New Bad Rabbits Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Bad Rabbits - Dilemma [Stream & Download]

There should be no Dilemma when deciding to press play on the latest single from Bad Rabbits. The Boston-based R&B quintet is back with another funky offering co-produced by frequent collaborator Teddy Riley. Be prepared... Read More


Bad Rabbits - How High [Stream & Download]

Just three short weeks ago, Bad Rabbits proved that they have a “Way With Words.” Now, the Boston-based quintet is asking listeners to throw their hands up on the infectious How High. Co-produced by industry... Read More


Bad Rabbits - Way With Words [Stream & Download]

We’ve seen a large resurgence in classic funk sounds as of late, and the latest offering from Bad Rabbits is a very welcome inclusion to the trend. The Boston-based R&B group call on superproducer Teddy Riley to set... Read More


Bad Rabbits - Better Days [Stream]

We all have those days when we’d like to hop on a plane and travel somewhere far away from our worries and cares. Usually, though, an impromptu vacation is impractical, so we have to settle for escaping into some dope... Read More


Bad Rabbits - Dusted (Acoustic EP) [Album]

When it comes to miracles, mysticism, and modern marvels, I am generally pretty realistic. For the most part I believe that everything can be explained using logical, critical thinking and science. However, sometimes, with... Read Full Review


Vince Staples x Bad Rabbits - Made [Stream & Download]

In late summer/early fall, Converse will be unleashing the sequel to its acclaimed CONS compilation EP. Like its predecessor, the project will be packed with noteworthy artists and unexpected, yet inspired collaborations.... Read More


An End of Winter Playlist ft. Big K.R.I.T., Raleigh Ritchie & More [Feature ]

In 2014 you're only a phone, some earbuds (a dope site like DJBooth) and a few clicks of a button away from literally being able to create and listen to the soundtrack of your life, as you live it. But finding that perfect... Read More


Bad Rabbits - American Love [Album]

Regardless of where they might actually land on a mythical list of the greatest albums ever, we all have a favorite album that, for one reason or another, will stick with us and never get old. I have a few of these, and... Read Full Review


Bad Rabbits - Can’t Fool Me [Stream]

Boston funk ensemble Bad Rabbits may have the libido of, well, rabbits, but they ain’t suckers for love… are they? Freshly-released LP single Can’t Fool Me finds vocalist Dua Boaye caught under the spell of... Read More


Bad Rabbits - Doin’ It [Stream]

If there’s one thing rabbits are known for, it’s f**king. Boston funk ensemble Bad Rabbits may not technically be part of the Leporidae family, but they do share their namesakes’ enthusiasm for Doin’... Read More


Bad Rabbits - We Can Roll [Stream]

Whoever once said that variety is the spice of life is also a huge fan of the ever-eclectic alt-pop group Bad Rabbits. After a two year break from the pages of DJBooth, the Boston collective is back with a high energy single... Read More


Cody B. Ware ft. Ninjasonik & Bad Rabbits - Gangsta Party [Stream & Download]

I had to take a moment to simply stare when the homey DJ Z sent me this one. I mean, I had to do a double take with a title like Cody B. Ware featuring Ninjasonik and Bad Rabbits, Gangsta Party? Thankfully, Gangsta Party is... Read More


Bad Rabbits - Trix Are for Kids [Stream]

As anyone who watched their DJBooth video interview with the homeboy DJ Z knows, Boston rock/r&b/pop/etc. crew Bad Rabbits have a wicked sense of humor, so it should come as no surprise that the quintet is having a little... Read More


Bad Rabbits - Can’t Back Down [Stream]

Sure I love me some M&Ms, but after a while, no matter how delicious, the same thing gets boring, so I’ll pick up a Snickers or, if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, maybe even a Butterfinger. Ok, so maybe that... Read More