New AWAR Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


AWAR ft. Freddie Gibbs - Wake Up Call [Stream]

Still sleeping on AWAR, after more than a dozen reader-acclaimed solo features from the NYC native? Then I advise you to get checked out by a neurologist, because you may be in a coma. New single Wake Up Call is unlikely to... Read More


AWAR x Vanderslice - The Winning Team [Album]

When a high-caliber NYC rhymesayer like AWAR and a buzzworthy producer such as Vanderslice join forces, their combined powers should leave the competition shaking in its boots. So it's only appropriate that, on their first... Read More


AWAR ft. Roc Marciano - Broad Daylight [Stream]

While AWAR‘s next project finds him working exclusively with a single beatsmith, its sound and style are shaping up to be anything but monotonous. The freshly-released Broad Daylight is as different from previous... Read More


AWAR - Reincarnation [Stream]

Earlier this month, AWAR and fellow NYC buzzmaker Troy Ave linked up to show off their rides on the reader-approved Cadillac Grills. For the follow-up single, he switches focus from the material to the spiritual. On... Read More


AWAR ft. Troy Ave - Cadillac Grills [Stream]

If you see a fleet of custom Caddys rolling through the streets of the Big Apple, there’s a good chance you’re looking at AWAR and his clique. On single numero uno off his next street release, the unsigned Booth... Read More


AWAR - Let It Shine [Stream]

To paraphrase a song I learned in Sunday School, if you’ve got a light, you should Let It Shine. AWAR doesn’t need to be told twice—for the NYC native, flaunting what he’s got comes naturally. On the first... Read More


Nefew ft. AWAR - Vintage [Stream]

UPDATE: “Vintage” is no longer available to stream. If someone tells you they don’t make hip-hop like they used to, introduce them to Nefew. The Swiss-American duo’s Vintage beats and rhymes will... Read More


AWAR ft. Roc Marciano & Grafh - Cutthroat Rap [Stream]

Big Apple rhymesayer AWAR didn’t get to where he is today by showing mercy to his foes. On the contrary, he keeps it “strictly bidness”—which often means dropping those who don’t give him and his crew the... Read More


AWAR - Rotten Apple [Stream]

We’ve all heard that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” But what grows from those seeds once that apple’s gone rotten? For The DJBooth’s latest world premiere, we drop off Rotten Apple, an offering... Read More


AWAR - Keep Risin’ [Stream]

On his last feature, a non-album promo single featuring fellow Northeastern buzzmaker Has-Lo, AWAR let listeners know just how great it feels to be part of The Winning Team. Of course, it’s not just the thrill of... Read More


AWAR Celebrates “Laws of Nature” With Torae, Brown Bag All-Stars & More [Feature ]

Last week AWAR hit the stage in NYC to celebrate the release of his new album, The Laws of Nature, and DJBoothTV was there to document the dopeness. Special guest include fellow NY representers Torae, the Brown Bag All-Stars... Read More


AWAR ft. Has-Lo - The Winning Team [Stream]

Oh—AWAR‘s recent, Booth-hosted The Laws of Nature street album wasn’t enough to satisfy your craving for new music from the Big Apple rhymesayer? Well, you’re damn hard to please; but luckily for you,... Read More


AWAR ft. Antonio McClendon - Dreamin [Stream]

It’s tough to find time for REM sleep when you’re working your nine-to-five by day and rocking microphones by night, so AWAR‘s mastered the art of Dreamin while aware. On a freshly-minted single off his... Read More


AWAR - The Laws of Nature [Album]

Underground emcee AWAR is proud to release his brand new full-length album, The Laws of Nature, which features already-released singles "Tunnel Vision," "Until The End," and "Can’t Walk Away." The project features guest... Read More


AWAR - Elephant Gun [Stream]

Fresh off last week’s release of Can’t Walk Away, which received quite the warm welcome inside the Booth, New York City emcee AWAR continues his new music assault with Elephant Gun. On the new single the 518... Read More


AWAR - Can’t Walk Away [Stream & Download]

With as much as he’s put into the rap game it’s easy to see why New York emcee AWAR Can’t Walk Away. Following last April’s Things Of That Nature EP, which is available at the Booth for free stream and... Read More


AWAR ft. Nottz, MURS & P Jericho - Until The End [Stream & Download]

If you know anything about underground hip-hop, you know that when you see a line-up featuring AWAR, Nottz, MURS and P Jericho, you’re in for some dopeness. And if you don’t know anything about underground hip-hop,... Read More


AWAR - Tunnel Vision [Stream]

Just how focused is AWAR? So much so, according to the lead single off his forthcoming album, that it’s like he’s got Tunnel Vision: he can’t seem a damn thing besides that success that’s captivated... Read More


AWAR - Laws of Nature Promo [Stream]

On Laws of Nature Promo, a cut off last July’s Nature of the Beast LP, AWAR gave listeners a little taste of what they could expect on his next street album. With the forthcoming project’s release date on the... Read More


AWAR - Nuclear [Stream & Download]

You’d think after having three leaks off his upcoming project already this June, AWAR would kick back, turn on the tube and wait for his latest EP to drop. You’d be wrong (and that’s what assuming gets, listeners).... Read More


AWAR ft. Manifest - Beastmode [Stream & Download]

Just how hard has AWAR been working in anticipationn of his latest EP release? Well, you could say he’s in Beastmode. The third leak off the project, the record finds Sid Roams serving up some scorching street boardwork... Read More


AWAR - Orange Boxcutter [Stream & Download]

Fresh off stepping into the Booth with his Things of That Nature EP, NYC repper AWAR returns with another gritty leak off his next project. Standout cut Orange Box Cutters finds beatsmith Vanderslice pairing heavy-hitting... Read More


AWAR ft. Joe Budden - Standout [Stream]

Fresh off the release of the Booth-sponsored Things of That Nature, Big Apple representative AWAR is already hard at work on another fresh street release. The inaugural leak off his forthcoming EP, Standout lives up to its... Read More


AWAR Drops Booth-Sponsored “Things of That Nature” EP [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Big Apple buzzmaker AWAR has just released his new EP, Things of That Nature. Featuring seven original tracks, including reader-acclaimed leak "Iron Butterfly," the project is available... Read More


AWAR - Things of That Nature EP [Album]

Underground emcee AWAR has linked up with to bring fans his latest street release, the Things of That Nature EP. Intended as an introduction to the NY buzzmaker’s musical mind, the project is composed of... Read More


AWAR - My Story [Video]

As he prepares to release of his DJBooth-hosted album, Things of That Nature, NY representer AWAR premieres the video for My Story, a cinematic look at the world surrounding the relentless emcee. With a Frank Dukes beat... Read More


AWAR - Iron Butterfly [Stream & Download]

Spring is a time for competition and excitement, a time for the NBA and NHL playoffs to take off and new artists to take their shots at breaking through. The perfect example may just come from AWAR and his new leak Iron... Read More