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Action Bronson ‘Blue Chips 7000’ Cheat Code Album Review [Feature ]

It’s been over two years since Action Bronson's last project, 2015's Mr. Wonderful, but the long wait, which included a serious threat to leak the project himself, is finally over. Today (August 25), the... Read More


Action Bronson Shares Scary Xanax Story: “They Thought I Was Fucking Dead” [Feature ]

Action Bronson loves good food and good weed but when it comes to Xanax, he's good. During a recent interview on the No Jumper podcast to promote the release of his new album, Blue Chips 7000, Bronson shared a... Read More


Action Bronson Explains Why Record Labels Suck, Period [Feature ]

Action Bronson has a love-hate relationship with his record label. In May, the 33-year-old rapper and TV personality called out his record label on Twitter, demanding they "put my motherfucking album out" or else he'd... Read More


From Usher to Action Bronson: Toxic Artists & the Notion of Problematic Favs [Feature ]

I once tweeted, “Imagine wasting your one problematic fav slot on someone as try-hard as A$AP Rocky.” The tweet flopped, but I contend it was quality content—and particularly reflective of the decisions fans... Read More


Action Bronson Takes the Blame for ‘Blue Chips 7000’ Delay, Cites Russian Samples [Feature ]

On August 25, Action Bronson will finally release Blue Chips 7000, his fourth full-length studio album and the second since signing a record deal with VICE and Atlantic in 2012. Over the past four months, the 33-year-old... Read More


A Frustrated Action Bronson Asks Label to “Put My Motherfucking Album Out” [Feature ]

It was all good just a short time ago. Or was it? In late March, Action Bronson excitedly revealed that he was wrapping up work on his forthcoming album, Blue Chips 7000, which, at the time, he called "fucking lit."... Read More


Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson & the Destructive Practice of Rapper Comparisons [Feature ]

In high school, I spent a lot of lunch periods arguing with my friends about LeBron James. Everyone would sing his praises, saying he was already the best player in the league and on his way to taking Michael Jordan's... Read More


Action Bronson’s ‘Blue Chips 7000’ Is Almost Finished, But What About His Rap Career? [Feature ]

It’s been almost two years since Action Bronson announced plans to release a new project called Blue Chips 7 (which has since been renamed to Blue Chips 7000, presumably for added oomph). Last May, he told Zane Lowe he... Read More


4 Successful Artists Who Were Just as Clueless as You at Your Age [Feature ]

Ah, young adulthood. While middle-aged folk thoughtlessly peddle the idea that this is the best time of your life, you’re likely more terrified and disoriented than you’ve ever been. In your late teens or early... Read More


Action Bronson Freestyling With Melissa Etheridge Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today [Feature ]

If you read our last feature on Action Bronson, than you already know the Flushing, Queens, native is steadily building a legacy for himself, whether it be through an acclaimed musical output or... Read More


F*ck, That’s Successful: Action Bronson’s Transition From Niche Rapper To Mainstream Fixture [Feature ]

Right this minute, it'd be fair to label Action Bronson as an extremely likable rapper who has built an incredible career for himself both inside and out of music. But when the former-cook-turned-emcee... Read More


Statik Selektah - Beautiful Life ft. Action Bronson & Joey Bada$$ [Stream]

Update: The Slick Jackson-directed visuals for Statik Selektah’s Beautiful Life have been added. Beat making veteran Statik Selektah is gearing up for the release of his next album, Lucky 7, and today we have the first... Read More


Ghostface Killah Threatens to Murder Action Bronson, Will an Apology Help? [Feature ]

Whether you agree or not, the similarity between the voices of Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson has been a hot topic of conversation since the latter's emergence as an artist. Until recently, any words... Read More


Gangrene - Driving Gloves ft. Action Bronson [Stream]

Gangrene, a duo made up of The Alchemist and Oh No, have released Jason Goldwatch-directed visuals for Driving Gloves, the first official single off their forthcoming new album, You Disgust Me, due out August 7 via Mass... Read More


The Alchemist - Voodoo ft. Action Bronson [Stream]

On July 10, veteran producer The Alchemist will release a new LP with Fat Beats, entitled Retarded Alligator Beats. The first single off the project is Voodoo, a collaboration with potential Album of the Year candidate Action... Read More


