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Five Years Later, How ‘Pabst & Jazz’ Validated Asher Roth [Feature ]

They say first impressions matter, and as anyone who was even slightly cognizant in 2009 will remember, “I Love College” was Asher Roth’s introduction to the world. The lead single from his debut album... Read More


XXL’s Most Promising Class: Revisiting the 2009 Freshmen, Pt. 1 [Feature ]

Welcome to Part 1 of our look at the past and present of the storied '09 XXL Freshmen Class cover. Part 2 is available here. One by one, our names were called by a voice that has long been forgotten. He wasn’t... Read More


Asher Roth - The Hierophant [Stream]

Asher Roth has released The Hierophant, “secret rap song” via his website that is produced by Booth fave Black Milk. This is Roth’s third Booth feature in the last month, and the best of the bunch. Read More


Asher Roth - Oren’s Not Sure [Stream]

Asher Roth has released Oren’s Not Sure, the latest song from his Hash Wednesday series. The Oren Yoel-produced record will not appear on a larger body of work. Read More


Asher Roth - Sushi ft. Fat Tony [Stream]

Fun fact: When a girl asks Asher Roth what he does all day, he replies, “I be eating that Sushi all day.” You know, that is, when he isn’t writing and recording rap records. Joining the Philly native on his... Read More


Blended Babies - Shadows ft. Sir Michael Rocks, Asher Roth, Like & Jon B. [Stream]

Production duo Blended Babies are staying busy - they are currently working on a forthcoming project of their own in addition to a collaborative one with Asher Roth - and today they drop off their latest effort, rounding up a... Read More


EOM - Taking My Time ft. Asher Roth & Camila Recchio [Stream]

I’ll apologize if it took a bit long for this post, as I was only Taking My Time to enjoy it first. After nabbing an Editor’s Pick with Get Along last week, Virginia producer EOM (Elements Of Music) returns with... Read More


Asher Roth - Blow Yr Head [Stream]

As someone who was raised Catholic, I’m slightly ashamed to admit I didn’t realize yesterday was Ash Wednesday. Asher Roth, on the other hand, did remember, and—taking advantage of the synergy with his first name—he... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Major Myjah - Be Right [Stream]

Last seen Sayin’ Whatever on an October solo single by frequent behind-the-boards collaborators Blended Babies, Asher Roth bounces back with a brand new set of visuals for #RetroHash standout Be Right. To accompany the... Read More


Blended Babies ft. Asher Roth & Buddy - Sayin Whatever [Stream]

I enjoy insightful, on-topic lyrics as much as the next guy, but my favorite records are always the ones that feature talented emcees Saying Whatever crazy sh*t pops into their heads—the less sensical, the better. Blended... Read More


Boaz ft. Asher Roth - Rapness Monster (Remix) [Stream & Download]

On a loosie featured in June, Boaz introduced us to his bloodthirsty alter-ego, the Rapness Monster. Or rather, a rapness monster; on the official remix, we learn that there’s at least two of ‘em in existence.... Read More


ScienZe ft. Asher Roth - Jukebox [Stream]

There’s a huge difference between rapper and wordplay wizard. A wizard of wordplay is spellbinding, his pen is a wand, and it’s easy to fall under the enchantment that’s cast with every verse. Of course Jay... Read More


Asher Roth - Pull It [Stream]

When I see a rap record with the title “Pull It,” the first thing I think of is the trigger of a gun, but Asher Roth packing heat? I just can’t picture it. Sure enough, the Pennsylvania repper’s more... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Major Myjah - Last of the Flohicans [Stream]

As corny and lame as it may be I love awful, cringe-worthy puns and a good play on words, so it’s no wonder I’m a fan of the title of Asher Roth’s latest single, Last of the Flohicans. Of course it’s... Read More


Album Reviews In Bad Places: Asher Roth’s “RetroHash” On a Drive To The Airport [Feature ]

There are definitely more pros than cons when it comes to working from home. However, one con is that friends will hit you up to help them out with something at anytime. For some reason people hear I work from home and think... Read More


Asher Roth - Retrohash [Album]

As I talked about yesterday on RefinedHype, I have been pretty excited about Asher Roth's new project, RetroHash. I don't want to be redundantly repetitive so I'll give the abridged version. Basically, it's this, Asher blew... Read Full Review


Why I’m Excited For Asher Roth’s “RetroHash” Album (And You Should Be Too) [Feature ]

I spend way too much time thinking about rappers. In fact it's pretty much all I do. Case in point, this pat weekend, I made the two hour journey to my folks place. Normally I make a playlist for the journey so that I am... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Vic Mensa - Fast Life [Stream]

