New Azizi Gibson Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


“Shit Needs to Stop”: Azizi Gibson Delivers Powerful Speech on “Poisonous” Pill-Popping Culture [Feature ]

Following the untimely passing of emo/hip-hop rising star Lil Peep on Thursday, the result of a suspected drug overdose, Los Angeles-based rapper Azizi Gibson took to Snapchat to share his thoughts on the glamorization of... Read More


Azizi Gibson - A New Life [Album]

Five months removed from his preHISTORIC Till Death project, LA-based rapper Azizi Gibson has released his new album, entitled A New Life. The full-length totals 12 tracks, including Booth-approved cuts "DJ Khaled,"... Read More


Azizi Gibson - preHISTORIC Till Death [Album]

LA-based Booth regular Azizi Gibson has unleashed his debut full-length, preHISTORIC Till Death, which follows up to his The Last EP, released earlier this year. Totaling 18 tracks, the album includes Booth-approved... Read More


Azizi Gibson - Enemies [Stream]

After taking us for a spin in his Slave Ship, Azizi Gibson returns to the Booth with the second single from his forthcoming LP, preHISTORIC Till Death. Enemies is produced Kamandi and, according to the artist, was made the... Read More


Azizi Gibson - Slave Ship ft. Waka Flocka Flame [Stream]

Azizi Gibson is currently working on his debut album, preHISTORIC Till Death, and today we get the first single from the project, entitled Slave Ship. Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, the Los Angeles-based... Read More


Azizi Gibson - Misguided [Stream]

Azizi Gibson‘s last project, The Last EP, may have dropped a couple months ago, but today we have some very dope visuals from one of records off of the extended play. Misguided was a dark song to begin with, alluded to... Read More


Azizi Gibson - The Irony [Stream]

Fresh off the release of his latest free EP, Azizi Gibson returns to our front page with a standout cut off the project. On The Irony, the Los Angeles-based buzzmaker raises his middle finger to his haters and foes, sneering,... Read More


Azizi Gibson - Claustrophobic [Stream]

In life as well as art, many people find structure reassuring. Azizi Gibson ain’t one of ‘em; try to trap the Los Angeles rhymesayer in a box, and before long he’ll be clawing at the walls like he’s... Read More


Azizi Gibson - Smoking With the Gods [Stream]

You may think your weed dealer is the sh*t, but smart money says he (or she) can’t compare to Azizi Gibson‘s connection. On EP standout and Booth debut Smoking With the Gods, Azizi Gibson purchases some bud from... Read More