Statik Selektah - All You Need ft. Action Bronson, Ab-Soul & Elle Varner [Stream]

On July 7, Booth fave Statik Selektah will release his brand new album, Lucky 7. The latest single off the project, which is available for free download when you pre-order the album, is All You Need, which features frequent... Read More


Action Bronson’s “Mr. Wonderful” is My Album of the Year (Take 2 Review) [Feature ]

[Image via JussiKarro] What makes an album the album of the year? How do we fit a subjective peg into an objective hole? I wish I had the formula. The truth is no matter how hard we try to come up with one for the... Read More


Goldsmith - Onesy & Slippers ft. Action Bronson [Stream & Download]

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to collaborate with Action Bronson? If so, just ask relative Booth newcomer Goldsmith, previously known as Crystal Seth, who had the opportunity two years ago. “Action shook... Read More


Ea$y Money - Go Time ft. Action Bronson [Stream]

It’s Go Time for Showoff Records spitter Ea$y Money, who’s debut album The Motive of Nearly Everybody, Yo is available for purchase today. Statik Selektah mans the boards on this project standout, which features... Read More


Action Bronson Blasts “Morons” Who Don’t Get His “Mr. Wonderful” Album [Feature ]

On Monday, Action Bronson released his major label debut, Mr. Wonderful, and the Queens emcee seemed to be on top of the world. But at least some of that good will seemed to run out by Friday.  Today, after a week that... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt & Action Bronson - Warlord Leather [Stream]

Both Earl Sweatshirt (I Don’t Like S**t, I Don’t Go Outside) and Action Bronson (Mr. Wonderful) are celebrating album releases this week, and to commemorate the occasions, beatsmith legend The Alchemist was kind... Read More


How Action Bronson’s “Mr. Wonderful” Album Finally Made Me a Fan [Feature ]

(Art via Mr. Birthmark) Before I was rapping Action Bronson lyrics at the grocery store - "I'm rocking very loose pants!!!" - I fell in love with Action Bronson the human being. Between his absurd videos,... Read More


Mr. Wonderful: A Surprisingly Serious Talk With Action Bronson About Music [Feature ]

Action Bronson is my only role model.  I first saw him at A3C in Atlanta in 2011, when he was just starting to make his mark, his name popping up in hip-hop head circles but not yet so big that he wasn’t... Read More


Action Bronson - Baby Blue ft. Chance The Rapper [Stream]

Update: The Lil Chris-directed visuals for Bronson’s Baby Blue single have been added. Last week, Action Bronson gifted fans the visuals for his current single, Actin Crazy. Four short days later, we have received his... Read More


Action Bronson - Mr. Wonderful [Album]

Since the day it popped up on my Twitter timeline, Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly hasn’t left my ears. I’ve been unraveling the layers, getting lost in the groove, and filling my soul with the funk. I forgot... Read Full Review


1 Listen Album Review: Action Bronson’s “Mr. Wonderful” [Feature ]

Since the day it popped up on my Twitter timeline, Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly hasn’t left my ears. I’ve been unraveling the layers, getting lost in the groove, and filling my soul with the funk. I forgot... Read More


Meyhem Lauren x Buckwild - 100 MPH ft. Action Bronson [Stream]

Reaching back to their acclaimed 2014 Silk Pyramids LP, Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild speed up to 100 MPH in their latest set of visuals. The looped vocals and head-nodding percussion of Buckwild’s instrumental provides... Read More


Action Bronson - Actin Crazy [Stream]

Update: The Sydrome-directed visuals for Action Bronson’s Actin Crazy single has been added. Action Bronson doing a joint called Actin Crazy is like Lil Wayne doing a song called I Have Tattoos. Obviousness. I mean,... Read More


Action Bronson ft. Chauncy Sherod - Terry [Stream]

Thus far in the run-up to his studio debut, Action Bronson is three for three; singles Easy Rider, Actin Crazy and Big League Chew all won acclaim from the Booth readership. Hoping to continue that winning streak, the... Read More


Action Bronson - Big League Chew [Stream]

It’s officially Action Bronson season as we gear up for the release of his major label debut, Mr. Wonderful. One song that will not be on the album is Big League Chew, an exclusive release for the Queens MC’s... Read More


Various - Noisey Presents The Rap Monument [Stream]

