New Bambu Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Zion I ft. Bambu, D.U.S.T. & D Sharp - Unity (Michael Brown) [Stream & Download]

Often, a tragedy’s silver lining can be found in its power to inspire people from different backgrounds and walks of life to rally together behind a common cause. Unfortunately, not everyone in America is on the same... Read More


Bambu - Minimum Wage [Stream]

Los Angeles emcee Bambu released his Party Worker album a mere five days ago, and he has already returned with brand new visuals. Bringing life to the powerful Minimum Wage, Bambu shows the harsh reality of the Philippines... Read More


Bambu - Party Worker [Album]

There are plenty of rappers out there who can spit intelligently about politics, and even more who can take a liquor-soaked shindig to the next level, but how many artists can do both at the very same time? To answer my own... Read More


Bambu ft. DJ Supreme Fist - Shabs [Stream]

Just shy of a year after blessing our front page with his last solo feature, mixtape inclusion My Potnas, Bambu has unleashed Shabs, single numero uno off his next studio album. As usual, the Los Angeles representative... Read More


Brother Ali ft. Bambu & MaLLy- Home Away From Home [Stream]

Some artists experience touring as a painful separation from loved ones and familiar places. Not Brother Ali; for the Minneapolis heavyweight, the road is Home Away From Home. Tomorrow, he’ll be climbing back in the bus... Read More


Bambu ft. Cutso - My Potnas [Stream]

Though the media has forgotten about Trayvon Martin, hip-hop’s best and brightest still want to talk about it. Enter Bambu. On My Potnas, Bambu paints a picture of his adolescence in Sacramento, illustrating his narrative... Read More


Bambu - Sun of a Gun [Album]

Los Angeles emcee Bambu has positioned himself next to some of the most well-respected names in turntablism on his latest mixtape, Sun Of A Gun. The 15-track project, which focuses a lyrical lens on NSA and Prism spying, our... Read More


Bambu ft. D-Styles - Last Year [Stream & Download]

If you’ve noticed things heating up on the Pacific Coast, you ain’t the only one. On a new selection off his latest mixtape (premiered Saturday via 2DopeBoyz), Bambu makes a similar observation, spitting, “It... Read More


Bambu - Lean [Stream]

Los Angeles emcee Bambu is a lot like Mary Poppins—except, instead of offering the youngsters a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, he’s using a spoonful of “medicine” to make his hard-left political... Read More


Grynch ft. Bambu & Slug (of Atmosphere) - Mister Rogers (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Hey Neighbor! Welcome to the hip-hop hood, where everyday is beautiful and Grynch drops dope cuts with his neighbors; on this trip, Slug (of Atmosphere) and Bambu. In a remake his 2011 cut, Mister Rogers, Grynch will have... Read More


Bambu ft. Thurz - Boom [Stream]

In the title line of my favorite track off Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, Chuck D boasts, “I’m even lethal when I’m unarmed / ‘Cause I’m louder than a bomb.”... Read More


Bambu ft. Roscoe Umali - So Many (Remix) [Stream]

You can always count on Bambu to pair infectious grooves with a powerful message. Fresh off putting down for guerrilla revolutionaries at home and and abroad on the trunk-banging Rent Money, the Los Angeles emcee returns to... Read More


Bambu ft. Rocky Rivera - Rent Money [Stream]

While far less talented rhymesayers are saving up for their third yacht, Bambu is hustling overtime for that Rent Money. Rather than switching up his style to appeal to the powers that be, however, the Watts-resident... Read More


Bambu - Sermon [Stream]

In a day and age where every word can be torn apart, debated and argued, most rappers have simply found it more convenient to say nothing. Not Bambu. As always the L.A. emcee uses the power of the microphone to full effect,... Read More


DJ Muggs ft. Dizzee Rascal & Bambu - Snap Your Neck Back [Stream]

While he may not get the attention he truly deserves, Cypress Hill founding father DJ Muggs deserves to be mentioned alongside anyone when it comes to west coast hip-hop legends. No, scratch that, global hip-hop legends, and... Read More


Bambu x Prometheus Brown - Lookin’ Up [Stream]

Previously heard collaborating on last summer’s At It Again, Los Angeles rhymesayer Bambu and Seattle repper Prometheus Brown (aka Geologic of Blue Scholars) return to our pages with the latest single off their 2011... Read More


BAMBU - None Left [Stream]

BAMBU never fails to raise tough questions in his records, and freshly-released promo single None Left finds the up-and-comer dropping some of his most incisive, timely bars to date. Here, Josh the Goon‘s gritty... Read More


SessionsLA ft. Aldo & Bambu - History [Stream & Download]

A lot of people like to say that they care about today’s youth growing up in an age riddled with economic collapse, the continuing narcotic (both illegal and prescription) epidemic and myriad of other obstacles. One group... Read More


Bambu x Sabzi - Box’d Up [Stream & Download]

You seldom listen to a conscious record and feel the need to dance. Sure, there may have been some head-nodding records here and there, but can you really imagine yourself dancing to Talib Kweli’s Get By? Occasionally,... Read More


Bambu x Prometheus Brown - At it Again [Stream & Download]

I know you guys love jokes, so here’s a good one: two guys Walk Into A Bar, spend a week in Hawaii, and make progressively dope music to rock with. Didn’t get it? Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that funny, let me back it up a... Read More


Bambu - Fish [Stream & Download]

The latest issue of Frank151‘s quarterly publication revolves around the politically-tumultuous Republic of the Philippines and, as a globally-conscious emcee of FIlipino descent, Bambu was a natural pick to be... Read More


Bambu - America [Stream & Download]

Previously heard speaking out against domestic violence on Something, Los Angeles representative Bambu uses his latest release as a opportunity to discuss an even bigger topic: American imperialism. Over a beat by 6 Fingers,... Read More


Bambu - Something [Stream]

While most (hopefully) knew that February was Black History Month, many are unaware that March is Women’s History Month. Consider yourself informed. On new release Something L.A. based emcee Bambu, who we last heard on the... Read More


Bambu ft. Chace Infinite - Paper Thin [Stream]

There are few social issues that affect inner-city dwellers more directly than urban gentrification, the process by which wealthier individuals muscle low-income residents out of a neighborhood. On Paper Thin, one-half of his... Read More


Bambu ft. Thurzday (of U-N-I) - Correctly Done [Stream]

What’s something that Los Angeles and Pinkberry have in common? They’ve both been pumping out some of my favorite things in recent months. While places like Pinkberry and Orange Leaf have vanilla yogurt with cheesecake... Read More


Bambu - The Queen Is Dead [Stream]

“Respect for women” is a little more nuanced than not saying “b*tch” all the time – in fact, it can be incredibly complex, as anyone who’s read a line or two of feminist theory is well aware. On newly-leaked... Read More