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An Ode to ‘The Dynasty: Roc La Familia,’ JAY-Z’s Most Underrated Album [Feature ]

I’m probably about to lose my hip-hop writing credentials by typing these words, but I’ve never been a huge fan of JAY-Z.I’ve always respected Jay as one of the most masterful lyricists in the history of... Read More


Beats By Dion: A Complete History of JAY-Z & No I.D.’s Collaborations [Feature ]

It’s official: JAY-Z’s new album, 4:44, is dropping on June 30.Though the album was only confirmed last night, the rollout is already reminiscent of Magna Carta... Holy Grail’s campaign four summers ago:... Read More


It’s Official: Jay Z’s New Album ‘4:44’ Will Be Released on June 30 [Feature ]

It's official.On June 30, Jay Z will release his brand new album 4:44. The project will be made available exclusively on Jay's own TIDAL platform in conjunction with Sprint, who owns a 33% of the streaming... Read More


Jay Z Randomly Pops Up on Twitter, Gives Props to 96 Rappers Who “Inspire” Him [Feature ]

Jay Z tweets as often as Jay Electronica releases new music, which is basically never. But on Thursday evening (June 15), after being the first rapper to ever be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Hov randomly... Read More


A New Jay Z Album is (Probably) Coming, Should We Be Excited? [Feature ]

The summer is heating up and so are the internet streets, which are currently ablaze with chatter surrounding the possibility of a new Jay Z album. Is it called 4:44? Does it have anything to do with the cryptic ads that... Read More


Jay Z Reportedly Signs 10-Year, $200M Deal With Live Nation [Feature ]

According to the AP, Jay Z has signed a 10-year, $200 million touring deal with Live Nation."I have traveled the world producing historic music experiences," Jay Z said in a statement, adding, "We will continue... Read More


How Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life” Helped Make Eminem’s “Stan” a Reality [Feature ]

“Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)” is one of Jay Z’s biggest and most important hits, but like many other hit records that get passed around the industry, the song wasn’t even Hov’s to begin... Read More


Kanye Wanted to Add N-Word to Every ‘Watch The Throne’ Track Title [Feature ]

The n-word is only used on one of the 12 track titles that make up Kanye West and Jay Z's 2011 collaborative album Watch The Throne, but it was almost in every song title.According to... Read More


Jay Z, Spotify & How You Can Avoid The Streaming Wars [Feature ]

On Friday (April 7), Jay Z “George Bush’d the button” in the so-called streaming war by pulling most of his back catalog—minus his collaborative albums with R. Kelly and Linkin Park, perhaps because he... Read More


While You Were Sleeping, Frank Ocean Released “Biking” With Jay Z & Tyler, The Creator [Feature ]

Who is this man?It's been less than a month since Frank Ocean debuted "Chanel," a bold and fashionable single about being bisexual, but the once-reclusive singer/songwriter has already returned with another ear-pleasing... Read More


Frank Ocean Releases Snippet of “Biking” Featuring Tyler, The Creator & Jay Z [Feature ]

Frank Ocean has released a trailer for Blonded 003, the third episode of his program on Apple Music station Beats 1, featuring a snippet of his new single "Biking," which features Tyler, the Creator and Jay Z.The trailer,... Read More


Beat Break: S1 Shares the Story Behind His 5 Biggest Songs [Feature ]

Beat Break is a new series in which we interview our favorite producers about five of their biggest songs—what inspired the beat, how the collaboration came about and the impact the record has had on their... Read More


Jay Z, Freestyling & The Decline of Mainstream Lyricism [Feature ]

Freebandz rapper Doe Boy recently sat down for an interview with VladTV, and the subject of Future’s work ethic came up. Considering we’ve just recently received a double-dose of Future’s work ethic in... Read More


Why Was Jay Z a Guest on Frank Ocean’s Apple Music Program? [Feature ]

On Friday (February 24), Frank Ocean hosted a special two-hour #blondedRADIO program on Apple Music station Beats 1.During the first hour of the show, Ocean played a smooth mix of new material (Kodak Black's... Read More


