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A Rapper Named Dame - Yikes [Stream & Download]

Make sure there’s no one else in the room, Booth readers, because A Rapper Named Dame‘s latest single is so dope it’ll make you say “Yikes!” And there’s pretty much no way to have that... Read More


A Rapper Name Dame ft. Mac Undergravity - Kings and Gods [Stream]

Last we heard from A Rapper Name Dame, he was expressing his regret that he’d embroiled himself in the violence and treachery of the urban jungle rather than doing what Mama Told [Him] and staying on the straight and... Read More


A Rapper Name Dame ft. John Legend - Mama Told Me [Stream]

If we all listened to our mothers’ advice, I have a feeling the world would be a better place. Don’t take it from me, though; take it from Booth newcomer A Rapper Name Dame, who laments his failure to what his... Read More