. Trying to carry that magic over to multiple albums, all connected in one continuous series, is an even more... Read More


Jay Z Asked Zayotven For “Beats With Them Strings and Pianos” [Feature ]

In November, frequent Future and Gucci Mane collaborator Zaytoven posted a photo of himself and Jay Z in the studio. Several months later, details have finally emerged about the backstory behind their work together and... Read More


Revisiting J. Cole’s Rap Savior Predictions 4 Years Later [Feature ]

On the eve of his 2013 album release showdown with Kanye, J. Cole sent out a tweet. It wasn’t last minute promotion, he wasn't begging the hive to help him defeat Yeezus, but rather a declaration that hip-hop was... Read More


My Life Is a Lie: TIDAL Has Been Inflating Subscriber Numbers [Feature ]

There’s a line from the movie Fight Club that has always stuck with me when I’m trying to define that universal constant that allows us, humans, to sleep at night in the midst of an answerless universe. It's... Read More


The Perfect Goodbye: The Moments Our Favorite Rap Stars Should Have Retired [Feature ]

Death changed Walter White. Breaking Bad brought to television the psyche of a man who turned his cancer diagnoses into a rebirth. The transformation happened slowly, but by the series end, he was a new man. It... Read More


Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen’ Dethrones Jay Z & Kanye as Highest-Grossing Hip-Hop Tour [Feature ]

Watch The Throne was one of rap’s most epic events. The union of Kanye and Jay Z brought together two heavyweights in celebration of their climb to the top of hip-hop’s echelon. Such a big album had to be met with... Read More


J. Cole, Jay Z & The Mixed Emotions of Going Back Home [Feature ]

“But why had he always felt so strongly the magnetic pull of home, why had he thought so much about it and remembered it with such blazing accuracy…He did not know. All that he knew was that the years flow by... Read More


Reminder: 9th Wonder Incredibly Made Jay Z’s “Threat” Beat in 25 Minutes [Feature ]

13 years ago, Jay Z set out to make what he thought at the time would be his final album. Of course, we know now that Jay just couldn’t stay away from the game, and although it wasn’t his last, The Black Album is... Read More


Anderson .Paak, Kanye West & Artists Taking Video Inspiration from Paintings [Feature ]

He made me conscious of the fact that the artist who is useful to America is one who studies his own life and records it through the medium of art, manners, and customs of his own - Ernie Barnes Ernie Barnes is a name... Read More


Can JAY-Z Save TIDAL by Acquiring Prince’s Vault of Unreleased Music? [Feature ]

“Prince left his masters where they safe and sound” - Jay Z Bragging different is a quality to Jay’s lyricism that has always made his raps charming. He’ll say things that the average man can only... Read More