New Allan Rayman Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Report Card: WESTSIDEDOOM is Filthy Mayhem, Lil Durk Opens Up [Feature ]

There is simply too much music and not enough hours. Attempting to cover every notable and great album is difficult enough, but reviewing every notable and great song is simply impossible. Instead of a futile attempt at... Read More


Allan Rayman - The Bird & The Cage [Stream]

Allan Rayman gets a lot of love here in the Booth, and for good reason, as the enigmatic Top Prospect and Toronto artist makes deeply passionate music while retaining an aura of mystery about him. His latest release, The Bird... Read More


Allan Rayman - M.Roadhouse [Stream]

Still very fresh off of his recent project, Hotel Allan, which has garnered some pretty impeccable ratings in the Booth since its release, Allan Rayman is already back to bless fans with new music. His latest loosie formally... Read More


Allan Rayman - Hotel Allan [Album]

Allan Rayman may be a Booth favorite (and DJBooth Top Prospect), but little is known about him. Continuing with his enigmatic habits, the Toronto crooner has released his new project, Hotel Allan, seemingly out of the blue.... Read More


Allan Rayman - Beverly (M Mac Remix) [Stream]

SmashMouth Entertainment‘s own M Mac is gearing up to release his The Remix EP, and for the project’s first single the Canadian producer brings us his rendition of Allan Rayman‘s Beverly, featured last... Read More


Allan Rayman - 27 [Stream]

Feeling years of age pile up underneath him, who could blame Allan Rayman for being a bit afraid of 27? After stops in Graceland and Tennessee, the Toronto native and DJBooth Top Prospect is busy traveling down country roads... Read More


Allan Rayman - Tennessee [Stream & Download]

At the bottom of the month, we in the Booth will be unveiling Volume 3 of Top Prospects, an EP series featuring exclusive material from a hand-picked four-pack of emerging artists. We know, we know, making you wait would just... Read More


Allan Rayman, The Unknown #TopProspects [Feature ]

We don't live in the age of too much information. We passed by "too much" about ten years ago. We live in an age of an almost unbearable amount information, a tidal wave of multimedia that has drowned us, and we're... Read More


Allan Rayman - Graceland [Stream]

UPDATE: The Steph Verschuren-directed video for Graceland has been added. To tide fans over as they waited for the second official release off his next LP, Allan Rayman recently dropped off Barry Moves, a cut that, though... Read More


DJBooth Announces Our New Top Prospects… [Feature ]

Out of everything DJBooth did in 2014, I might be the most proud of launching this Top Prospects series. In our first crew alone we had Mick Jenkins, before he even dropped The Water[s], and Janine & The... Read More


Allan Rayman - Interlude (Barry Moves) [Stream]

A month and change after liberating Beverly, single numero uno off his next sudio album, Allan Rayman is back to give us our second taste of the set. Not the second single, mind you—just a little something to tide you over... Read More


Allan Rayman - Beverly [Stream]

All too often, love and art tend to pull an individual in opposite, mutually-exclusive directions. For Allan Rayman, at least, the choice doesn’t seem to have been a difficult one. On his latest single, Beverly, the... Read More


Flex The Antihero ft. Allan Rayman - The Wicked [Stream]

If, as the cliché goes, there’s no rest for The Wicked, Flex The Antihero has a lot of long nights ahead of him. But he ain’t sweating it; on single number three off his forthcoming solo set, he simply shrugs his... Read More


Allan Rayman - Indrid Cold EP [Album]

Toronto-based rap buzzmaker Allan Rayman has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Indrid Cold EP. The follow-up to 2013 debut album H.O.H.W., the project packs a total of five... Read More


Allan Rayman - LA/NY/CHI (Monopoly) [Stream & Download]

Allan Rayman may hail from North of the Border, but it’s only a matter of time before he has America’s three biggest hip-hop cities on lock. On EP standout LA/NY/CHI (Monopoly), making its world premiere on our... Read More


Allan Rayman - Angels [Stream]

Fresh off earning acclaim for late-October promo cut #14, reader fave Allan Rayman returns to our pages with Angels, a freshly-selected single off his last street album. Here, Ken and Moose‘s ominous synth-sample... Read More


Allan Rayman - #14 [Stream]

Three months and change after the release of Allan Rayman‘s DJBooth-hosted debut project, H.O.H.W., our readers are undoubtedly getting hungry for some fresh tunes from the T-Dot emcee and singer. Today, he returns to... Read More


Substance x Allan Rayman - Heat [Stream]

You may want to don some oven mitts before you hit play; I’m sensing some serious HEAT emanating from this record. Now that you’re properly attired, you’re ready to enjoy this freshly-minted promotional... Read More


Allan Rayman - Phoenix [Stream]

OK, last chance; if Allan Rayman‘s latest feature doesn’t convince you to download his Booth-hosted album, H.O.H.W, we’re gonna step through your computer screen and slap you right in the face. While it might... Read More


Allan Rayman - H.O.H.W. [Album]

Toronto buzzmaker Allan Rayman has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his debut street album, H.O.H.W.. The project packs nine original tracks from the up-and-coming singer and emcee, including "The Ex," "New... Read More


Allan Rayman - H.O.H.W [Stream]

Seriously, they must be putting something in the water in Canada, because our neighbors to the North seem to spit out unique, talented artists like a factory—from the ever-popular The Weeknd to rap game powerhouse Drake.... Read More


Allan Rayman - New $h!t [Stream]

UPDATE: “New $hit” is no longer available to stream. Some song titles have long backstories or secret meanings. Allan Rayman, however, prefers to give his cuts straightforward names and let his music do the... Read More


Allan Rayman - The Ex [Stream & Download]

On Allan Rayman‘s last single and DJBooth debut, featured in late March, the Toronto singer and emcee expressed his devotion to his girl, pledging, “I’d go to hell and back for you.” Unfortunately, his lofty... Read More