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40Love ft. Headnodic - I’ll Take Care Of You [Stream & Download]

With a title like I’ll Take Care Of You you may be led to believe that 40Love’s latest cut was inspired by a random Boyz II Men song, but I assure you that the Bay Area quartet’s newest song release is no... Read More


40Love ft. Zumbi (of Zion I) - Tiki Tiki [Stream & Download]

They say that the Bay Area does things a little different, and they’re not wrong. Can you picture a cut like Tiki Tiki coming from anywhere else? For their latest release San Francisco-based crew 40 Love, last seen on... Read More


40Love - Think Too Much [Stream & Download]

Think you Think Too Much? I feel your pain. Unfortunately, there’s no known cure for excessive introspection; in fact, even pondering your affliction is guaranteed to make it worse. Your only hope may be to channel some... Read More