In the past several years, Asher Roth has risen above his college-loving origins to become a serious force on the underground scene, but his scatterbrained style has largely prevented him from being categorized as “socially... Read More


Asher Roth - Tangerine Girl [Stream]

It’s been a long road from Asher Roth‘s 2009 studio debut, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, to his sophomore LP, but there’s finally an end in sight; now titled Retro Hash, the set has been scheduled for release... Read More


Ro James ft. Asher Roth - Lisa [Stream]

Update: We have added the Aaronisnotcool-directed visuals for Ro James’ Lisa. On July single Devil’s Kiss, we found Ro James caught in the grips of a love so strong that it threatened to drag him into the abyss.... Read More


Asher Roth - Pot of Gold [Stream & Download]

Supposedly, at the end of every rainbow there is a Pot of Gold. Well, today there must be a double rainbow because Asher Roth‘s latest feature, Pot of Gold, is quite the treasure. Just hours after announcing his next... Read More


Blended Babies ft. Asher Roth & Chuck Inglish - See The World [Stream]

Rich Gains and JP Keller, the L.A.-based beatsmiths who make up rising production crew Blended Babies, recently took their hustle to the next level with the launch of Blended Babies Music Group. Since you can’t exactly... Read More


Asher Roth - Pop Radio x Pearly Gates [Stream]

As Asher Roth has grown from his college-loving origins and come into his own as a lyricist, he’s become less palatable to the Top 40 crowd, but a little mainstream cachet is a small price to pay to get into hip-hop... Read More


Chuck Inglish ft. Asher Roth - For The Love [Stream & Download]

If you’re a lover of dope production, which you clearly are if you happen to be browsing our pages, then Chuck Inglish has long been on your radar. In an arguably short period of time, Inglish has cooked up beats for... Read More


Brothers From Another ft. Asher Roth - Groov [Stream]

When you’ve been absent from our pages for more than a year, you’ve gotta make a suitably grand re-entrance in order to recapture readers’ attention. And what could be grander than the exclusive world... Read More


Asher Roth - Turnip The Beet [Stream]

For most emcees, finding a lane and building a fanbase inside that lane is imperative to longevity in the game. Asher Roth, however, has more lanes than a bowling alley. He broke out in 2009, with the frat anthem I Love... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Curren$y - Dude [Stream & Download]

As any Catholics in the house already know (and lapsed Catholics like me just remembered), yesterday was Ash Wednesday. And what would a religious day of mourning and repentance be without a new jam from Asher Roth? Before... Read More


Truck North ft. Black Thought & Asher Roth - Capital Crime [Stream & Download]

I’m not a believer in the death penalty, but I make an exception for the execution of dope beats by rappers as talented as Truck North and his posse. Following last week’s Rock ‘N’ Rolla, EP bonus... Read More


Asher Roth - Wrestling Is Fake [Stream]

Since dropping by the Booth with Outside back in May, Asher Roth has been participating in one of the most audacious undercover stings ever undertaken in the history of investigative journalism, infiltrating a shadowy... Read More


Telli ft. Asher Roth - High and Paid [Stream & Download]

A lot of people get high, and there are more than a couple folks who like to get paid, but High and Paid? That’s a select few. For his The DJBooth solo debut, Ninjasonik frontman Telli goes in over a beat from Roofeeo... Read More


Justin Bieber ft. 2 Chainz, Mac Miller & Asher Roth - Boyfriend (Remix) [Stream]

Don’t attempt to adjust your televisions computer monitors, what you’re seeing is not a hoax. Yes, teen ultra-hearththrob Justin Bieber had indeed recruited the likes of 2 Chainz, Mac Miller and Asher Roth for a... Read More


Asher Roth - Outside [Stream]

When you’re caught up in the daily grind, it’s easy to forget there’s a whole world out there to explore. Even here in Minneapolis, the sun’s shining, the birds are singing, and it’s the perfect... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Meek Mill - Party Girl [Stream]

I’m not quite sure how Rick James felt about hip-hoppers sampling his music, (yes, I know Eddie Murphy sang it, but see Rick…oh forget it) but I’m convinced that he would’ve approved of new gem Party Girl from... Read More


Asher Roth - Dope Sh*t [Video]

There’s really no other way to say it. Asher Roth has once again dropped some Dope Shit, this time in the form of some visuals for his Pabst & Jazz standout cut. Directed by Aristotle, the video includes many... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Action Bronson - Choices [Stream]

