New Neak Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Pete Sayke ft. Brail, Neak & Slot-A - Hell On A Highway [Stream]

Yesterday, I stupidly promised a friend a ride home during rush hour; the 20 minute drive ended up taking around 45 minutes. I thought I knew all about Hell On a Highway, but that was before I heard this exclusive DJBooth... Read More


Neak - Everyday Livin’ [Stream]

The hip-hop hustle has its rewards—the satisfaction of watching your musical ideas take shape, the thrill of performing in front of hardcore fans—but those moments that make it all worthwhile are islands in a sea of... Read More


The DJBooth Presents: Neak at NYC’s Bar Matchless (Wrap Up Video) [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Sunday, September 8, Windy City phenom Neak will be rocking the stage at Greenpoint, Brooklyn's Bar Matchless. The DJBooth is a media sponsor of the event, which will also feature performances from reader... Read More


Neak - The Kids [Stream]

Remember as a shorty you’d sit there and play Need for Speed for hours on end? Well, for me, one of most crucial elements to success on rounding those curves with the joystick was the perfect soundtrack jamming in the... Read More


Neak x Rashid Hadee x F.A.B.L.E. x Sincerely Yours - NRFS [Stream]

I don’t know about you guys, but I am an absolute sucker for old-school vocal samples. Not old-school as in the ‘90s, but way old school, as in the ‘60s and ‘70s. With that in mind, it’s no wonder I... Read More


Neak ft. Rashid Hadee - Power [Stream & Download]

While it’s never a good thing to judge a book by its cover, sometimes, you can get in idea of what a song will be like from its title. For instance, you know Eminem’s Kill You is not going to be a warm, fuzzy cut and... Read More


Neak - A.M.N.R. [Stream]

The weather is FINALLY warming up around Chicago, so this smooth new video single A.M.N.R. from native son Neak is highly apropos: Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have our first “cruisin’ in the whip”... Read More


Neak ft. Psalm One - Hollywood Talk [Stream & Download]

Some recording artists are lucky enough to be natural businesspeople. For the rest, however, there are there are few experiences more draining than struggling to separate the truth from the B.S. as you navigate the murky... Read More


Neak ft. MC ADAD, Rashid Hadee, Slot-A, & Sincerely Yours - Who Do You Believe In [Stream & Download]

Back in April, Neak stepped into The DJBooth with an expanded re-release of his Love Greater // The Prequel tape, featuring an additional eight-track “bonus EP.”  A newly-released video of a standout off the... Read More


Neak - Love Greater // The Prequel (Deluxe Album) [Album]

Windy City buzzmaker Neak has come together with The DJBooth, Earmilk and Prefix Mag to release Love Greater // The Prequel (Deluxe Album). The deluxe version features both dirty and clean versions all 14 original tracks -... Read More


Neak - Love Greater // The Prequel [Album]

Windy City emcee Neak has come together with The DJBooth, Earmilk and Prefix Mag to bring fans his latest street album, Love Greater // The Prequel. Executive produced by Slot-A of and Rashid Hadee of... Read More


Neak - Big Dreamer [Stream]

Like many rappers, Neak is a Big Dreamer—the Chi-town repper’s ambitions, however, are a little more complex than your typical visions of fame and fortune. On the latest leak off his forthcoming, DJBooth-sponsored... Read More


Mathien x Neak - Feet [Stream & Download]

You know what they say, if at first you succeed keep doing the same thing you did before, only with a different topic. (Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but you get the point.) Following the initial... Read More


Neak - Ready to Go (Slot-A Body Bags Remix) [Stream & Download]

First featured in October of 2011, Neak‘s Ready to Go (Round the Way Girl) is back in remixed form. Making its world premiere right here in the Booth, this version of the record finds producer Slot-A trading his... Read More


Sincerely Yours ft. INTLMC & Neak - Over Your Head [Stream & Download]

Not featured on our front page since dropping off last fall’s highly-acclaimed, Booth-sponsored Self Titled street album, Sincerely Yours returns to ring in the New Year with a fresh one-off release. On Over Your Head,... Read More


Neak - Ready to Go [Video]

Chicago emcee Neak follows his DJBooth-approved Ready to Go single with some smoothly romantic visuals. Fans will find even more dopeness on Neak’s upcoming project, Love Greater // The Prequel, presented by The DJBooth,... Read More


Neak - Watch Me Now (Premiere) [Video]

It’s impossible to ignore Neak when he’s dropping dope visuals like this - guess you’ve got no choice but to Watch Me Now. Making its world premiere right here, right now, Watch Me Now is off Neak’s... Read More


Neak - Ready To Go (Round The Way Girl) [Stream & Download]

As an artist, no matter who you are, you will always want to make a track that will truly hypnotize the ladies. Enter Neak and Ready to Go (Round the Way Girl). A seductive track that draws inspiration from LL Cool J’s... Read More


Grumpy Old Men ft. Neak - One For The Road [Stream]

Premiered in the Booth last week, the inaugural leak off Grumpy Old Men‘s forthcoming mixtape found emcees Mike Schpitz and Pete Sayke voicing their dissatisfaction with today’s America through a tragic tale of... Read More


Neak ft. Scheme x Sincerely Yours x Slot-A - Snotty Noze [Stream & Download]

Nothing says “ill” like a Snotty Noze. On his latest promo single, Chi-town fave (and freestyle series alum) Neak enlists fellow Windy City representatives Scheme, Sincerely Yours and Slot-A to drop bars so sick... Read More


Neak ft. GLC & Trinity - Celebration of Life’s ILLZ [Stream & Download]

For most people, hardship and suffering are things to be avoided at all costs; for artists like up-and-coming emcee Neak, however, it’s all grist for the lyrical mill. Thus, the Windy City fave’s hooked up with... Read More


