New Aziz Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Aziz - Let You Know [Stream]

When it comes to his hustle, Aziz is all about transparency; whether he’s about to blow or he’s running out of steam, he’ll Let You Know. Fortunately, all the news he has to impart on his latest promo single... Read More


Aziz - I’m On It [Stream & Download]

Today Boston-based rapper Aziz makes his second appearance in The DJBooth with his catchy new jam I’m On It, off of his recently released mixtape Tinderboxx. Aziz’s lackadaisical flow only contributes to his... Read More


Aziz - My Own World [Stream & Download]

You can call Aziz a space cadet if you wish. But if you were lucky enough to have a whole universe inside your head, wouldn’t you want to spend a lot of time there, too? An unsigned rhymesayer hailing from Nashau, New... Read More