New B. Dolan Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


B. Dolan - House of Bees 3 [Album]

In anticipation of the project's retail release on Tuesday, February 3, B. Dolan is offering up his next independent full-length, House of Bees 3, for full, free streaming exclusively in The DJBooth. The House of Bees series... Read More


B. Dolan - King Bee (Buddy Peace Howlin’ Remix) [Stream]

Mere weeks after releasing his bluesy rock-rap tune King Bee, Providence rapper B. Dolan returns to the Booth with a remixed version of the song. Compared to the original version, King Bee (Buddy Peace Howlin’ Remix)... Read More


B. Dolan - House of Bees Vol. 2 [Album]

Strange Famous emcee B. Dolan has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest album, House of Bees Vol 2. The project finds the Providence, R.I. rhymesayer combining the raw honesty of 2008’s The... Read More


B. Dolan - King Bee [Stream]

Fresh off delivering 100 Bars for SFR on a Jackin for Beats style non-album cut, B. Dolan returns to our pages with a freshly-leaked cut off his forthocming, DJBooth-distributed street album. On King Bee, beatsmith Buddy... Read More


B. Dolan - 100 Bars for SFR [Stream]

Think B. Dolan sounds like Sage Francis? Well, keep it to yourself—as evidenced by his latest feature, the Strange Famous emcee is getting f**king sick of the comparison. However, that doesn’t stop him from... Read More


B. Dolan - Still Here [Stream & Download]

After only a handful of features in 2011 and absolute silence thus far in ‘12, fans may be starting to wonder: where the f**k is B. Dolan? The short answer lies in the title of the Strange Famous emcee’s new... Read More


B. Dolan ft. Toki Wright, Jasiri X & Sage Francis - Film The Police [Stream & Download]

The police have handguns, Kevlar vests, horses, batons, shotguns and pepper spray, but the people have something that can be even more powerful; video cameras. For his latest effort the always unapologetically revolutionary... Read More


Metermaids ft. Sage Francis & B. Dolan - Bad Things (Redux) [Stream & Download]

With the release of their sophomore LP right around the corner, Brooklyn duo The Metermaids return to build anticipation for their sophomore full-length with an expanded redux of standout cut Bad Things. On this version of... Read More


B. Dolan & Buddy Peace - Earthmovers (Redux) [Stream & Download]

On his last Booth feature, B. Dolan got behind the wheel of some heavy machinery to mount a surreal lyrical attack on the foundations of consumer culture. Today, the ever-innovative emcee and beatsmith Buddy Peace hop into... Read More


B. Dolan - Fallen House, Sunken City [Album]

If the legendary Kool Herc listened to B. Dolan’s new album Fallen House, Sunken City, I doubt he’d recognize it as the music that he pioneered; and that’s a good thing. Because its essential component is the taking of... Read Full Review


B. Dolan - Earthmovers [Stream]

I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to walk on the moon (sadly, shackled with two left feet, I can’t even pretend Mike Jackson-style). However, I do take solace in knowing what zero-gravity clubs will be bumping... Read More


B. Dolan - Fifty Ways to Bleed Your Customer [Stream]

As those who tuned in for his Booth-exclusive video interview (shot backstage at ‘09’s Rock the Bells opener) already know, B. Dolan is far from your average rapper. Along with his lovingly-maintained, biker-esque... Read More


Rock The Bells Exclusive Interview: B. Dolan [Video] [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- In the first of eight exclusive video interviews, our own DJ Z goes backstage with B. Dolan, a Rhode Island emcee who performed with Sage Francis at 2009's Rock the Bells opener, to discuss his current... Read More