Neak - It’s Your World [Video]

A message from Neak: Today I am very grateful to present to you my new music video entitled, “It’s Your World,” Prod. By Slot-A (@IAMSLOTA) x INTLMC (@INTLMC) and directed by Cam Be of... Read More


Sincerely Yours ft. Neak & Rashid Hadee - You Already Know [Stream & Download]

If you’ve been paying attention to the Booth lately, You Already Know that Sincerely Yours is an artist well worth keeping an eye on. If you’ve yet to get the memo, though, a listen to the Chitown... Read More


Mulatto Patriot ft. ProbCause, Neak & Mike Schpitz - Live It Again [Stream & Download]

Previously heard lending his boardwork to Neak‘s Film School, producer Mulatto Patriot makes his first foray into the solo spotlight with promo single Live It Again. Here, the headliner’s breezy yet driven... Read More


Mathien x Neak - Breaking Open the Head [Stream & Download]

Got any mind-altering substances handy? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating the use of psychedelic drugs, I’m just saying, if you want to fully understand the first collaborative feature from emcee Neak... Read More

compound-0504114 & I Am… Productions Present: The Compound, Live at Public Assembly [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- and I Am... Productions have joined forces to present The Compound, a live showcase featuring some of the game's hottest up-and-coming talents. Going down the evening of Thursday, May 26, at... Read More


Neak - Everything I Am [Stream & Download]

If the title of this unreleased joint brings Kanye to mind, it’s for good reason: Rashid Hadee‘s instrumental was originally submitted to West for use on Graduation (though, sadly, not featured on the LP). Fast... Read More


The Primeridian ft. Neak, Slot-A & Rashid Hadee - Chitown’s Finest [Stream & Download]

There are few bigger ponds, where hip-hop is concerned, than the Windy City. Thus, when you claim to be one of Chitown’s Finest, you’re obliged to back that assertion up with some hella-fide skills. Making its... Read More


Neak x Sincerely Yours x Rashid Hadee - The Small Things [Stream & Download]

Booth readers who enjoy hanging out in the self-help aisle of their local bookstore are undoubtedly familiar with Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, a slim ‘97 bestseller detailing strategies for beating stress. Those... Read More


Mike Schpitz x Sincerely Yours x Neak - Jockin’ [Stream & Download]

The problem of hatin’ may get all the press, but no less prevalent in today’s game is Jockin’, a related phenomenon in which talented artists are subjected to egregious levels of imitation and obsessive... Read More


Mike Schpitz x Neak x Sincerely Yours - Gotta Be Something [Stream & Download]

Talk about starting off 2011 with a bang, or more accurately, a banger. Site favorite and hip-hop chameleon Mike Schpitz has teamed up with the Booth-acclaimed emcee Neak and newcomer Sincerely Yours for the dope new joint... Read More


Neak - Neak Rock [Album]

Chi-town buzzmaker Neak has teamed up with, RefinedHype, PrefixMag, YNotMyDream and FakeShoreDrive to bring fans his highly-anticipated new street album, Neak Rock. The 12-track concept mixtape finds the... Read More


Neak ft. Simeon Viltz (of Primeridian) - You Gave Me Life [Stream & Download]

On his last mixtape leak, the Chi-town phenom who brought us exclusive freestyle Heartbreaks posed a rhetorical question: “What you know about Neak?” While that joint told us plenty about the emcee’s approach to... Read More


Neak ft. Mike Schpitz, Slot-A & Drunken Monkeee - What You Know About [Stream]

What You Know about Neak? For those who have had their browsers locked to the Booth for the past year or so, the answer is “lots.” If you haven’t been paying attention, though, don’t worry – we aren’t... Read More


Neak - Heartbreaks [Stream & Download]

The 193rd entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Neak, the Windy City native who hooked up with the Booth to drop reader-acclaimed mixtape 84 Vol. 2 (The Silent Fiasco). On his brand new, exclusive... Read More


Neak Spits “Heartbreaks” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Neak, the Windy City native who brought us reader-acclaimed mixtape 84 Vol. 2 (The Silent Fiasco) back in March, has stepped into the Booth with the 193rd entry in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


Neak - 84 Vol. 2 (The Silent Fiasco) [Album]

Chi-town buzzmaker Neak has joined forces with to bring fans his sophomore street release, 84 Vol. 2 (The Silent Fiasco). Executive produced by Mulatto Patriot and featuring artwork by Domi of PxLMND, The Silent... Read More


Neak Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

Any hip-hop fan will attest to the fact that originality is a must in order for an artist keep a solid fan base and appeal to a wide variety of tastes. In that respect, and in many others, Chicago native Neak isn’t sleeping... Read More


Neak - Film School [Premiere] [Stream]

Ever since Chicago-born emcee Neak dropped Make It for the Booth community to rock to, we’ve all had our eyes (and ears) fixed to see what kind of new work would come from this burgeoning hip-hop genius. Fortunately, we... Read More


Neak Debuts Official Video for “Make It” [Feature ]

Chicago, Ill. -- Neak, the Windy City up-and-comer who recently brought us the exclusive world premiere of "Dear Sky," has just debuted the official, Eric Almond-directed video for "Make It," the lead single off his... Read More


Neak - Dear Sky [Premiere] [Stream]

Some songs can be neatly summed up in just a few short sentences; Make It up-and-comer Neak‘s latest mixtape leak (making its world premiere right here in the Booth!) is definitely not one of them. Dear Sky finds the... Read More


Neak - Make It [Stream]

Chosen as one of the “25 Rappers From the Chi You Should Already Know” by local magazine W.B.C., up-and-coming emcee/first-time Booth featuree Neak has been making some substantial waves in the Windy City (or “The City... Read More