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K. Sparks Rips a “One Take Freestyle” for Bless The Booth [Feature ]

"On the West Coast swervin' to my theme song, spittin' like Nas like when he used to have fatigues on." K. Sparks, a Queens emcee and longtime friend of the Booth, recently stopped by Audiomack Studios to try his... Read More


K. Sparks - Brother [Stream]

While it’s great to see new music from Booth fave K. Sparks, it’s always unfortunate when that music comes on the heels of a close family member or friend’s passing. Having a younger Brother myself, it would... Read More


K. Sparks - So Cold ft. BxRod [Stream]

It’s been a few months since K. Sparks introduced us to Jazz Theory, but even in the face of impending spring the Queens emcee stays So Cold. Here he links yet again with producer and frequent collaborator Kurser, who... Read More


K. Sparks - Jazz Theory [Stream]

Given the kind of beats Booth fave K. Sparks habitually spits over, he’s more qualified than the vast majority of rappers to teach a course on Jazz Theory. With that said, the Queens representative’s latest jam... Read More


K. Sparks - #Trendy [Stream]

Having recently liberated his latest full-length, Vintage Art, K. Sparks could kick back and take a richly-deserved vacation. But the Queens representative isn’t the type to relax when there’s sh*t that needs to... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Nation - Dummin’ Out [Stream]

Addressing popular culture’s frequent assaults on black masculinity, Feminization and its subsequent remix were heady stuff, even for K. Sparks. In the interest of balance, the freshly-minted follow-up features no... Read More


K. Sparks - Vintage Art [Album]

Over the course of his long and illustrious career as a Booth fave, K. Sparks has showcased a strong affinity for the old-school, both in his lyrical focus and in his choice of beats. So it's not entirely inappropriate that,... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Loaded Lux & Charmingly Ghetto - Feminization (Remix) [Stream]

On his last single, featured at the top of August, Queens phenom and perennial reader fave K. Sparks offered a hard-hitting critique of the Feminization of black men, as perpetrated by the mass media. The subject matter... Read More


K. Sparks - Feminization [Stream]

Some social issues are so sharply-defined that even a mediocre emcee can write rhymes about them. It takes a lyricist as gifted as K. Sparks, on the other hand, to spit about a topic as underappreciated and loaded with nuance... Read More


K. Sparks - 5 on the Black Hand Side [Stream]

K. Sparks isn’t just old-school in his focus on lyricism and his choice of instrumentals; his affinity for the retro also extends to his taste in handshakes. On a new single off his next independent full-length, the... Read More


K. Sparks - Everywhere [Stream]

While jazzy, boom bap-informed cuts are K. Sparks‘s usual fare, those who have followed the Queens phenom since his early Booth features know that his limitations are essentially nil. Everywhere, single numero dos off... Read More


K. Sparks - Vintage Art [Stream]

Holy sh*t, has it really been over three months since we featured a fresh song from Queens phenom K. Sparks? To answer my own rhetorical question, yes; yes it has. Today, the perennial Booth fave ends his unusually lengthy... Read More


K. Sparks - Black Mona Lisa [Stream]

Every day in New York City, hundreds of men and woman engage in silent flirtation on crowded subway cars, and part without exchanging a word. Some go so far as to post a Missed Connection on Craigslist, in the (likely vain)... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Monique Danielle - Winters Theme (RIP Laura Hunter) [Stream]

The best songs are always those which with the listener can relate. Sadly, there are a large number of our readers who know what K. Sparks is going through. The newly-released Winters Theme (RIP Laura Hunter) is dedicated to... Read More


K. Sparks - 1985 [Stream & Download]

1985 was a banner year for the emerging genre of hip-hop, yielding such acclaimed LPs as Run-D.M.C.‘s King of Rock, LL Cool J‘s The Radio and Mantronix’s The Album. For K. Sparks, however, it was a time not... Read More


K. Sparks - Come Again [Stream & Download]

Of all the phenomenal lyricists that grace our pages on a regular basis, K. Sparks is consistently one of the most rewindable; too densely-packed with punchlines, allusions and memorable turns of phrase to digest in one go,... Read More


Jermiside & Danny Diggs ft. Theory Hazit, K. Sparks & DJ Mayhem - Book of Rhymes [Stream]

In a day and age when heavyweight rappers boast of not writing their verses down, Jermiside continues to tote his trusty Book of Rhymes wherever he goes. Single numero uno off his sophomore collaborative set with Irish... Read More