You know those hot dog eating contests that are nothing short of pure insanity? Or like sudden death in hockey when everyone on the ice is in an absolutely frenzy to get one past the goalie and skate away triumphant? Yeah,... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Hassani Kwess & Kenny Keys - Pabst & Jazz [Stream]

With his next digital release just around the corner, Asher Roth is back to get fans even more amped for the project with the freshly-leaked title track. On Pabst & Jazz, Blended Babies and keyboardist Kenny Keys craft a... Read More


Asher Roth - Common Knowledge [Stream]

By now, it’s Common Knowledge that Asher Roth has mic skills light-years beyond what his early “beer-swilling fratboy” persona might have led one to believe. Well, at least it is among clued-in heads like the... Read More


Pac Div ft. Asher Roth - Useless [Stream]

Solar-powered flashlights, dog sweaters, a course on lyricism taught by Waka Flocka, talking sh*t about Pac Div... what do all these things have in common? The answer, of course, is that they’re all completely f*cking... Read More


Asher Roth x Chuck Inglish - In the Kitchen [Video]

It’s Asher Roth and Chuck Inglish (of The Cool Kids). They’re in a kitchen rapping. It’s dope. What else do you really need to know? Oh yeah, maybe this; from the forthcoming Pabst & Jazz project,... Read More


Marky ft. Asher Roth - Can We Chill [Stream & Download]

They say you should only rap about what you know. In Pusha T’s case that means rapping about moving massive amounts of cocaine, in Kanye’s case that means rapping about himself and in Marky’s case having sex without any... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. Asher Roth & Bun B - Black Chukkas (Remix) [Stream & Download]

The skittering Black Chukkas might not have been the first track from Gilbere Forte’ we posted on DJBooth, that honor goes to My Time, but it was the first track that made me truly pay attention to the Philly emcee. In... Read More


Asher Roth - Ampersand [Stream]

Maybe I’m just in a Weezy state of mind (sounds dangerous) with Tha Carter IV on our doorstep, but Asher Roth’s current approach to music reminds me of a pre-Carter III Lil Wayne. With the public waiting for a highly... Read More


Asher Roth - In the Kitchen [Stream]

Last Thursday, August 11, Asher Roth sat down with the fam to celebrate the big 2-6. Oh, you forgot to go shopping for a gift? Didn’t even send a thoughtful card? Not to worry—as befitting his grown-ass-manhood, the... Read More


Asher Roth ft. D.A. Wallach - Another One Down [Stream]

It seems like just yesterday Asher Roth was the guy who really, really loved college. Since then he’s embarked on an extended campaign to be taken more seriously as an emcee, but not too seriously. Asher still knows how to... Read More


Asher Roth - Summertime [Video]

Asher Roth pays indirect homage to Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s classic by putting his own spin on Summetime fun. Girls, alcohol and illicit substances, what else do you need? Maybe a release date on Roth’s new... Read More


The Cool Kids ft. Asher Roth, Chip Tha Ripper & Boldy James - Roll Call [Stream]

With their Green Label Sound-distributed debut album out today, The Cool Kids give fans one last taste of what to expect from the project with Roll Call. Last week’s pit stop at the Gas Station seemed to re-fuel the... Read More


Dom Kennedy ft. Sir Michael Rocks & Asher Roth - New Jeeps [Stream]

Although Dom Kennedy has given us plenty of dope music for the low low price of free 99, it’s time we pay him back as he releases his latest album From the Westside With Love II. Combining his west coast flow with the likes... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Quan - Summertime [Stream]

Though Asher Roth‘s no longer the keg-pumping frat-hopper he was when he first entered the game, he still looks forward to Summertime as ardently as any college kid. On his latest effort, an unreleased joint not... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Akon - Last Man Standing [Stream]

Once derided as a lightweight (though hailed by some as a breath of fresh air), Asher Roth has spent his post-Bread Aisle career making the necessary preparations for his reemergence as a serious spitter. While lead single... Read More


Asher Roth x Nottz - Enforce the Law [Video]

Asher Roth and Nottz do a hell of a Training Day impression for their new video Enforce the Law - guess who plays the Denzel and who plays the Ethan Hawke roll? Off the duo’s collaborative project, The Rawth EP,... Read More


Asher Roth - Gazpacho [Stream]

Morrisville, Pa.‘s Asher Roth has just launched Radical Magical, a new weekly podcast with DJ Wrekineyez. Debuted on the inaugural episode, Gazpacho finds the young emcee lacing a classic beat by the late J. Dilla with... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Chip Tha Ripper & Whatzisface - Back Home [Stream]