The Egyptian Pyramids… the Colossus of Rhodes… The Rap Monument. OK, Noisey‘s new promo single may not have taken quite that much toil to create, but it’s as monomanically epic in its scope as any of... Read More


Action Bronson ft. Danny Brown - Bad News [Stream]

In-between picking the left over turkey from your teeth and Black Friday madness, there’s a chance you purchased the recently re-released Grand Theft Auto V, now available on Xbox One and Playstation 4. The graphics... Read More


A-Villa ft. Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Willie The Kid - Live From the Villa [Stream]

Sometimes, you look at a record’s guest lineup and you just know the beat is going to be full of bullet holes by the time the curtain falls. A-Villa‘s latest single is one of those jams, and I’m happy to say... Read More


Freddie Gibbs x Madlib ft. Action Bronson, Joey BadA$$ & Ransom - Knicks (Remix) [Stream]

Did Piñata, the first collaborative full-length from Gary, Indiana mic-wrecker Freddie Gibbs and veteran beatsmith Madlib, leave you hungry for more? Well, I’ve got good news: the emcee and producer are preparing to... Read More


Party Supplies ft. Action Bronson & Black Atlass - The Light in the Addict [Stream]

A Queens beatsmith whose instrumentals have been heard on Action Bronson‘s Blue Chips tape and other high-profile projects, Party Supplies makes his Booth debut as a solo artist with The Light in the Addict. Bronson... Read More


The Alchemist ft. Action Bronson & RiFF RAFF - Rookies of the Future [Stream]

If you’ve checked out any of The Alchemist‘s interviews—including his 2009 tête-à-tête with our own DJ Z—you already know the veteran beatsmith and occasional emcee has got one of the most eccentric (and... Read More


Action Bronson - Easy Rider [Stream]

Update: We have added the Tom Gould-directed visuals for Action Bronson’s Easy Rider single. After two independent full-lengths and a handful of acclaimed mixtapes, hip-hop gourmand Action Bronson is finally ready to... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Action Bronson - Long Time [Stream]

After listening to Booth-approved singles The Imperial and God Knows, are you still on the fence about whether to cop Statik Selektah‘s next solo LP? If so, uh, that’s pretty f**king odd. Are you sure you’re... Read More


Fluent ft. Action Bronson - Medallion [Stream]

What fun is a Supreme Victory if you don’t get a little something to remember it by? Fluent certainly isn’t gonna be walking away from his latest album without a souvenir. On the final pre-release single off the... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Action Bronson, Royce Da 5’9” & Black Thought - The Imperial [Stream]

Remember when Statik took part in our Behind The Boards series? One thing that always stood out to me was when he said this about features, “I don’t pay anybody; it’s always trade-offs. It’s out of mutual respect,... Read More


BAU Music ft. Action Bronson, A$ton Matthews & J.Rocc - With My Soul [Stream]

Given that The Alchemist and Budgie‘s forthcoming collaborative set is titled The Good Book and packaged as an ersatz Bible, it’s only right that the music inside comes from a deep, spiritual place. It just so... Read More


A$ton Matthews ft. Action Bronson & Flatbush ZOMBIES - TLC [Stream]

Previously heard lending his flow to A$AP Rocky‘s R. Cali, West Coast up-and-comer A$ton Martin makes his first foray in the solo Booth spotlight with new single TLC. Don’t let this cut’s title fool you—it... Read More


Curren$y ft. Action Bronson - Godfather 4 [Stream]

Though the first and second chapters in Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather trilogy are widely regarded as some of the greatest films of all time, part three brought the series to a disappointing conclusion. Today,... Read More


Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) ft. Action Bronson - Mums in the Garage [Stream]

Next week, veteran West Coast beatsmith The Alchemist and Dilated Peoples rhymesayer Evidence, together known as Step Brothers, are slated to release their collaborative debut album. If, for some reason, you haven’t... Read More


Styles P ft. Action Bronson & Ea$y Money - All I Got [Stream]

Last heard lending his flow to It’s Ransom, a joint single from Statik Selektah and Ransom, NYC street mainstay Styles P. returns to our front page with a freshly-minted single off his next solo set. Here, the D-Block... Read More


Action Bronson - Blue Chips 2 [Album]