K. Sparks - Pardon My Back [Stream & Download]

Absent from our pages since July, when he dropped off the seasonally-inappropriate, yet dope Autumn Blues, Queens phenom K. Sparks makes his return to the Booth with a freshly-minted non-album loosie. On Pardon My Back,... Read More


K. Sparks - Autumn Blues [Stream]

I know what you’re thinking: how the f**k could K. Sparks have the Autumn Blues in the middle of April? Maybe he recorded the song last fall. Perhaps, like God, quality hip-hop transcends space and time. Whatever the... Read More


K. Sparks - Self Portrait [Album]

South Jamaica, Queens native and perennial reader favorite K. Sparks has unveiled his latest digital full-length, Self Portrait. Preceded by acclaimed singles "Home School," "Blindfolds" and "HTNC (Humble Is the New Cocky),"... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Angelous - HTNC (Humble’s The New Cocky) [Stream & Download]

As you must already know, June is a huge month for new album releases. J. Cole, Kanye and Mac Miller are all set to drop their latest LPs on 6/18, and a week later Wale’s The Gifted hits literal and digital shelves. ... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Nation - Blindfolds [Stream]

If it’s true that the absence of one sense makes the others more acute, then y’all might want to put on your Blindfolds for this one. Actually, you might want to plug your noses, too—your ears are gonna need all... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Paul Rivers Bailey - Home School [Stream & Download]

In hip-hop we always hear about new school vs. old school. K. Sparks prefers a third option, however, which incorporates elements from both.  On Home School, the first single of his upcoming album, the Queens native and... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Tina Quallo - Dreamer [Stream & Download]

K. Sparks’ Christian faith isn’t typically the overt topic of his rhymes, but if you do as the title of his new album says and Read Between the Lines, you’ll find that it’s one of the driving forces... Read More


K. Sparks - Read Between the Lines [Album]

Queens rhymesayer and perennial reader fave K. Sparks has come together with The DJBooth to bring fans his latest digital full-length, Read Between the Lines. A musical reflection on the deceptiveness of appearances and the... Read More


K. Sparks - Wonder Years [Stream & Download]

No, K. Sparks’ latest feature isn’t a hip-hop tribute to the late-‘80s/early-‘90s comedy-drama starring Fred Savage—as dope as that would undoubtedly be. Instead, single numéro cinq off the Queens... Read More


K. Sparks - Stimulus Package [Stream]

How do you jump-start an ailing hip-hop economy? Whereas some laissez-faire rap pundits would advise austerity measures destined to benefit only the flyest one percent, K. Sparks is a Keynesian at heart. On the latest single... Read More


K. Sparks - Smooth Cafe [Stream]

Sometimes, a K. Sparks song grabs you and shakes you by the shoulders, demanding you wake up to the truth (see: his last feature, Leaders). Other times, the Queens phenom’s music is as mellow, yet stimulating as a... Read More


K. Sparks - Leaders [Stream & Download]

A Show Off K. Sparks may be, but the Queens rhymesayer’s not just in the game to flaunt his mic skills. Look beneath the braggadocious bluster and twisty flows, and you’ll see a man with a sharp critique of the... Read More


K. Sparks - Show Off [Stream & Download]

Even in an industry as heavily populated with braggarts as the hip-hop game, nobody can Show Off like K. Sparks. The man can tackle a thought-provoking concept record, to be sure—check out his last feature, the... Read More


K. Sparks ft. 810 - White Black Face [Stream]

It’s not often that an emcee is bold enough to address the questionable behavior that is sometimes present in the music industry, but NYC underground vet K. Sparks does just that on his latest cleverly titled record. On... Read More


K. Sparks ft. JAYVINE - September Lounge [Stream]

If the dog days of summer have you longing for the comfort of a cool September afternoon, then Freestyle Series alumn K. Sparks might have just the cure. Sparks’ September Lounge, the title track from the artist’s... Read More


K. Sparks - Humble’s the New Cocky [Stream]

Don’t worry, Booth readers: on lead EP single Humble’s the New Cocky, K. Sparks isn’t suggesting rap transition from a braggadocio-based paradigm to a competition for who can be the most passive-aggressively... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Eric Biddines & JAYVINE - 88 Chevy [Stream & Download]

Throughout the last couple decades of hip-hop, the opening bars of Hank Crawford’s Wildflower have been synonymous with introspective personal narrative: Johnny “J” flipped the record to back 2Pac‘s... Read More


