New Angelous Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


K. Sparks ft. Angelous - HTNC (Humble’s The New Cocky) [Stream & Download]

As you must already know, June is a huge month for new album releases. J. Cole, Kanye and Mac Miller are all set to drop their latest LPs on 6/18, and a week later Wale’s The Gifted hits literal and digital shelves. ... Read More


Angelous - It Ain’t A Game Part 5 [Album]

Big Apple rhymesayer Angelous has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the It Ain’t A Game Part 5. The project features 12 original tracks from the Ardnael Entertainment artist,... Read More


Angelous ft. Traxx Trigga - Break Bread [Stream & Download]

Having received considerable reader acclaim for Reminisce, the inaugural leak off his DJBooth-sponsored street album, Angelous returns to our pages with newly-released follow-up Break Bread. Here, Flawless’ serves up a... Read More


Angelous ft. Tina Quallo - Reminisce [Stream & Download]

Don’t let the title fool you; Reminisce, leak numero uno off Angelous’ DJBooth-sponsored mixtape, finds the emcee keeping his focus squarely on the present. Here, a classic Pete Rock instrumental bangs in the back... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Angelous - Conundrum [Stream & Download]

While K. Sparks’ last feature found the longtime Booth fave Wondering about a few things, uncertainty actually isn’t the theme of the Queens repper’s latest effort. On this newly-leaked cut off his... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Angelous - Gold Chain [Stream & Download]

Pairing gritty, (usually) sample-driven production with gymnastic flows and punchline-driven braggadocio, K. Sparks’ brand of underground fire is as classic as Gold Chains and tracksuits – which makes it all the more... Read More


K. Sparks ft. J.D. & Angelous - Three Card Monte [Stream]

Need a refresher course on what sets K. Sparks and his crew apart from the rest? Look no further – on Three Card Monte, the latest leak off his and frequent producer Pajozo‘s recently-released Soul Food mixtape, the... Read More


K. Sparks Goes Head-to-Head With Angelous on “Queens vs. Brooklyn” Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Reader favorites K. Sparks and Angelous have joined forces to rep their respective boroughs on a newly-released collaborative street album. Featuring original, previously-unreleased material as well as... Read More


Angelous - Hip Hop 101 [Stream & Download]

The 73rd entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Angelous, the Brooklyn up-and-comer who collaborated with K. Sparks on reader-acclaimed tracks like Pick Em Out, Rap Saviors, and Spittaz II.  On his... Read More

Angelous Spits “Hip Hop 101” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Angelous, the Brooklyn up-and-comer who collaborated with K. Sparks on reader-acclaimed tracks like "Pick 'Em Out," "Rap Saviors," and "Spittaz II," has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #73 in our... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Angelous - Pick Em Out [Stream]

Even K. Sparks has his haters, and it’s not hard to Pick Em Out—everybody is, of course, entitled to his or her opinion, but one or two-star ratings on a Manic Mondays record are as incongruous as bird droppings... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Marzburg, Angelous & Nova - Spittaz III [Stream]

K. Sparks may not have invented the online series, but he may well have pioneered the online series-within-a-series.  I’m referring, of course, to Spittaz, a record that received a sequel in December of ‘08... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Angelous - Take It There [Stream]

Though last week’s Tattoo, a frank discussion of race that found K. Sparks at his most serious, was hailed by Booth reviewers as one of his best cuts to date, few will be disappointed to hear that Manic Monday number 27... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Angelous - Rap Saviors [Stream]

In the course of his Manic Mondays series, South Jamaica, Queens emcee K. Sparks has proven himself as torchbearer for a new generation of tech-savvy, lyrically-gifted emcees.  On the 18th installment of the ongoing... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Marzburg, Angelous & Nova - Spittaz II [Stream]

Obviously inspired by the success of Manic Mondays, K. Sparks has decided to use installment 16 to start up a brand new series.  You may remember episode nine’s Spittaz; well, every four weeks another new... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Angelous - Rewind [Stream]

K. Sparks f*cks with  If you don’t believe us, just listen to the Jamaica, New York native’s newest Manic Monday feature.  Alongside fellow New York emcee Angelous, Sparks presses Rewind over a... Read More