New A.J. Crew Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


A.J. Crew - The Reality of It All [Album]

Chicago rhymesayer A.J. Crew has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street album, The Reality of It All. The project packs 12 original tracks from the up-and-coming emcee, among them... Read More


A.J. Crew - 6:10pm [Stream & Download]

By the time 6:10pm rolls around, dinner is usually the most prominent topic on my mind. A.J. Crew, on the other hand, is fully focused on his weed and his paper chase—just like he is during the other 1,349 minutes of the... Read More


A.J. Crew - Don’t Ask Me (Crafty) [Stream & Download]

As those who have tuned in for the artist’s previous features are aware, A.J. Crew is one Crafty motherf**ker. Why is that the case? Don’t Ask Me; instead, take a listen to the Windy City repper’s latest... Read More


A.J. Crew - Breathe Here [Stream & Download]

The last single off A.J. Crew‘s forthcoming, DJBooth-hosted street album found the Windy City rhymesayer sending a message to his rivals in the rap game: “You F**kin’ Up. On follow-up effort Breathe Here, making... Read More


A.J. Crew ft. G-Scott - Y.F.U. [Stream & Download]

A.J Crew’s new single, Y.F.U, is an acronym for “You F**kin’ Up”, but after one listen its clear that he isn’t the one who might need the help. Crew not only contributes two charismatic verses, but he also... Read More


A.J. Crew ft. Naledge - Nah Mean? [Stream]

There’s nothing better than hearing a couple of talented regionmates showcase the full scope of their swagger in a fresh video single… Nah Mean?. If you’re feeling me on that one, then you’re... Read More


A.J. Crew - Finally, Autumn [Stream]

There’s been a lot of notable hip-hop coming out of Chi-town the past few months, but A.J. Crew happens to a breath of fresh air in the city’s hoodrich local scene. Crew’s new single, Finally, Autumn, has a... Read More


A.J. Crew - Homecoming, Part II [Album]

Chi-town rapper/producer A.J. Crew has come together with The DJBooth and to bring listeners his latest street release, the Homecoming, Part II EP. The project features seven brand new records from the... Read More


A.J. Crew - Never Wanna End [Stream & Download]

If you’re wondering how A.J. Crew‘s been lately, the answer’s not just “good” but “damn good.” In fact, as the Chi-town rapper/producer informs us on his latest EP single, he... Read More


A.J. Crew ft. Katie Gavin - Still Waiting [Stream & Download]

Like long-ass intros? Then you’ll love A.J. Crew‘s latest feature. Hate long-ass intros? Then you’ll probably still love A.J Crew’s latest feature, but you might want to skip ahead 44 seconds or so.... Read More

DJBooth Newcomer A.J. Crew Drops Presented “Nightmares & Daydreams” [Download] [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- Up-and-coming emcee A.J. Crew has linked up with, DopeCouture, Soundscape, and Thrift Store Ent. to bring listeners his latest street album. Featuring Booth-acclaimed leak "Destiny & Desire" (w/... Read More


A.J. Crew ft. Rhymefest - Destiny & Desire [Stream]

When your life’s work pulls you in one direction, and love in the other, which do you sacrifice—or can there be a compromise?  If there were a clear-cut answer, I’m pretty sure somebody would have figured... Read More