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Bago - Plenty Green [Stream]

On her DJBooth debut, featured on our front page way back in 2012, Bago told a disloyal man, “I Forget You.” At the time, it seemed like a witty way of saying she did not forgive him, but now I’m thinking the line... Read More


Alexander Spit ft. BAGO - A Breathtaking Trip [Stream]

After the leisurely drive along the coast that was Alexander Spit‘s last single, lovers of chill, headphone-ready beats and rhymes may look at the title of the follow-up and expect a similarly laid-back excursion. But... Read More


Bago - I Forget You [Stream & Download]

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the popular adage, “It’s easier to forget than to forgive.” Okay, in actuality the popular saying is the exact opposite of that, but if her debut feature I Forget... Read More