New Atmosphere Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Go See Atmosphere Live in L.A., They’ll Make You Happy [Feature ]

Slug stood onstage and beamed. "You have no idea how amazing it is to be standing here, looking at all of you, thank you." It was at that moment that I realized that the vast majority of my hip-hop concert experiences... Read More


Atmosphere - Sunshine [Stream]

Veteran duo Atmosphere has released the first ever solar-powered music video for Sunshine, their biggest single to date (it was released in 2007). The release is in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary celebration of... Read More


Atmosphere - January on Lake Street [Stream]

Take it from someone who lived in Minneapolis for several years: January on Lake Street is f**king frigid. Not that you needed me to tell you that; hit play on the DP-directed visuals for Atmosphere‘s latest single, and... Read More


Atmosphere - Arthur’s Song [Stream]

“No matter what the world’s tryin’a take from you… you gotta write your way through it.” That’s been Atmosphere frontman Slug‘s m.o. from the the get-go, and on the Minneapolis... Read More


Atmosphere - My Lady Got Two Men [Stream]

Some songs have premises that take several sentences to explain. With Atmosphere‘s latest single, it’s all right there in the title. On My Woman Got Two Men, frontman Slug grapples with the fact that the girl he... Read More


Atmosphere - Southsiders [Stream]

Last seen celebrating their staying power on June 18’s reader-approved We Ain’t Gonna Die Today, Minneapolis stalwarts Atmosphere are back on our front page with another fresh single off their seventh full-length.... Read More


Atmosphere - We Ain’t Gonna Die Today [Stream]

Ant and Slug of Atmosphere have been going strong for a quarter-century now, and they’re not planning on giving up the ghost anytime soon. On the latest single off their eighth full-length, the Minneapolis vets reassure... Read More


Atmosphere - Camera Thief [Stream]

From Day 1, Atmosphere wasn’t just about breaking the rules. They were about breaking the rulers. Emcee Slug didn’t just tell you about his less than glamorous life while Ant produced beats that would stick to... Read More


Atmosphere - Kanye West [Stream]

Minneapolis duo Atmosphere rolls in very different circles than Kanye West, but they’ve got more than simply a region in common with the Windy City hip-hop heavyweight. Coming on the heels of early March’s Bitter,... Read More


Atmosphere - Bitter [Stream]

If I were to describe the weather my former city of residence, Minneapolis, is currently experiencing, “Bitterly cold” would be a damn good start. But the chill outside Slug‘s door is downright toasty... Read More


Atmosphere - Bob Seger [Stream]

When I hear the name “Bob Seger,” my first two thoughts are “popular with my dad” and “featured in commercials for Chevy trucks.” Since Minneapolis hip-hop duo Atmosphere are neither, I wasn’t sure quite... Read More


Atmosphere ft. Brother Ali, Carnage The Executioner, Haphduzn - It Ain’t The Prettiest [Stream]

Beginning in the top of March, Atmosphere and a trio of Twin Cities homies will be hitting five cities around the state as part of their annual Welcome to Minnesota Tour. As a foretaste of what attendees can expect, the... Read More


Atmosphere ft. Kill The Vultures, Big Quarters & MaLLy - Somebody, MN [Stream & Download]

When a harsh winter is exacerbated by those cold blasts of Canadian air, those in the Northern Midwest scoff at the frigidness by playing smooth and warm tracks like the brand new Somebody, MN, featuring Atmosphere, avant... Read More


Atmosphere ft. Aesop Rock - Which Way Is Up [Stream]

This past Saturday, also known as Record Store Day, music-lovers across the globe came together to celebrate the tenacious businesses that stand between online retailers (plus a few big boxes) and total industry domination.... Read More


Atmosphere - Just for Show [Stream]

Long time torch bearers for Minnesota hip-hop Slug and Ant (affectionately known as Atmosphere) finally return in full length form. Good thing because I was starting to forget how good When Life Gives You Lemons was. It’s... Read More


Atmosphere - Freefallin’ [Stream]

After grinding through another week of school, there couldn’t have been a more refreshing joint to listen to than Atmosphere’s latest leak Freefallin’. From the duo Atmosphere (whose individual names, Slug and Ant,... Read More


Atmosphere - To All My Friends [Stream]

It’s a sad day when I have to admit that summer has once again run its course. However, I take solace in the fact that good music doesn’t have an off-season, a fact made evident by the fresh promo single featured today... Read More


MiC K!ng & Chum ft. Slug of Atmosphere - Snake Oil [Stream]

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to hop in the DeLorean and take a trip back to the ‘90s. MiC K!ng & Chum, making their first appearance on the Booth, are here to deliver their new single, Snake Oil, a Marty McFly... Read More