New Adian Coker Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Adian Coker - Time Out Of Mind EP [Album]

The UK hip-hop scene has (rightly) gained a great amount of traction overseas in 2015, and South London rapper/producer Adian Coker might very well become the next breakthrough artist from that region with the release of his... Read More


Adian Coker - Lights Fantastic [Album]

UK emcee/songwriter/producer Adian Coker has released his new mixtape, Lights Fantastic, presented by our friends at Karmaloop and the artist's own indie label Bloom in June. The 9-track project, which was recorded over the... Read More


Adian Coker - Airs & Graces [Stream]

Best not be putting on any Airs & Graces when Adian Coker‘s in the area, lest he cut through your pretenses and expose you for the lame you are. On his latest video single, the London rhymesayer departs from the... Read More


Adian Coker - Angels & Demons [Stream & Download]

In Angels & Demons, the 2000 precursor to Dan Brown’s blockbuster novel The Da Vinci Code (and its cinematic adaptation starring Tom Hanks), symbologist Robert Langdon uncovers an Illuminati plot involving... Read More