New Azad Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Azad Right - Mend My Heart (DJBooth Freestyle) [Stream & Download]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who’s-who of underground and emerging emcees, including stars of... Read More


Azad Right - If I Die ft. Harry Hudson [Stream & Download]

Longtime Booth-fave and Los Angeles emcee Azad Right drops off a new If I Die, a new loosie featuring fellow City of Angels artist Harry Hudson. The inspired, motivating record features an epic soundscape from Brighton,... Read More


Azad Right - When You Know [Stream]

Ever had one of those flings When You Know you shouldn’t get involved, but you can’t seem to resist? If you’re shaking your head, just hit play on Azad Right‘s latest single and, by the end,... Read More


Azad Right ft. Joell Ortiz & SPNCR - Son of Sam (Remix) [Stream]

When it originally dropped in late October, Azad Right‘s Son of Sam didn’t end up on our front page. Not that it wasn’t dope; it just fell through the cracks. In any case, everything turned out for the best,... Read More


Azad Right - Work [Stream]

Like many people who eventually find their way into the music game, Azad Right had a, shall we say, eclectic employment history pre-rap. But the West Coast phenom wouldn’t have it any other way. From Working at Panera... Read More


Azad Right - Hello [Stream]

Nearly a month after dazzling Boothgoers with breakup jam Unaffected, Azad Right makes his return to our pages. What’s the occasion, you ask? Is he building steam for a future project? Nah—he’s just stopping by... Read More


Azad Right - Unaffected [Stream]

When a dude says he’s Unaffected by a significant other’s shady behavior, that’s rarely the whole story; it certainly isn’t in the case of Azad Right, who responds to his girl’s disloyalty on a... Read More


Azad Right - All My Love [Stream]

For the town that made him the man and the artist he is today, Los Angeles representative Azad Right‘s got nothing but affection and loyalty. That’s not to say his relationship with the City of Angels has always... Read More


Azad Right - Self Made [Stream]

Some rappers, whether because of their connections, their finances or their compatibility with the latest trends, have a relatively easy time getting on. Azad Right‘s never had any of the aforementioned advantages, and... Read More


Azad Right - Now I Know [Stream]

Not glimpsed on our pages since dropping off Showtime back in March, Los Angeles rhymesayer Azad Right steps back into the spotlight with Now I Know, single numero uno off his next independent full-length. On this... Read More


Azad Right - Showtime [Stream]

For the past several years, Azad Right has been setting the stage for his eventual conquest of the hip-hop game. Now, it’s Showtime. On this new single, released along with official visuals by Stephen Vitale, a soulful... Read More


Azad Right - I Luv the Way You Taste [Stream & Download]

Azad Right isn’t just a dope lyricist, he’s also a cunning linguist, if you know what I mean. And he should be—as he reveals on new promotional single I Luv the Way You Taste, he’s been practicing since he... Read More


Azad Right ft. Lexy Panterra - So Impatient [Stream & Download]

Feel like there’s a little something missing from your day—something that happens regularly this time every other week? Like, maybe, an installment in a certain rhymesayer’s digital series? I think I may know... Read More


Azad Right - Born to Win [Stream & Download]

Tuesday is arguably the most disliked day of the week, but Los Angeles-based rapper Azad Right is aiming to make your Tuesday’s just a little bit brighter thanks to his newly-introduced #GetRightTuesdays series. We... Read More


Azad Right ft. Maffew Ragazino - Wandering Eye [Stream & Download]

To help you get through those agonizing and slow-moving Tuesday’s, Los Angeles emcee Azad Right has introduced his new “Get Right Tuesdays” series, which will run every other Tuesday until fall. On the... Read More


Azad Right - Intuition [Stream & Download]

While there’s no surefire way to avoid heartbreak, you can spare yourself much grief simply by trusting your Intuition. Golden State buzzmaker Azad Right had to learn that the hard way. On his latest promo single,... Read More


Azad Right - Better Days [Stream & Download]

Life hasn’t been easy for Azad Right, the L.A. rhymesayer who brought us The Time Is Right back in 2011, but the New Year is a time for rebirth. Accordingly, the emcee spends his first feature of 2012 looking forward to... Read More


Azad Right ft. Sofia Enggren - The Fire [Stream & Download]

Azad Right‘s last feature, mixtape leak Stained, found the emcee venting his feelings of sorrow and anger following a messy breakup. On The Fire, the L.A. repper jumps backward to the relationship’s last days,... Read More


Azad Right - The Time Is Right [Album]

Los Angeles buzzmaker Azad RIght has hooked up with to bring us his latest street album, The Time Is Right. The project features 15 original records (and two bonus cuts) from the underground up-and-comer.... Read More


Azad Right Offers “The Time Is Right” for Streaming/Download via [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Los Angeles buzzmaker Azad Right is offering up his latest street album,The Time Is Right, for streaming and download via Featuring 15 original records (and two bonus cuts) from the underground... Read More


Azad Right ft. The Bridge - Stained [Stream & Download]

Sometimes, some stiff drinks and a carefree fling or two are all it takes to rebound from a breakup; other times, as is the case on Azad Right‘s latest single, such remedies only make the pain worse. The third and final... Read More


Azad Right ft. Jenilee - Diamond in the Rough [Stream]

Back in August, when Azad Right stepped into the Booth with the reader-acclaimed lead single off his debut mixtape, the emcee left us with a solemn promise: “Whenever you need me, I’ll be there, I’ll Be... Read More


Azad Right - I’ll Be Around [Video]

What’s the only thing better than a stroll down Venice Beach on a sunny California day? A stroll down Venice Beach with some dope hip-hop playing. L.A. rapper Azad Right brings the best of both worlds together on the... Read More


Azad Right - I’ll Be Around [Stream & Download]

Azad may not be the most reliable when it comes to romantic relationships (see his previous feature, Player’s Club), but his commitment to his fans is iron-clad. On the official lead single off the Los Angeles... Read More


Azad Right ft. EQ - Player’s Club [Stream]

As a dude with more libido than good sense, Booth newcomer Azad Right feels most at home with his fellow womanizers. The solution, of course, is to start a Player’s Club, where Don Juans everywhere can gather to talk... Read More


Azad Right - Vices [Stream & Download]

In his DJBooth debut, Santa Monica native Azad Right brings us Vices, the standout cut from his forthcoming project The Road To Peace. Over the seductive swirling synths of producer Jonathan Marquez, the Iranian-American... Read More