Flushing, Queens phenom Action Bronson has released his fifth mixtape, Blue Chips 2. The sequel to a Booth-hosted street album from early 2012, the project is Bronson's first mixtape since last November's Rare Chandeliers.... Read More


Diplo ft. Action Bronson, RiFF RAFF, Mr MFN eXquire & Nicky Da B - Rock Steady [Stream]

Today, Diplo unleashed his latest solo project, the audaciously-titled Revolution EP. Unsurprisingly given the Mad Decent kingpin’s eclectic oeuvre, the set explores a dizzying array of genres, from trap to New Orleans... Read More


Termanology ft. Action Bronson & Jared Evan - Take My Turn [Stream]

After countless hours of hustle and preparation, it’s finally Termanology‘s time to shine—and the Boston rhymesayer ain’t about to let the moment pass him by. Fresh off the release of his sixth independent... Read More


Flatbush ZOMBiES ft. Action Bronson - Club Soda [Stream]

Fresh off Tuesday’s release of their highly-anticipated sophomore street album, the Flatbush Zombies step into the Booth with a standout track off the set. Despite being named after the blandest member of the soft-drink... Read More


Fool’s Gold Day Off Concert Recap ft. Action Bronson, Just Blaze & More (DJBoothTV Exclusive) [Feature ]

Fool's Gold has established itself as one of the world's leading indie hip-hop and dance music labels, so it's only right that their annual Fool's Gold Day Off concert held in Brooklyn last night was packed with fans (and... Read More


Action Bronson x DJ Semi - Drug Sh*t [Stream]

Last seen playing second fiddle to Fat Joe on late-August mixtape cut Your Honor, Action Bronson steps back into the spotlight with a non-album cut of his own. Contrary to what its title suggests, Drug Sh*t isn’t about... Read More


Fat Joe ft. Action Bronson - Your Honor [Stream]

This past June, Fat Joe was handed a four month prison sentence for failure to file federal income taxes for two years. Despite being scheduled to begin serving his bid on Monday, however, Joey Crack is firmly focused on the... Read More


Action Bronson ft. Big Body Bes - Watersports [Stream]

One look at Action Bronson might bring you to the conclusion that he isn’t too fleet-of-foot, but you’d be surprised to find out that he is pretty athletic. Heck, the man can even do a cartwheel! Proving his... Read More


Willie The Kid ft. Action Bronson & Roc Marciano - Medusa [Stream]

When last we heard from Willie The Kid, it was August of 2012 and the Michigan representative had returned after nearly a year’s absence with mixtape inclusion Marina. The reader response to that joint was so positive... Read More


Action Bronson - Heel Toe [Stream]

If there’s one thing that’s clear from Action Bronson‘s bars, it’s that the Flushing, Queens representative is one hungry dude—and it stands to reason that his fans would share his hearty appetite.... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, & Mike Posner - The Spark [Stream]

With his latest solo set less than 24 hours from release, heavyweight DJ/producer Statik Selektah has liberated one last standout cut to tide y’all over. In contrast to the gritty bombast of last week’s Camouflage... Read More


Action Bronson x Harry Fraud - Saab Stories [Album]

Flushing, Queens emcee Action Bronson and rising Brooklyn beatmaker Harry Fraud have unleashed their debut joint street release, the Saab Stories EP. Following Bronson's 2012 street releases, Rare Chandeliers and Blue... Read More


Action Bronson ft. Wiz Khalifa - The Rockers [Stream]

Active during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, The Rockers introduced pro wrestling fans to Shawn “The Heartbreak Kid” Michaels and the dropkick-happy Marty Janetty. On a standout cut off his next street release,... Read More


Action Bronson ft. LL Cool J & Lloyd Banks - Strictly 4 My Jeeps (Queens Day Remix) [Stream]

For natives of NYC’s easternmost borough, today must feel like Christmas in June. Fresh off trading bars with legendary neighbor Kool G. Rap on DJ Tony Touch‘s It’s a Queens Thing, Flushing phenom Action... Read More


Tony Touch ft. Action Bronson & Kool G Rap - It’s a Queens Thing [Stream & Download]

NYC pride has been a running theme in today’s slate of features; Big Apple spitters junclassic and Azon Blaze both stepped into the Booth with joints dedicated to their hometown, and UK rhymesayer K.I.N.E.T.I.K. paid... Read More