New Add-2 Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Add-2 - Rewind ft. Rapsody [Stream]

In case you forgot that Jamla was, in fact, the squad, Add-2 and Rapsody are here to remind you on Rewind. Supported by Khrysis’ stellar production (featuring some great drums) the two Jamla emcees bring their “A... Read More


Ricky Dubs ft. Add-2 x Nitty Scott, MC - Partners in Rhyme [Stream]

Later this year, buzzmaking beatsmith and frequent Esohel collaborator Ricky Dubs will be stepping into the spotlight with a brand new solo EP. In addition to dope instrumentals, the set promises to feature some top-tier... Read More


Pete Sayke ft. Mike Schpitz, Add-2 & Slot-A - Been Dope [Stream]

If you’ve been slacking on your DJBooth readership lately, you might hit play on this brand new single and think, “Wow, these Midwest cats are talented!” Regular visitors to our pages, of course, know that Pete... Read More


Jamla Records ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & Add-2 - 15 Minutes Of Fame [Stream]

Forget 15 Minutes Of Fame; I need 15 minutes of BJ The Chicago Kid and Add-2 pouring out their hearts atop a signature 9th Wonder beat. You might think this record is about the perils of fame, but it is actually about... Read More


Add-2 & Khrysis - Between Heaven & Hell [Album]

Windy City emcee Add-2 is no stranger to The DJBooth, having been featured on our pages almost 40 times in the past four years. This week, however, he marks his signing to 9th Wonder's Jamla Records with the release of his... Read More


Stik Figa ft. Add-2 - Untitled +1 [Stream]

Even the most talented artists run into roadblocks every now and again; just ask Kansan spitter Stik Figa, who’s recently been hard at work on a project he admits hasn’t been shaping up the way he’d planned.... Read More


Add-2 - New Black Order [Stream]

Last we heard from Add-2, he was challenging a hip-hop heavyweight’s audacious Tweets (“The 2nd verse of New Slaves is the best rap verse… OF ALL TIME IN THE HISTORY OF RAP MUSIC, PERIOD.”) on aptly-titled... Read More


MdotforMayor ft. Mibbs & Add-2 - The Pie [Stream]

My mother always told me never to have dessert before dinner, but obviously she needs to take a page from MdotforMayor’s book. Though the main course, his Models Suck album, isn’t due out until October, the artist has... Read More


Add-2 - Sorry Kanye but This Verse Is Better [Stream & Download]

Last month, Kanye West announced via Twitter, “The 2nd verse of New Slaves is the best rap verse of all time….meaning … OF ALL TIME IN THE HISTORY OF RAP MUSIC, PERIOD.” Ridiculous? Of course—but, since it was... Read More


Ben Official ft. Add-2 - I Wish Too (PSA) [Stream]

Saturday’s announcement that George Zimmerman had been acquitted of all charges relating to the murder of Trayvon Martin ignited a fresh wave of emotion among those whose lives have been touched by gun violence.... Read More


Add-2 ft. Wes Restless - Couples Therapy [Stream]

The title of his latest video single is Couples Therapy, but Add-2 and his guest, Wes Restless, couldn’t be more in synch. Wes’ soulful vocals (which are so good they sound like a throwback sample) are the perfect... Read More


Naledge ft. Add-2 & Fooch - Forever’s Too Long [Stream & Download]

In a famous Greek myth, King Sisyphus of Ephyra was condemned by the gods to roll a massive boulder to the top of a hill, watch it roll to the bottom and then start all over again… for all eternity. While... Read More


Add-2 - Underdog [Stream & Download]

On Rings & Crowns, featured earlier this month, Add-2 expressed confidence that he was destined to join the ranks of hip-hop royalty. For now, though, the Windy City emcee remains a hungry Underdog. And I do mean hungry.... Read More


Add-2 - Rings & Crowns [Stream & Download]

