New Apathy Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Apathy - New England Royalty [Stream]

Demigodz wordsmith and beatmaker Apathy is set to release three projects this year, and is starting with Weekend At The Cape this spring. Proudly putting on for his Connecticut roots, the member of the New England Royalty... Read More


Apathy - The 45 Killer [Stream]

Damn—has it really been more than two years since Apathy last headlined a Booth feature? As always, I’ll go ahead and answer my own question: yes, it has. Today, the Connecticut mainstay and Demigodz member finally... Read More


Chris Webby ft. Apathy - Tread Lightly [Stream]

If you ain’t Chris Webby‘s homie, you had best Tread Lightly around the Connecticut buzzmaker. On his latest single, he warns sucker emcees, “All I need is 16 bars, I swear I could end your life.” Demigodz... Read More


Slaine ft. Apathy & Bishop Lamont - Hip Hop Dummy [Stream]

No, Slaine isn’t launching a rap-themed ventriloquist act—which is a good thing, since that might be the wackest idea of all time. The title of new single “Hip Hop Dummy” actually refers to anyone who denies the... Read More


Freak Tha Monsta ft. Apathy & DJ Kwestion - I Am That [Stream]

Sometimes hip-hop heads need someone to spotlight the gritty, raw, authentic rap that seems to get lost among Drake freestyles and club hits. Today, I Am That guy. The latest feature from Freak Tha Monsta will soon have those... Read More


Born Unique ft. Apathy & Shabaam Sahdeeq - Easy Like Sunday [Stream & Download]

For most artists, making a great record with the perfect sound is hard and takes hours of work, dedication, and patience. Some try all their life career to master the art of hip-hop, but inevitably fall short of producing a... Read More


Doppelgangaz ft. Apathy - Whole Wide World (Remix) [Stream & Download]

In December of last year, The Doppelgangaz introduced themselves to our pages with At Night, a lyrically on-point single that left the Whole Wide World—or at least the slice of it that frequents the Booth—fiending for... Read More


Apathy ft. Motive & Celph Titled - Tell Me [Stream & Download]

I don’t know about y’all, but Sunday felt like Christmas to me. I mean, I got to watch football all day (this feeling continued into Monday night’s double header of games). I guess Christmas comes but twice a year... Read More


Coalmine Records ft. Apathy & Celph Titled - School for Scoundrels [Stream]

Antisocial behavior might seem like a trait that, were it not inborn, would be easy enough to pick up in the streets. Evidently, though, some special training is required. On the latest song release off Coalmine Records... Read More


Apathy ft. Bishop Lamont & Blue Raspberry - Be a Better Man [Stream]

With a name like “Apathy,” you’d think self-improvement would be the last thing on the Connecticut underground mainstay’s agenda. As he reveals on his latest single, however, he’s anything but... Read More


Apathy - A Wonderful X-Mas Time [Stream & Download]

As nice as it is to see boxes with your name on them under the tree, the fact remains that many of the best presents can’t be gift-wrapped. Case in point: Apathy‘s latest feature, which finds the Demigodz emcee... Read More


The Demigodz - Demigodz Is Back [Stream & Download]

Previously featured on the solo tip, Apathy and Celph-Titled rejoin forces with original crewmate Ryu to bring us their first feature as The Demigodz, aptly-titled album leak The Demigodz Are Back. Here, Apathy... Read More


Drewtradition ft. B-Real, Apathy, & Young De - If I Died Today [Stream & Download]

Who’s Drewtradition? As Ice Cube would say, he’s “...just a crazy motherf*cker from around the way.” For further insights, you’ll simply have to listen to the beatsmith’s latest single and... Read More


Apathy ft. Scoop Deville - Smoke Weed Everyday [Stream]

As fans of weed-rap already know, THC-loving rappers are always on the hunt for women who love to toke up as much as they do. Connecticut representative Apathy‘s been lucky enough to find just such a female, and on new... Read More


Apathy ft. Celph Titled - Stop What Ya Doin [Stream & Download]

Are you an old-school devotee with a penchant for gritty boom-bap beats, classic turntablism and aggressive punchline lyricism? Then Stop What Ya Doin’ this very instant and take a listen to Apathy‘s latest... Read More


Apathy - Word To The 23rd (Freestyle) [Stream & Download]

Give this dude a beat and watch him spill out a verse (or two) that will drop your jaw and leave you wishing August 23 was tomorrow. On his new Word to the 23rd (Freestyle) Connecticut’s own Apathy attacks the Mobb... Read More


Apathy - Check to Check [Video]

This video was filmed in February, in the dead of an east coast winter, to capture the sullen vibe of the song. Filmed with mostly family and friends (and a few strange extras who had no idea they were being filmed),... Read More


Apathy - Check to Check [Stream & Download]

For an emcee to say so much in the first verse, what the hell could he have left for the rest of the song? But this is Apathy we’re talking about, and he doesn’t let us down lyrically as he makes himself at home... Read More


Diabolic, Apathy, Paradime, Joe Scudda, Rob Kelly, Ryu, Mac Lethal - O’Doyle Rules [Stream & Download]

Roundabout 400 A.D., a freed slave-turned-Catholic bishop rose to fame by performing such feats as turning a walking stick into a live tree, talking to the dead, and banishing snakes from Ireland. Today, on the anniversary of... Read More


Celph Titled ft. Apathy & Chino XL - Styles Ain’t Raw [Stream]

Booth newcomer Celph Titled hardly wants us to believe that his style can be compared to anyone else’s, so to make sure we’re convinced that he’s in a league of his own, he comes at us with Styles Ain’t Raw, a... Read More


Apathy ft. B-Real & Celph Titled - Shoot First [Stream]

The title of Apathy‘s second solo LP may not scream “hardcore,” but don’t let that fool you into thinking the Demigodz vet’s gone soft—after hearing the skull-cracking rhymes he spits on this... Read More