Jay Z to Become First Rap Artist Inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame [Feature ]

The Songwriters Hall of Fame class of 2017 was announced Wednesday morning (February 22) and among the eight inductees is Jay Z, who will make history by becoming the first rap artist to be inducted.On hand for... Read More


Where Did All the Cool Rappers Go? [Feature ]

In 2009, Jay Z made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote his underwhelming album, The Blueprint 3. Seemingly aware of Letterman’s penchant for dry humor and slyly cutting remarks,... Read More


10 Hip-Hop Songs Under Two Minutes We Wish Were Longer [Feature ]

Don't you just hate it when a song you love is too short?The internet may have crippled our attention spans (thanks a lot, Vine), but a great song will always hold our ears for longer than our impatient minds... Read More


An Ode to the Brown Paper Bag, Hip-Hop’s Favorite Status Symbol [Feature ]

The hustler is the unconventional anti-hero of hip-hop. He is the symbol of prosperity from poor circumstances, a personification of the street corners, blocks, housing projects and hoods worldwide. The riches that... Read More


The Complete History of Drake & Jay Z’s Cold War [Feature ]

Unlike J. Cole, Drake doesn’t seem to care if his idols turn into his rivals.Since becoming the rapper-everyone-loves-to-hate, Drake has beefed with Common, Pusha T, Diddy, Ludacris and even Kanye West to varying... Read More


5 Best Hip-Hop Album Series, Ranked [Feature ]

It's an extremely difficult task to create an album that's excellent, timeless and unforgettable. Trying to carry that magic over to multiple albums, all connected in one continuous series, is an even more... Read More


Jay Z Asked Zayotven For “Beats With Them Strings and Pianos” [Feature ]

In November, frequent Future and Gucci Mane collaborator Zaytoven posted a photo of himself and Jay Z in the studio. Several months later, details have finally emerged about the backstory behind their work together and... Read More


Revisiting J. Cole’s Rap Savior Predictions 4 Years Later [Feature ]

On the eve of his 2013 album release showdown with Kanye, J. Cole sent out a tweet. It wasn’t last minute promotion, he wasn't begging the hive to help him defeat Yeezus, but rather a declaration that hip-hop was... Read More


My Life Is a Lie: TIDAL Has Been Inflating Subscriber Numbers [Feature ]

There’s a line from the movie Fight Club that has always stuck with me when I’m trying to define that universal constant that allows us, humans, to sleep at night in the midst of an answerless universe.It's... Read More


The Perfect Goodbye: The Moments Our Favorite Rap Stars Should Have Retired [Feature ]

Death changed Walter White.Breaking Bad brought to television the psyche of a man who turned his cancer diagnoses into a rebirth. The transformation happened slowly, but by the series end, he was a new man. It... Read More


Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen’ Dethrones Jay Z & Kanye as Highest-Grossing Hip-Hop Tour [Feature ]

Watch The Throne was one of rap’s most epic events. The union of Kanye and Jay Z brought together two heavyweights in celebration of their climb to the top of hip-hop’s echelon. Such a big album had to be met with... Read More


J. Cole, Jay Z & The Mixed Emotions of Going Back Home [Feature ]

“But why had he always felt so strongly the magnetic pull of home, why had he thought so much about it and remembered it with such blazing accuracy…He did not know. All that he knew was that the years flow by... Read More


Reminder: 9th Wonder Incredibly Made Jay Z’s “Threat” Beat in 25 Minutes [Feature ]

13 years ago, Jay Z set out to make what he thought at the time would be his final album. Of course, we know now that Jay just couldn’t stay away from the game, and although it wasn’t his last, The Black Album is... Read More


Anderson .Paak, Kanye West & Artists Taking Video Inspiration from Paintings [Feature ]

He made me conscious of the fact that the artist who is useful to America is one who studies his own life and records it through the medium of art, manners, and customs of his own - Ernie BarnesErnie Barnes is a name... Read More


