New Andy Allo Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Andy Allo - Tongue Tied [Stream]

It’s been a year since Andy Allo dropped by with her last headlining feature, Hooked (Honestnotes Remix), but the indie singer/songwriter has been making some big moves in the meantime, including appearing on three... Read More


Andy Allo - Hooked (Honestnotes Remix) [Stream]

The school year may have begun, but Andy Allo‘s UnFresh summer isn’t quite over. The latest entry in the Sacramento R&B singer’s seasonal remix series, following last month’s Fly Away (Gotta... Read More


Andy Allo - Fly Away (Gotta Remix) [Stream & Download]

While some names have a straightforward meaning, like calling a short guy “Tiny” or a tall person “Stretch,” others mean the opposite of their literal interpretation. Need an example? Case in point:... Read More


Andy Allo - Sometimes (Honestnotes REMIX) [Stream]

UPDATE: “Sometimes” is no longer available to stream. In early June, Andy Allo set the tone for a very UnFresh Summer with Down2Roll (HonestNotes Remix), the first of three monthly remixes of joints off the... Read More


Andy Allo - DOWN2ROLL (Honestnotes REMIX) [Stream]

Booth readers, get ready for a very UnFresh summer. For those not initiated into Andy Allo‘s musical philosophy, that means three months of dope, unconventional tunes. The Cameroon-born, L.A.-based singer recently held... Read More


Blu & Exile ft. Andy Allo - Ease Your Mind [Stream]

Worried that you were going to have to wait forever and a day for another collaborative feature from West Coast mainstays Blu and Exile? Well, the arrival of this freshly-minted video single should Ease Your Mind. Part of the... Read More


Andy Allo - Yellow Gold [Stream]

For every artist, individual career highlights differ, but frequented noted memories include winning a Grammy, having an album (or these days, a single) attain platinum certification, and in Andy Allo’s case, collaborate... Read More


Andy Allo ft. Blu - DreamLand [Stream]

What does it mean to be Unfresh? Well, in a recent interview, first-time Booth featuree Andy Allo explains that it’s all about “...being original, not conforming, and being yourself.” So it’s kinda like being... Read More