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How Alexander Spit’s New Album ‘Alive at Virgil Normal’ Healed His Artistry [Feature ]

Puffs of smoke pour from Alexander Spit’s mouth as he studies his studio computer, smooth, soulful rap playing in the background. The scene quickly cuts to a shot through a screen door, where we see Spit shaking up with... Read More


Alexander Spit - Five [Stream]

Alexander Spit does it all; raps, produces, mixes, shoots and edits his own videos. The San Francisco multi-thread is a prime example of the D.I.Y spirit and the independent hustler. Spit even finds time to chat with fans and... Read More


Aaron Cohen ft. Alexander Spit - You Wouldn’t Know [Stream]

If you have to ask what realness feels like, You Wouldn’t—no, couldn’t Know. But perhaps you can glean a few insights on the subject by listening to the latest single from Aaron Cohen. The title track off a... Read More


Alexander Spit - Bitter Suite Symphony [Stream]

Whether it’s fond memories from family trips or simply the fact that I don’t have to clean up after myself, I’ve always found hotel stays fun and relaxing. Alexander Spit is a different story; according to... Read More


Alexander Spit ft. Chuck Inglish - 94 Logo Blur [Stream]

If you’re still not sold on Alexander Spit‘s latest LP after listening to previously-featured singles Eleanor 60, Down and The Room, then you are one tough customer. But the Bay Area buzzmaker hasn’t given... Read More


Alexander Spit - The Room [Stream]

As someone who enjoys an egregiously sh*tty movie from time to time, I found it difficult not to think of the infamous Tommy Wiseau flick of the same title while listening to Alexander Spit‘s latest feature, The Room.... Read More


Alexander Spit - Down [Stream]

Because of its position on the Cali coast and some meteorological sh*t I frankly don’t understand, San Francisco is often battered by powerful winds. It’s enough to make you worry about the City by the Bay being... Read More


Alexander Spit - Eleanor 60 [Stream]

Dubbed “Eleanor” by director H.B. Halicki, the Ford Mustang at the center of Gone in 60 Seconds (the ‘74 original, not the 2000 remake with Nicolas Cage) is the only vehicle in history to receive star billing in a... Read More


Alexander Spit - A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside [Album]

Decon is proud to present Los Angeles-based rapper/producer Alexander Spit's debut commercial full length, A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside. The album is an exercise in psychedelia from a consummate Californian,... Read More


Alexander Spit - The Othersiders [Stream]

With a name like Alexander Spit, it’s hard to know what to expect. If you missed his December feature, A Breathtaking Trip, and the moniker intrigues you, now’s your chance to become better acquainted with the Bay... Read More


Alexander Spit ft. BAGO - A Breathtaking Trip [Stream]

After the leisurely drive along the coast that was Alexander Spit‘s last single, lovers of chill, headphone-ready beats and rhymes may look at the title of the follow-up and expect a similarly laid-back excursion. But... Read More


Alexander Spit - Coastal / Hyperion [Stream & Download]

Last we heard form Alexander Spit, the Bay Area rhymesayer was in his Getaway Car, fleeing a crime scene with his girl Friday by his side. The follow-up single also finds him behind the wheel, this time for a more leisurely... Read More


Alexander Spit ft. The Alchemist - Getaway Car [Stream & Download]

Being able to steal your girl has always been something rappers have boasted about. Normally the setting is the club or a concert, but not for Alexander Spit, who has other ideas in mind for your lady. Don’t worry, The San... Read More


Alexander Spit - Facemelter [Stream & Download]

While the title “Facemelter” conjures up images of long-haired rockers shredding on the electric guitar, Alexander Spit‘s newly-leaked mixtape standout contains no monster riffs or over-the-top solos.... Read More


Alexander Spit - The Kids Are Bored [Stream & Download]

Looking for a thrill? Look no further—Alexander Spit has stepped into the Booth to introduce himself with a mixtape leak that’ll keep even the most jaded heads entertained. On The Kids Are Bored, the West Coast... Read More