Now that the latest season of popular TV show Game Of Thrones is in full effect, Sundays are all about the crown. Thanks to Add-2’s latest, regal effort, Sundays are now about Rings & Crowns. Over a soulful, vibrant... Read More


Add-2 - The Almighty Add-2 [Stream & Download]

Yesterday was the first Sunday after the NFL season’s official end. For some that may be a depressing realization, but for me it’s a sign that spring is just around the corner. That means the NBA on Sundays, the return of... Read More


SLOT-A ft. Add-2 - Set It Off [Stream & Download]

Previously heard collaborating on reader-approved loosie School Daze, Windy City neighbors SLOT-A and Add-2 have joined forces to Set It Off once again on the former’s latest feature—the first half of a “two-part... Read More


Add-2 - The Eulogy [Stream & Download]

Add-2 may be killing y’all sucker emcees, but look on the bright side: at least you’ll get a dope Eulogy before being lowered into your final resting place. Ostensibly dedicated to wack rappers, the Chi-town... Read More


Esohel ft. Add-2 - Silence Is Golden [Stream]

In 4’33”, the most famous conceptual work by American experimental composer John Cage, the performer is instructed to hold his or her instrument for the duration of the piece without playing a single note—the point... Read More


Add-2 - Ain’t Sh*t Change [Stream & Download]

Even the most driven up-and-comers occasionally suffer from a little malaise. Just ask Add-2, whose latest single finds him expressing his frustration with the daily grind and the music game as a whole. Rightz produces,... Read More


Add-2 ft. Deejay Juice - Going, Going, Gone [Stream & Download]

Add-2 may be a new name to some ears, but it’s a name you need to familiarize yourself with. Already co-signed by veteran emcee Common, Add-2 has hooked up with another legendary artist to drop the single for his... Read More


The Jake ft. Add-2 - Take a Ride [Stream]

Previously featured as one-half of beat crew The Accomplices, The Jake makes his entrance into the solo Booth spotlight with Take a Ride, the latest single off his forthcoming EP. Here, the buzzmaking beatsmith’s... Read More


Add-2 - Cotton Fields [Video]

Chicago emcee Add-2 released a deeply affecting and powerful video in the form of Cotton Fields, a reminder of how very much alive racism is in America. For more thought provoking hip-hop from Add-2 be sure to cop his... Read More


Add-2 - Modern Day Coons [Stream & Download]

For as far as African-Americans have come, our TV screens, cinemas and radio airwaves are still haunted by stereotyped images of black people and black culture. On the latest release off his forthcoming full-length, Windy... Read More


Add-2 - Prelude to a Murder [Stream & Download]

Can’t wait for the dopeness that will be Add-2‘s next full-length? You’re in luck—the Windy City representative’s stepped into the Booth with a little something to tide fans over as he finalizes... Read More


Add-2 - Iron Mic [Video]

Brand new video from Chicago’s Add-2 for the single Iron Mic directed by Mike Paulucci. Iron Mic was produced by Sundown of 9th Wonder’s group Actual Proof and is featured on Add-2’s recent mixtape, One... Read More


Add-2 - 94 Style [Stream & Download]

Heads seem to agree that there was a Golden Age of hip-hop, but no one can agree on precisely when it occurred. Add-2, for one, can pinpoint his sweet spot right down to the year—but why tell, when he can show? On... Read More


Dominique Larue ft. Add-2 - Murderer [Stream & Download]

As of late, the state of Ohio hasn’t had much to get excited about. LeBron took his talents to South Beach, Ohio State’s football image has been clouded by controversy and even Carson Palmer would rather retire... Read More


Add-2 - Gotdamn [Stream & Download]

From reader-acclaimed album inclusion Iron Mic to K. Sparks collaboration Chi-City 2 Queens, Add-2 has been turning in the kind of performances to which the only appropriate response is a starstruck, “Gotdamn!” Well aware... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Add-2 - Chi City 2 Queens [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from K. Sparks’, the underground mainstay and All-Star (“Booth favorite” hardly cuts it) was exhaling Purple Clouds as he contemplated the heavy topics of crime and social inequality. While... Read More


