New AnMor Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


AnMor - Phony [Stream]

It’s sad, but true: though rappers claim to value authenticity, many if not most of ‘em are about as real as a pair of Chinese knockoff Beats. AnMor is as disgusted at the situation as anyone. On this... Read More


AnMor - Lifestyle [Stream]

AnMor‘s last single, Est. Since 89, found the DMV buzzmaker offering a little insight into his history in the rap game. Now, on the follow-up, he gives us the lowdown on the Lifestyle he currently enjoys. ShadLaidBack... Read More


AnMor - Est. Since 89’ [Stream & Download]

Released way back in February of last year, AnMor‘s Booth debut, S.W.M.N. (Night & Day), earned him high praise from our readership, who applauded the artist’s dynamic delivery. Despite that warm reception, he... Read More


AnMor - S.W.M.N (Night & Day) [Stream & Download]

You might be curious as to what the title of Booth newcomer AnMor’s S.W.M.N (Night & Day) record means, but most doubts will be erased immediately upon pressing the “Listen” button above. On this smoker’s... Read More