New ArtOfficial Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


ArtOfficial - Knives EP [Album]

Though ArtOfficial hasn't released a solo project since 2011's Booth-acclaimed Vitamins & Minerals, the Florida live-band ensemble has stayed sharp by working with ¡MAYDAY! and Miami Beat Wave on this year's Neighbors tape.... Read More


ArtOfficial - Laser Show [Stream & Download]

While February saw ArtOfficial join forces with fellow Panhandle State crews Miami Beat Wave and ¡MAYDAY! to drop the Neighbors LP, it’s been a year and change since last they stepped into the Booth with a feature of... Read More


Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! & ArtOfficial - Neighbors [Album]

South Florida hip-hop groups Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! and ArtOfficial have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their first joint digital release, the Neighbors street album. This all-star collaborative... Read More


Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! & ArtOfficial - WATTUP! [Stream & Download]

In this day and age, it’s rare to have the kind of Neighbors who’ll drop by unannounced with a fruit basket or homemade cookies, just to make you feel welcome. Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! and ArtOfficial,... Read More


Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! & ArtOfficial ft. Katie DiCicco - Neighbors [Stream]

Are you a fan of South Florida independent hip-hop? Then you may get the urge to pinch yourself after learning that local crews Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! and ArtOfficial are planning to release a collaborative project, just... Read More


ArtOfficial - Two Things [Stream]

There are Two Things that always come up: the sun and the truth. Unlike vampires and sucker emcees, Floridian hip-hop crew ArtOfficial ain’t scared of either. On their contribution to the soundtrack of upcoming... Read More


ArtOfficial - Black Birds [Stream]

Last we heard from ArtOfficial, back in September of 2012, the Florida live-band ensemble had packed their bags for a date with destiny, unsure when they’d return. Five months later, their travels have finally brought... Read More


ArtOfficial ft. Amanda Seales - Bags Packed [Stream]

In most cases, bringing multiple pieces of luggage with you on a date might be viewed as presumptuous—a change of underwear, a toothbrush and other essentials tucked discreetly in your car will probably do you fine. When... Read More


Miami Beat Wave ft. ArtOfficial, Locos Por Juana, Omniscient & DaVincci - Succeed [Stream]

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Miami’s slowly but surely becoming one of America’s hip-hop epicenters. But behind the glitz or trap life that many associate with Miami lies a hip-hop scene as... Read More


ArtOfficial - Three Four [Stream & Download]

I won’t name names, but more than a decade ago (damnit, I’m getting old) I watched The Roots open for a big-name rapper, but when the aforementioned hit the stage he flopped like a European soccer player. The lesson? Once... Read More


ArtOfficial - Vitamins & Minerals [Album]

Miami crew ArtOfficial are back with their second full-length album, Vitamins & Minerals. A project that combines jazz, hip-hop, rock and everything in-between into a seamless whole, Vitamins & Minerals is food for... Read More


ArtOfficial Offer “Vitamins & Minerals” for Streaming/Download via The DJBooth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Miami crew ArtOfficial are offering their second full-length album, Vitamins & Minerals, for streaming and download in the Booth. Featuring 14 original records from the reader-acclaimed ensemble, plus guest... Read More


ArtOfficial - Rooftop (Jam Session) [Video]

ArtOfficial (feat. Ted Zimmerman on trumpet) playing another new song at Miami Beat Wave Studios. Rooftop will be featured on their upcoming album, Vitamins & Minerals, available for direct purchase via The DJBooth on... Read More


ArtOfficial - Migraine [Stream & Download]

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t naming a song Migraine kind of like naming a chicken restaurant Salmonella or an airline Crash? Good point, but consider this: first, live instrument Miami crew ArtOfficial have never... Read More


ArtOfficial - Too Nasty [Stream & Download]

Prefer your music buttoned-down and neatly categorizable by genre? Then beware: the latest feature from ArtOfficial may be Too Nasty for your ears. Us musically adventurous types, on the other hand, are sure to enjoy what the... Read More