Can Jay Z Save TIDAL by Acquiring Prince’s Vault of Unreleased Music? [Feature ]

“Prince left his masters where they safe and sound” - Jay ZBragging different is a quality to Jay’s lyricism that has always made his raps charming. He’ll say things that the average man can only... Read More


The Importance of Jay Z Introducing Richard Pryor To The Next Generation [Feature ]

All humor is rooted in pain - Richard PryorIt’s been over a decade since the world lost one of the greatest comedic minds we’ve ever known in Richard Pryor. Widely regarded as one of the greatest... Read More


DJ Mustard Says Working With Jay Z Would Be Intimidating [Feature ]

Since 2012, DJ Mustard has produced records for and shared a studio session with Big Sean, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Lopez, Rick Ross, Rihanna, and T.I., among countless other superstar acts.Nevertheless, there's one artist... Read More


What Should We Expect From Jay Z’s New TV & Film Deal? [Feature ]

It’s been over a year and a half since Jay Z acquired TIDAL, and despite their deluded exclusives-based marketing strategy, it’s become clear that his venture into streaming wasn’t as successful as... Read More


My Favorite Sport: Rappers Obsessed With Basketball References [Feature ]

The crossover that broke Mac Miller’s ankles during a celebrity basketball game is circulating the internet at the speed of a high school rumor traveling across the lunchroom. He takes the moment of embarrassment... Read More


Consequence Was A Ghostwriter On Jay Z’s “Encore” [Feature ]

Over the past year, there’s been a sharpened focus on the behind-the-scenes writing side of some of our favorite hip-hop songs, thanks in part to Drake-gate. Hip-hop fans everywhere have had to come to the... Read More


Jay Z Rapping Over Immaculate Horns, An Absurdly Detailed Investigation [Feature ]

The blaring sirens of an ambulance is a sound that will always be related to urgency, distress and crisis. Just hearing the ear-piercing noise will cause you to imagine the lifesaving truck speeding with a zest... Read More


Vic Mensa On Jay Z’s New Music: “It’s Fresh As F*ck” [Feature ]

In an interview about his upcoming album and social injustice, Vic Mensa made a comment about Jay Z that will get fans excited.“I've heard a little bit of some Hov shit and it's fresh as fuck, but I can't... Read More


President Obama Keeping Hip-Hop In Oval Office for 55th Birthday [Feature ]

For his final birthday as President of the United States, Barack Obama is bringing hip-hop to the oval office one more time.According to a report by Page Six, Obama’s 55th birthday party will include Beyoncé,... Read More


Beyonce & Jay Z Are Richest Celebrity Couple, Drama Pays [Feature ]

A couple tall glasses of lemonade have helped Jay Z and Beyoncé retain their spot as the highest-earning celebrity couple.On Forbes’ annual Celeb 100 list, Jay and Bey took the crown as the highest-earning... Read More


Jay Z Releases New Song “Spiritual”: “No I Am Not Poison” [Feature ]

There are very few artists in hip-hop who have the power to make the internet stand still when they release new material. Jay Z is one of those artists. (The others, in no particular order, are Drake, Kanye West,... Read More


Hip-Hop Barack: How Obama Embraced Rappers During His Presidency [Feature ]

The days of President Obama as America’s commander-in-chief are quickly dwindling. It won’t be long before the White House is home to a new president and their family - a thought that is difficult to fathom after... Read More


Report: Tidal Struggling to Pay Indie Labels, Apple Talks Make Sense [Feature ]

A Forbes article highlighting a report by Norwegian news outlet Dagens Næringsliv suggests that the Jay Z-owned streaming platform Tidal hasn't paid several musicians and record labels in its home country of... Read More


Jay Z’s Roc Nation Makes Move Into Country Music [Feature ]

Throw your cowboy hats in the sky if you feel the vibe. While it's unlikely we'll be seeing any Jay Z and Tim McGraw collaborations anytime soon, Hov is expanding his growing Roc Nation empire into country... Read More


