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A$AP Mob & BROCKHAMPTON Are Headed in Opposite Directions & the Difference is “Glue Guys” [Feature ]

One of my fondest memories of growing up was watching the Los Angeles Lakers lose basketball games in the mid-2000s. Upon trading away Shaquille O’Neal, the Lakers were the Icarus of the NBA; having flown too close to... Read More


A$AP Rocky Reveals Cozy Tapes Series Began Because His Label Spiked #WavyWednesdays [Feature ]

In support of their newly-released, extremely-bloated "mixtape," Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy, all of A$AP Mob recently stopped by Complex for a sit-down interview. From the conversation, we learned that A$AP... Read More


Review: A$AP Mob’s ‘Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy’ is One Slipper Less Cozy Than the Original [Feature ]

Last October, nearly two years following the tragic passing of Steven “A$AP Yams” Rodriguez, A$AP Mob united to pay their respects to their dearly departed leader in the form of Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends. A... Read More


A$AP Ferg Confirms ‘Cozy Tapes 2’: “We’re Not Playing” [Feature ]

In a new interview with Billboard, A$AP Ferg has revealed that, in addition to working on new solo material and on A$AP Rocky next full-length album, the Mob is busy crafting a follow-up to last October's Cozy Tapes Vol... Read More


10 Best Rap Album Intros of 2016, Ranked [Feature ]

Last month, Nathan and Yoh debated whether albums are still alive in 2016. Nathan had a point: albums like Blonde and Coloring Book (I’d throw A Seat at the Table and Atrocity Exhibition in there, too) proved that... Read More


A$AP Yams’ Mother’s Account of Her Son’s Death is Heartbreaking [Feature ]

In January 2015, A$AP Yams died of an accidental drug overdose. A$AP Mob had lost their spiritual guide and hip-hop had lost one of its most popular and influential personalities. However, as fans, it’s easy to overlook... Read More


A$AP Mob “Cozy Tapes Vol.1: Friends” Cheat Code Album Review [Feature ]

On January 28, 2015, Steven “A$AP Yams” Rodriguez died at the tender age of 26. His death was ruled as an accidental drug overdose, which may have been further complicated by an existing sleep apnea disorder.... Read More


Playboi Carti and the Future of A$AP Mob [Feature ]

Playboi Carti. The name can be grouped with Trinidad Jame$ and GoldLink as a moniker that’s more fitting of a Blaxploitation pimp than a rapper. I remember the first time I heard his name. During a party, a song... Read More


A$AP Yams “Gems” Book Coming, Proceeds to Help Battle Drug Addiction [Feature ]

In January of 2015, Steven Rodriguez, better known as A$AP Yams, died of a drug overdose, and hip-hop mourned. Not only was Yams an integral part of establishing and growing the A$AP Mob movement, he was a figure in his own... Read More


A$AP Mob - Hella Hoes [Stream]

Word problem time. Let’s say you had a hoe, but then another hoe showed up, and she brought her friends, and all of them were hoes. How many hoes would you have? According to A$AP Mob, Hella Hoes. That’s how many.... Read More


A$AP Mob ft. A$AP Twelvyy - Xscape [Stream]

“It’s the year of the A$AP.” To start collecting that payback from those who slept on the group (who would actually do that?!?), A$AP Mob member A$AP Twelvyy has released Xscape, a new single slated for... Read More


A$AP Mob ft. A$AP Nast & Method Man - Trillmatic [Stream]

Boom-bap revivalism was never the A$AP Mob‘s main focus, so you might be surprised to hit “play” on the collective’s latest single and find yourself transported back in time to 1994. On Trillmatic, A$AP Ty... Read More


Fool’s Gold Day Off Concert Recap ft. Action Bronson, Just Blaze & More (DJBoothTV Exclusive) [Feature ]

Fool's Gold has established itself as one of the world's leading indie hip-hop and dance music labels, so it's only right that their annual Fool's Gold Day Off concert held in Brooklyn last night was packed with fans (and... Read More


A$AP Mob ft. Flatbush ZOMBiES - Bath Salt [Stream & Download]

It makes perfect sense that Harlem-based crew A$AP Mob would recruit hip-hop trio Flatbush ZOMBiES for their latest song release Bath Salt, since the popular drug seems to turn its users into The Walking Dead extras. While... Read More