Add-2 - Iron Mic [Stream & Download]

If you start a song with a clip of Mike Tyson ranting about eating an opponent’s children, you BETTER come correct. Freestyle Series Alum and Chicago native, Add-2, attacks his new track Iron Mic with a juggle of rhymes and... Read More

compound-0504114 & I Am… Productions Present: The Compound, Live at Public Assembly [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- and I Am... Productions have joined forces to present The Compound, a live showcase featuring some of the game's hottest up-and-coming talents. Going down the evening of Thursday, May 26, at... Read More


The Primeridian ft. Add-2 & YNOT - Go ILL [Stream & Download]

With the release of their Booth-sponsored street album just one short day away, The Primeridian have elected to build anticipation for the Booth-sponsored project with one more mixtape leak. On Go Ill, crewmates Race and... Read More


Add-2 - Chicago Blues [Stream & Download]

Once upon a time, in a city not too far from yours, tales told by great artists and musicians flourished and spread throughout the land. Musical mammoths like Louis Armstrong, Gil Scott-Heron, Common, Kanye and Lupe Fiasco... Read More


The Electric ft. Add 2, Yarah Bravo, Qwazaar & Wes Restless - Didn’t Cha Know [Stream]

After two acclaimed features, readers may think they’ve learned all there is to know about The Electric but, in reality, there’s more to the globetrotting trio than meets the eye. No, DJ Vadim, Pugs Atomz and... Read More


Add-2 - Luxury (Slot-A Remix) [Stream]

The city of Chicago has a huge hip-hop scene, but to date only a few artists (Kanye, Common, Lupe, etc.) have truly catapulted to mainstream success. Well up-and-coming rapper Add-2 hopes to “add” his name to that list... Read More


Mike Schpitz ft. Add-2 & Adullesence - The Get Up (Remix) [Stream]

Rounding out today’s Mike-heavy feature lineup (see also Mike Dreams’ Gettin’ Ours and Mike Beatz’ 50/50) is Booth newcomer Mike Schpitz, a Topeka-born, Chicago-based emcee who recently took fans on a... Read More


Add-2 - Glowstick Boogie [Stream & Download]

The 83rd entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Add-2, the Chi-town up-and-comer who recently earned Booth acclaim for mixtape track Superman.  On his brand new, previously-unreleased Glowstick... Read More

Add-2 Spits “Glowstick Boogie” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Add-2, the Chi-town up-and-comer who recently earned Booth acclaim for mixtape track "Superman," has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #83 in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


Chicago’s Add-2 Tells “Tale Of Two’s City v.3: The Rise & Fall” on Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- Add-2, the indie rapper who made his solo Booth debut with the Slot-A-assisted "School Daze," is back to tell listeners the next chapter of his story on a brand new street album. Featuring reader-acclaimed... Read More


Add-2 - Superman [Stream]

There’s no more hip-hop-beloved comic-book hero than Superman, and understandably so—in addition to being absurdly overpowered (I mean, his only weakness is a substance not naturally occurring on Earth), he’s... Read More


Gerald Walker ft. Add-2 & Mr. Robotic - High [Stream]

If you haven’t guessed from the title, Gerald Walker‘s first feature centers around that most classic of hip-hop pastimes: rolling through the city streets with a couple friends and a few fine women, enjoying some... Read More


Add-2 ft. Slot-A - School Daze [Stream]

Chicago emcee Add-2 has been living the player’s lifestyle for quite a while now, but success with the ladies didn’t always come easily to him—in fact, picking up women is a skill that he’s cultivated over... Read More


Erik Flowchild ft. Add-2 - Walk in the Park [Stream]

Out-and-out hate is for amateurs—if you really want to get under someone’s skin, try saying something that can’t be countered with a simple, “Nuh-uh.”  Like, “You’ve got to work on your... Read More