Jay Z Kills Another Verse With “I Got The Keys,” The Ruler’s Back [Feature ]

Following last night's BET Awards (kudos to Fabolous on the night's most memorable moment), DJ Khaled released his overhyped new record, "I Got The Keys," which features Future & Jay Z and serves as... Read More


DJ Khaled - I Got The Keys ft. Jay Z & Future [Stream]

The “I Got The Keys” music video is available now for streaming, exclusively on Tidal. Read More


Jay Z & Dame Dash Paid for “Reasonable Doubt” Entirely in Cash [Feature ]

In an interview with Complex, former D&D Studios intern and engineer Dexter Thibou reminisced on the time, when in his early 20s, he assisted with the recording sessions for Jay Z's classic... Read More


Jay Z Recorded His “Brooklyn’s Finest” Verses in 5 Minutes [Feature ]

As we come up on the 20th anniversary of Jay Z's much heralded debut, Reasonable Doubt, fans are getting a glimpse into the recording process of the historic project courtesy of one of the architects behind it.... Read More


Coming of Age: On “Reasonable Doubt” & Finding Your Path [Feature ]

It starts with a heartbeat. A young Shawn Corey Carter has just put the finishing touches on an album that has been 26 years in the making, his life’s work: Reasonable Doubt.Fast-forward. It’s June 25, 1996.... Read More


A Star Is Born: How Jay Z Inspired LeBron James’ Championship Performance [Feature ]

"99 Problems." "You Don't Know." "Public Service Announcement." If you had to pick a song from Jay Z's monstrous catalog to hype you up before playing in one of the biggest games of your professional career, any... Read More


The Night Jay Z Stabbed Lance “Un” Rivera & Almost Ended His Career [Feature ]

November 30, 1999. Q-Tip delivers Amplified, his highly-anticipated debut solo album. Two days later he would celebrate the release with a party in Manhattan at the Kit Kat Club. Puffy was there, Lil Kim was there, Lil... Read More


I Wrote The Script for Jay Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” Gangster Movie [Feature ]

*Cues "Can’t Knock The Hustle"*Fades In: An overview of New York City. The year is 1988. A montage of images that represent this period of New York and the hustler ambition. Clips of young teenagers on... Read More


Jay Z & Beyonce’s Long Con Continues, Joint Album Coming “Very Soon” [Feature ]

The thing about conspiracy theories, they're only theories until it turns out there was a very real conspiracy the whole time. As we pointed out weeks ago, the idea that Jay Z was shocked to find... Read More


I Don’t Pop Molly: Jay Z’s Almost 50 & Staying Relevant [Feature ]

Future has been the dominant voice in rap for the last two summers. He's who you call when you need that hit that may not conqueror Billboard but will be platinum in the streets. Similarly, DJ Khaled has... Read More


Why Did Drake Really Remove Kanye & Jay Z From “Pop Style” For the Album? [Feature ]

Zane Lowe's talk with Drake shortly before Views dropped wasn't an interview, it was an hour long commercial, and of course it was. Why would Drake risk doing an actual interview, where someone might ask him actual... Read More


What if Jay Z Had Actually Signed Odd Future Back in 2011? [Feature ]

“I ate one roach and I made a lotta money.”It's the kind of boast you expect from a Fear Factor contestant or an eccentric Vine celebratory, not a rapper. Tyler The Creator used that line on his... Read More


Holy Sh*t This is Disappointing: Drake ft. Jay Z & Kanye West “Pop Style” [Feature ]

Last Friday rumors were swirling that Drake would drop a track featuring the one two and only Jay Z and Kanye. Last Friday was also April Fools Day, so I was skeptical. A blockbuster track featuring three of the biggest... Read More


Drake - Pop Style ft. Jay Z & Kanye West [Stream]

“Pop Style” is also available for digital purchase and streaming only on iTunes/Apple Music. Read more here. Read More


