New Angel Haze Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Angel Haze - Back to The Woods [Album]

23-year-old emcee and Detroit native Angel Haze, who incredibly made her debut on our pages over four years ago, heads Back to The Woods with the release of her latest project and the follow-up to her 2013 studio debut Dirty... Read More


Kwamie Liv - Pleasure This Pain ft. Angel Haze [Stream]

Kwamie Liv and Angel Haze (both of whom are managed by Noizey Cricket) have come together for Pleasure This Pain, a new Baby Duka-produced single off the former’s forthcoming, currently-untitled project. As for the... Read More


Angel Haze - Babe Ruthless [Stream]

After reappearing two weeks ago with Impossible, Angel Haze is back yet again with Babe Ruthless, a TK Kayembe-produced single from her upcoming mix-album, Back to the Woods, due out September 14. The record was premiered at... Read More


Angel Haze - Impossible [Stream]

Angel Haze, who last appeared on our pages five months ago, has returned to the scene with Impossible, an aggressive new single produced by Tk Kayembe. The record will appear on a forthcoming, currently-untitled and... Read More


Angel Haze - CANDLXS [Stream]

It’s been two-thirds of a year since Angel Haze made her last headlining Booth appearance with the Luda-assisted 22 Jump Street. What’s she been up to in the intervening months? Falling in love, for one thing. On a... Read More


Bastille ft. Angel Haze, F*U*G*Z & Braque - Weapon [Stream]

A buzzmaking rock ensemble repping London, England, Bastille makes its grand entrance into the Booth with crossover-friendly single Weapon. On this eclectic banger, band members Dan Smith, Kyle Simmons, Will Farquarson and... Read More


Angel Haze ft. Ludacris - 22 Jump Street [Stream]

Next Friday, 22 Jump Street is slated to hit theaters everywhere. In addition to the comedic stylings of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, the flick will boast music from a star-studded list of hip-hop and dance heavyweights. As... Read More


Nacey ft. Angel Haze - I Own It [Stream]

If you call Angel Haze a player, a heartbreaker or a party girl, she won’t contradict you. As the Brooklyn emcee puts it on the debut feature from DC DJ/producer Nacey, “I Own It, I own it, I f**king condone it.” On... Read More


Ellie Goulding x Angel Haze - Life Round Here [Stream]

James Blake has been getting a lot of attention in the Booth lately, despite not having a solo feature to his name. January’s Retro-Wilheim saw Alex Isley cover not one but two songs by the British recording artist and... Read More


Paris Jones ft. Angel Haze - Okay [Stream]

Okay, don’t take this the wrong way (I don’t want to come off as a snob or a hipster), but I have had Booth newcomer Paris Jones on my radar for a while now. Which is why I am so excited and honored to finally be able to... Read More


Angel Haze - Echelon (It’s My Way) (SOHN Remix) [Stream]

Last week, rising rap star Angel Haze got the ball rolling on her Noizy Cricket!!/Universal Republic debut album with the release of lead single Echelon (It’s My Way). Though the record didn’t find its way onto... Read More


Angel Haze - Initiation [Stream]

Earlier this month, Angel Haze kicked off promotion for her Universal Republic debut album with No Bueno, a lead single which, contrary to its title, received relatively bueno reviews from our readership. Now, we receive a... Read More


Woodkid ft. Angel Haze - I Love You [Stream]

We could all name a few songwriters, producers and even actors who have gone on to become successful singers and rappers, but Yoann “Woodkid” Lemoine may be the first video director-turned-recording artist to... Read More


Angel Haze - No Bueno [Stream]

Angel Haze does not suffer fools gladly. However, she’s willing to give haters and swagger-jackers the courtesy of informing them that their behavior is No Bueno before giving them the lyrical (and perhaps literal)... Read More


Angel Haze x Rudimental - Hell Could Freeze [Stream]

Fresh off earning positive DJBooth feedback for Gimme That, a collaboration with UK electronic artist Lunice, reader fave Angel Haze returns with another joint effort recorded during her recent sojourn to London. This time... Read More


Angel Haze x Lunice - Gimme That [Stream]

This past October, when Angel Haze traveled abroad for her first show in London, she also took the opportunity to do a little recording at the city’s famous Metropolis Studio. While there, she made the acquaintance of... Read More


Angel Haze - Classick [Album]

Recent Universal Republic signee Angel Haze has just unleashed her latest free street release, an EP-length collection of covers and freestyles, upon the listening public. In addition to the emcee's previously-featured,... Read More


Angel Haze - Cleaning Out My Closet [Stream]

It took courage to do what Eminem did on 2002 single Cleanin’ Out My Closet and open up about such painful issues as his abandonment by his father, the bad blood between him and his mother, and his tumultuous... Read More


Christian’Dee ft. Angel Haze - Yo!MTVRaps II [Stream & Download]

If the cancellation of Yo!MTVRaps were a human being, he or she would be old enough to drive—as of this past August, the seminal program’s been off the air for 17 years. (Not that any self-respecting hip-hop fan would... Read More


Angel Haze - Drop It [Stream]

Now that you’ve had a little time to absorb rapstress Angel Haze‘s Booth-hosted Reservation album it’s now time to take a good listen to the projects stand out selection Drop It. Compared with the bass-heavy... Read More


Angel Haze - Reservation [Album]

Trendsetting female emcee Angel Haze looks to broaden her ever-growing bandwagon of fans with the release of her new album, Reservation, featuring singles "New York" and "Werkin' Girls." Guest features on Reservation, which... Read More


Angel Haze - Werkin’ Girls [Stream & Download]

It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for years for hip-hop to finally pay tribute to classic ‘80s movie Working Girl. God, Melanie Griffith is so hilarious in that. Wait, what’s that? Angel Haze’s new track has... Read More


Angel Haze - New York [Stream]

Can Angel Haze, a Detroit native, hope to conquer the Big Apple? Why not—if an ambitious Corsican kid by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte can grow up to rule France, I’d say she has a decent shot. (Can you tell... Read More


Christian’Dee ft. Angel Haze - H.H.I.D.S [Stream & Download]

Christian’Dee may be new to our pages, but his Booth debut should sound mighty familiar to veteran hip-hop heads. Freshly-released buzz record H.H.I.D.S. finds the Los Angeles rhymesayer doing double duty on the mic and... Read More


Angel Haze - Starry Eyed [Stream]

Roman would have to come with a loaded M-16 to kill Angel Haze on her latest stand out selection. With an ability to take on anybody with superior rhymes, today Angel Haze drops off Starry Eyed, a simply organic street piece... Read More


Angel Haze x Das Racist - Jungle Fever (Remix) [Stream]

Like most of their previous material, Das Racist’s new release Jungle Fever is a light, fun summer anthem about pretty girls and nice cars aimed at commercial radio. Actually, that’s not true at all, I just wanted to make... Read More