ArtOfficial - Don’t Sweat the Technique [Stream]

Putting a new spin on a hip-hop classic while remaining true to the source material is a delicate task, and it doesn’t get more classic than Don’t Sweat the Technique, the title track and lead single off Eric B.... Read More


ArtOfficial ft. QuESt & Swamburger - Show Me Change [Stream]

We’ve heard Miami, Florida crew ArtOfficial flip tracks by rock and jazz icons into live-band hip-hop gold, but can they work a similar brand of magic on classic cuts from their own genre? Judging by the latest single... Read More


ArtOfficial - The Payback [Album]

Miami hip-hop ensemble ArtOfficial have linked up with, RefinedHype, Illroots and Kevin Nottingham to drop a free project entitled The Payback. The 12-track street album finds emcees Newsense and Logics... Read More


ArtOfficial - Voodoo [Stream]

Booth readers know ArtOfficial as prominent purveyors of live-band hip-hop, but did you know they’re also experienced practitioners of the dark art of Voodoo? Now that’s versatility. Previously heard in a... Read More


ArtOfficial Reveals Their “Grand Design” (Exclusive Video) [Feature ]

After tackling The Beatles (Happiness is a Warm Gun), Jay-Z (Show Me What You Got), Jimi Hendrix (Voodoo Child) and many more, for ArtOfficial's latest offering the Miami-based live hip-hop crew has turned to a more... Read More


ArtOfficial ft. K. Sparks - The Payback [Stream]

As anyone who’s been to a Roots show can attest, live instrument hip-hop is better. It just is. So why don’t we hear more groups like Miami-based jazz/rock hip-hop outfit ArtOfficial? Only the rap gods know, so for now... Read More


“Happiness is a Warm Gun” for ArtOfficial (Video) [Feature ]

In retrospect we should have seen this coming. After bringing their live hip-hop sound to classic cuts like Jimi Hendrix' Voodoo Child and Jay-Z's Show Me What You Got, ArtOfficial is now tackling the biggest rock group of... Read More


ArtOfficial Delivers the Big “Payback” (Video) [Feature ]

ArtOfficial can't stop, won't stop. After displaying their musical versatility by flipping Jimi Hendrix on Voodoo Child and Jay-Z on Show Me What You Got, today Miami-based live hip-hop crew ArtOfficial delivers the title... Read More


ArtOfficial Hits the Studio, Shows the World What They Got [Exclusive Video] [Feature ]

Jimi Hendrix and now Jay-Z, is there anyone Miami-based live hip-hop crew ArtOfficial can't go in over? In the latest episode of their behind-the-scenes videos chronicling the recording of their new album The Payback, slated... Read More


ArtOfficial - Doing Things Wrong [Premiere] [Stream]

Ever since rocking our front page with their debut single Big City Bright Lights, Miami-based crew ArtOfficial has been a DJBooth favorite for their live-instrument foundation and innovative style, so when offered the chance... Read More


ArtOfficial Rocks Out on “Voodoo Child” [Exclusive Video] [Feature ]

ArtOfficial, the Miami-based live hip-hop crew who brought us the Booth-approved Big City, Bright Lights, is hard at work in the studio recording their upcoming, sponsored project "The Payback", set to drop on... Read More


ArtOfficial Hits the Studio to Record DJBooth Sponsored “The Payback” [Video] [Feature ]

ArtOfficial, the Miami-based live hip-hop crew, who brought us the Booth-approved Big City, Bright Lights, is hard at work in the studio recording their upcoming, sponsored project "The Payback", set to drop on... Read More


ArtOfficial - Big City Bright Lights [Stream]

The most underappreciated form of hip-hop performance is rapping accompanied by live instrumentation.  The Roots excepted, not many artists are fond of using real instruments in the creation and performance of their... Read More