Kanye Was Almost Dropped, “Dead Presidents” Was a Ma$e Song First & Other Roc-A-Fella Gems [Feature ]

Very rarely do record labels reach a level of popularity where everyone can instantly recognize their logo. Roc-A-Fella Records did. Very rarely does a label birth the career of an artist who changes the landscape of not... Read More


Jay Z Counting Things in His Raps, an Absurdly Detailed Investigation [Feature ]

For no discernible reason I’ve been on a Jay Z kick lately. As I've been bumping everything from Reasonable Doubt to “Devil Is A Lie,” making damn sure to skip Magna Carta Holy Grail, I’ve noticed... Read More


Memphis Bleek Says Jay Z Likely Won’t Drop Another Album [Feature ]

Today Roc-A-Fella alum Memphis Bleek sat down with The Breakfast Club and of course spent most of his time answering questions about Jay Z, ranging from the origins of the Nas beef to Jay telling him that he needed to change... Read More


Tim Westwood Unearths Previously Unreleased JAY Z Freestyles [Feature ]

It's Thursday, and to celebrate Tim Westwood went digging in his archives to unearth some never-before-heard footage of Jay Z from 1999.Sporting a crispy white tee and Jesus piece in the accompanying photo,... Read More


JAY Z Says He Battled Busta Rhymes in High School & Won [Feature ]

Long before they became legends in hip-hop, Shawn Carter and Trevor Smith Jr. attended high school together. They were also joined by Christopher Wallace.Nobody in George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High... Read More


Jay Z Testifies at “Big Pimpin” Trial, Drops Gems [Feature ]

“Big Pimpin” is without a doubt one of Hov's biggest, most known singles.The song is a classic that helped spread UGK's music beyond the Texas borders, while giving S. Carter a Top 20 hit on... Read More


Jay Z Says TIDAL Has 1 Million Subscribers, Celebrates With All-Star Concert [Feature ]

Earlier this year, Jay Z aligned himself with some of the biggest artists in the music industry and introduced the public to his streaming service, TIDAL. Unlike a lot of Jay’s lucrative ventures, TIDAL was... Read More


Diddy, JAY Z & Drake Top Forbes 2015 “Hip-Hop Cash Kings” List [Feature ]

The highest rollers in hip-hop have once again been revealed by Forbes magazine. If your wallet consists of lint and old condoms, this list will likely leave you weeping or swelling with ambition.Diddy’s ambition is... Read More


Jay Z Recorded Tupac Diss Track, Buried It When Pac Died [Feature ]

[Art by Nick Cocozza]What's beef? Beef isn't flashing Twitter memes onstage, beef isn't ghostwriting allegations, beef is the tragedy that took Tupac and Biggie's lives, and according to Jay's long... Read More


Rare JAY Z Freestyles are Unearthed by Stretch & Bobbito [Feature ]

A couple weeks ago, we brought you the welcome news that DJ Stretch Armstrong and 'Bobbito' Garcia, or rather Stretch & Bobbito, had taken to SoundCloud to unearth some classic freestyles. With a documentary... Read More


Jigga Who? Remembering Jay Z’ Greatness After the B-Sides Concert [Feature ]

[Image via ArtByDavidC]"I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, mannnnnn."Has any rap line in the history of rap lines epitomized its speaker more than that?  In just 12 to 20 syllables (depending on... Read More


JAY Z Defends TIDAL: “We’re Doing Just Fine” [Feature ]

JAY Z would like you to know that TIDAL is "doing just fine."Tidal is doing just fine. We have over 770,000 subs. We have been in business less than one month. #TidalFacts — Mr. Carter (@S_C_) April 26, 2015Over... Read More


JAY Z - Glory (Tidal Exclusive Video) [Stream]

At the beginning of 2012, JAY Z released Glory, the touching, Pharrell-assisted ode to his recently born daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Fast forward a few years and one massively newsworthy business venture by the rap mogul, and... Read More