K. Sparks - Clair [Stream & Download]

For all the “pimpin’” talk in hip-hop, few rappers are compassionate or brave enough to look at the situation from the prostitute’s point of view; often driven into the line of work by desperate poverty, the... Read More


Sean Fresh ft. K. Sparks - Love With a Friend [Stream]

It seems like such a good idea. You’re already good friends, you always have a good time together, so why not go ahead and turn that friend into a lover? Here to answer that question is newcomer Sean Fresh, a Little... Read More


K. Sparks - The Return [Stream & Download]

I wasn’t aware that K. Sparks had gone anywhere—his last feature, Baggage Handlers, hit our front page mere weeks ago—but, regardless, he’s back. On The Return, Bugseed‘s jazzy sample work sets... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Sabina Ddumba - Baggage Handlers [Stream & Download]

With the sheer number of hip-hop records centered around international travel, it’s a surprise that nobody’s thought to show a little love to those hard-working individuals who make sure our sh*t gets from point A... Read More


K. Sparks - Black [Stream & Download]

For K. Sparks, being “Black” is about more than a simple quantity of melanin (or a penchant for absorbing light rays). It’s shorthand for an entire state of mind, a drive to succeed, an intimate familiarity with the... Read More


K. Sparks - The Cotton Club [Stream & Download]

Ready for a whirlwind history lesson, brought to you by Wikipedia? Good. Established in 1920 under the ownership of heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson (but taken over by bootlegger and gangster Owney Madden in ‘23), The... Read More


K. Sparks - Renaissance [Stream & Download]

If hip-hop could be said to be going through something akin to the European Renaissance—a period of renewed interest in classical sources accompanied by revolutionary progress in the arts and sciences—then K. Sparks... Read More


JAYVINE ft. K. Sparks & Tina Quallo - Honey Dips [Stream & Download]

Previously heard collaborating with K. Sparks on his first Booth feature, All I Know, JAYVINE rejoins forces with his Double Up labelmate on his latest album leak, the heartbreak-themed Honey Dips. Featuring the low-key... Read More


K. Sparks - Nostalgic Lights [Stream & Download]

Break out your dairy and calendar, today marks a historic occasion. After releasing approximately eleventy-billion consecutive dope tracks (I said approximately) The DJBooth favorite and Freestyle Series OG K. Sparks has... Read More


JAYVINE ft. K. Sparks - All I Know [Stream & Download]

One good turn—or, as the case may be, one dope guest verse—deserves another. Having recruited the up-and-coming emcee’s mic-murdering services on The L@st LOL and Purple Clouds, two cuts off his DJBooth-sponsored... Read More


K. Sparks - Sunshine [Video]

“Here is the official music video for Sunshine from myself and Pajozo‘s Popular Demand album, available now. Sunshine is meant to motivate, encourage, and inspire.” -K. Sparks Directed by Eduardo Donoso... Read More


K. Sparks Offers “Diagnosis: Success” for Streaming/Download via [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Perennial Booth fave K. Sparks is offering up his latest street release, Diagnosis: Success, for streaming and download via Featuring 16 original records (and one bonus cut) from the Queens... Read More


K. Sparks - Diagnosis: Success [Album]

Perennial Booth favorite K. Sparks has joined forces with and Double Up Entertainment to bring fans his latest street album, Diagnosis: Success. Dedicated to anyone on a journey to achieve their goals, the... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Rapsody & Laws - The Show Starts [Stream]

After months of phenomenal leaks—and a few fresh remixes to boot—it’s almost time for us to lift the curtain on K. Sparks’ new, Booth-sponsored street album. But first, we’re making sure fans are... Read More


K. Sparks - Gold Chain (Slot-A Remix) [Stream & Download]

In the past week, Booth readers have been treated to one dope rendition of K. Sparks’ Gold Chain after another—departing sharply from Marvel‘s cavernous, haunting original, Mulatto Patriot went for a sparse,... Read More


K. Sparks - Gold Chain [Lightsaber Remix] [Stream & Download]

As those who already tuned into our inaugural Remixed feature already know, we recently decided to close out our long-standing exclusive freestyle series. (Hey, all good things must come to an end.) But no fear lovers of... Read More


K. Sparks - Gold Chain (Mulatto Patriot Remix) [Stream & Download]

250 dope tracks after we started DJBooth decided it was time to bring our exclusive freestyle series to a close. But what to do for an encore? Having given emcees their moment in the sun we’ve turned our spotlight to the... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Tina Quallo - Special [Stream & Download]