UPDATE: “Back Home” is no longer available to stream. With baseball season right around the corner it seems Asher Roth is rounding into mid-season form quite nicely.  After offering up More Cowbell earlier... Read More


Asher Roth - More Cowbell [Stream]

Remember that skit on Saturday Night Live where Christopher Walken requests “More Cowbell”?  Well, that is the inspiration behind Chicago production team Blended Babies new collaboration with Asher... Read More


Asher Roth & Nottz ft. DA (of Chester French) - Gotta Get Up [Stream & Download]

They say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Asher Roth, hereafter referred to as Ash Roth or just plainly Asher, is sticking to this theory and continuing to build his catalog as he gains extra points in the rap game.... Read More


Jacques Morel Interviews Emilio Rojas, Laws & Asher Roth presented by DJBoothTV & FreshOutTheBox365 [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- During October's CMJ Music Marathon, DJBoothTV's own Jacques Morel had the chance to visit newly-opened Big Apple clothing store The Hundreds for a casual sit-down with Asher Roth, The Natural emcee (and... Read More


Lupe Fiasco ft. All City Chess Club - I’m Beamin’ (Remix) [Stream]

As Mohandas Gandhi once said, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history finally get Lasers a freaking release date.” Having won, with the help of... Read More


Asher Roth & Nottz ft. Colin Munroe - Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor) [Stream]

It’s getting chilly neighbors, so let’s throw on our cardigans and pack up the corncob pipe for some warmer up inside with Nottz and Asher Roth, this time with the new dual single Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor). Fittingly... Read More


Shontelle ft. Asher Roth - DJ Made Me Do It [Stream]

During the eight long years I’ve been a part of the music business I’ve heard DJs receive blame for a countless array of things (bad music selection, terrible mixing, an inability to read the dance floor), many of... Read More


Asher Roth - G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It’s a New Day) [Stream]

Asher Roth came on the scene about as far from a serious rapper as you could get. With songs about partying and college life, a lot of true hip-hop fans may have been turned off by any new Roth tracks before they even gave... Read More


Donny Goines ft. Asher Roth, Mistah Fab & Big Pooh - Rock NYC (Remix) [Stream]

Poor New York City. No one ever pays the Big Apple any attention, and the city that never sleeps certainly doesn’t have any anthems it can be proud of. (That was sarcastic, and yes, I’m from Boston.) Apparently not... Read More


Outasight ft. Asher Roth - Catch Me if You Can (Remix) [Stream]

Like another Booth feature today, Jared Evan’s Frozen (Remix), Outasight’s retro-influenced and possibly Leonardo DiCaprio inspired jam Catch Me If You Can first dropped way back in November, and is now getting the remix... Read More


Emilio Rojas ft. Styles P & Asher Roth - Bold & Arrogant (Remix) [Stream]

Unlike Ludacris, who’s been popping out How Low remixes like Octomom pops out babies, rising rhyme star Emilio Rojas has taken a quality over quantity approach, waiting nearly four months to drop the remix to his... Read More


B.o.B ft. Asher Roth - F*ck the Money [Stream]

Money vs. love, checks vs. art. It’s an age old battle that artists have been fighting since the dawn of time, or at least since the dawn of the modern music industry, and judging by B.o.B.’s new leak F*ck the Money the... Read More


Kid Cudi & Asher Roth Co-Headlining “The Great Hangover Tour” This Summer [Feature ]

Universal Motown labelmates Kid CuDi and Asher Roth have joined forces to co-headline The Great Hangover Tour. Also featuring ATL rapper and Booth favorite Bobby Ray (aka B.o.B.), the tour is set to hit 19 cities across the... Read More


Asher Roth - Asleep In The Bread Aisle [Album]

In order to understand white rappers, you first have to understand VIPTSD (Vanilla Ice Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). The year was 1990 and hip-hop had become just mainstream enough to be commercially successful. Where... Read Full Review


Asher Roth ft. Slick Rick - Y.O.U. [Stream]

Though a well-chosen, cleverly-employed snippet of some forgotten musical gem can elevate a good hip-hop record to masterpiece status, magical things can also happen when a beatsmith throws caution to the wind and simply... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Cee-Lo - Be By Myself [Stream]

Though we try to keep the tone friendly here at, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a good, spirited debate—thus, I can’t help but look forward to seeing readers’ reactions to the fact... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Beanie Sigel & Rock City - Perfectionist [Stream]

In Asher Roth‘s exclusive interview with our own DJ Z (set to hit our front page this coming Thursday), the young buzzmaker states with confidence that his debut album will reveal that he’s much more than than the... Read More