Fresh off earning massive acclaim for the Jarren Benton-assisted Apple Jacks, K. Sparks returns to our pages with a Special leak off his forthcoming, Booth-sponsored street album. I mean, all of the Queens repper’s... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Jarren Benton - Apple Jacks [Stream]

If you came up in a breakfast cereal-consuming household, you’re well-acquainted with the mystery that lies at the heart of Kellogg’s Apple Jacks: though delicious, they taste absolutely nothing like apples.... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Add-2 - Chi City 2 Queens [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from K. Sparks’, the underground mainstay and All-Star (“Booth favorite” hardly cuts it) was exhaling Purple Clouds as he contemplated the heavy topics of crime and social inequality. While... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Jayvine - Purple Clouds [Stream & Download]

Das EFX-inspired ensemble banger Mic Checka excepted, the themes of K. Sparks’ recent features (Wondering, Conundrum...) suggest that the longtime Booth fave’s had some heavy sh*t on his mind. On the latest leak... Read More


Kontact & Black Knight ft. Wordsmith, K. Sparks, Rickie Jacobs & Tese Fever - Mic Checka [Stream & Download]

On the latest single off their forthcoming, NU Revolution-presented mixtape, Kontact & Black Knight take a page from Das EFX’ book, declaring themselves professional ‘Mic Checka‘s. Joining the duo over... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Angelous - Conundrum [Stream & Download]

While K. Sparks’ last feature found the longtime Booth fave Wondering about a few things, uncertainty actually isn’t the theme of the Queens repper’s latest effort. On this newly-leaked cut off his... Read More


K. Sparks - Wondering [Stream & Download]

When it comes to hip-hop, rappers search far and wide for the right producer to work with. It’s like finding the right barber. Some give a really good cut but don’t say a word, others are your instantly your best friend... Read More


K. Sparks - Cashmere Flow [Stream & Download]

Fresh off getting The Last L@L on his previous feature, perennial reader fave K. Sparks returns to showcase his Cashmere Flow on another freshly-leaked cut off his forthcoming, Booth-sponsored mixtape. Here, the uniquely... Read More


K. Sparks ft. JAYVINE - The L@st LOL [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the arrival of Tomorrow Today, K. Sparks has already gotten right down to work on a follow-up mixtape release. As our first taste of the set, the Queens repper and freestyle alum drops off The L@st LOL, a joint... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Angelous - Gold Chain [Stream & Download]

Pairing gritty, (usually) sample-driven production with gymnastic flows and punchline-driven braggadocio, K. Sparks’ brand of underground fire is as classic as Gold Chains and tracksuits – which makes it all the more... Read More


K. Sparks - Tomorrow Today (Kurser Remix) [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the arrival of his Booth-acclaimed Tomorrow, Today LP, longtime Booth favorite K. Sparks(a freestyle series alumnus) returns with a fresh remix of the project’s title track. Here, frequent production... Read More


Skinny-C ft. K. Sparks - I Got This (Remix) [Stream & Download]

It’s always a special event when a Booth debut comes around, and while it’s a far cry from K. Sparks’ virgin voyage we’re happy to welcome Skinny-C to the family with his Watch This (Remix). The HiPNOTT Records signee... Read More


K. Sparks - Tomorrow Today [Album]

The last time I wrote about K. Sparks, way back in 2009 (did they even have the internet back then?), the prolifically productive NYC emcee was my number one pick for “wait, why isn’t he signed?” status after dropping... Read Full Review


K. Sparks Drops “Tomorrow Today” Preview Sampler [Listen] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Queens representative and longtime Booth fave K. Sparks has just dropped off a preview of Tomorrow, Today, his forthcoming collaborative LP with beatsmith Pajozo. The one-track sampler below features... Read More


K. Sparks ft. JD - Drummer Boy [Stream]

No longer content simply to bring joy to heads everywhere by spitting hot rhymes over banging production, perennial Booth fave K. Sparks has set his sights on something bigger with his latest project – as he puts it in the... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Laetitia Dana - Please Don’t Go [Stream & Download]

New York’s own K. Sparks has built a reputation, to say the least, for consistently dropping fresh music specifically for the hip-hop fiend. If you enjoyed hip-hop’s 90s era, and somehow managed to miss his previous... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Julius Francis - Let Me Fly (Kurser Remix) [Stream & Download]

Originally featured in ‘09 as part of the artist’s legendary Manic Mondays series, A Day in the Life inclusion Let Me Fly  found Queens phenom K. Sparks celebrating music’s power to lift us above the... Read More