New Maejor Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Maejor - We Ready [Stream]

After bringing us the video for Me And You last month, the latest entry in Maejor‘s First of the Month series is another set of visuals, this time for the whip-ready banger We Ready. Boi-1da and Xavior Jordan provide... Read More


Maejor - Me And You [Stream]

Update: The Danny Erb-directed visuals for Maejor’s Me And You single have been added, Justin Bieber cameo and all. Last we heard from Maejor he was in a more lyrical zone, shedding light on the fallout from past... Read More


Maejor - Rich! [Stream]

After hearing about Maejor’s split with RCA, his decision to buy out his deal with Def Jam, and the launch of his and Mick Schultz’s #FirstOfTheMonth initiative, fans may be wondering exactly what the recording artist... Read More


Maejor ft. Ying Yang Twins & Waka Flocka Flame - Tell Daddy [Stream]

First he was Bei Maejor; then he was Maejor Ali. Now, the Detroit singer, songwriter and producer has scaled down to the simple, yet elegant “Maejor.” Brandon Green may be a man of many names, but his preoccupations are... Read More


Maejor Ali ft. Kid Ink & Trey Songz - Me & My Team [Stream]

Update: The Visuals-directed visuals for Maejor Ali’s Me & My Team single have been added. Not glimpsed on our pages since dropping off the club-ready Lolly back in February of 2013, Island Def Jam recording artist... Read More


Kid Ink ft. Maejor Ali - I Don’t Care [Stream]

Got an opinion about Kid Ink? Well, I have bad news for you: the RCA Records hitmaker gives no f**ks. Rather than wasting your breath, why not sit back and enjoy his latest single, the aptly-titled I Don’t Care?... Read More


Maejor Ali ft. Juicy J & Justin Bieber - Lolly [Stream]

If you had told me a year ago that Juicy J, creator of songs like Let’s Plan A Robbery and Testin My Gangsta, and Justin Bieber would be on a song together, I would have bet enough money to buy air-time during the Super... Read More


Bei Maejor - Party at The Crib [Stream]

These days every rapper seems to want to stunt hard in the club, but what happened to a good old fashioned house party? Here to bring back what Kid and Play started is singer/producer Bei Maejor, who’s perfectly happy to... Read More


Bei Maejor - Pillz [Stream]

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being enveloped in the crowd at a packed club; though you’re surrounded by fellow partiers, the anonymity of the experience (along with the free-flowing liquor) makes it... Read More


Kelly Rowland ft. Future & Bei Maejor - Need A Reason [Stream]

Coming on the heels of Tonight (Best You Ever Had) and the hit title track, the latest leak off the Think Like a Man soundtrack finds Kelly Rowland getting down to business with the help of two urban-music buzzmakers. On Need... Read More


Jae Millz ft. Bei Maejor - Magazine Cover [Stream]

Most guys enjoy ogling a beautiful woman on a Magazine Cover-—otherwise they’d replace them with pictures of, I don’t know, T-bone steaks—but few can hope to enjoy the company of a supermodel in real... Read More


Bei Maejor ft. Waka Flocka Flame - Lights Down Low [Stream]

With recent features Trouble (Remix) and Mesmerized, Bei Maejor showed us just how serious he is about conquering radio airwaves and club dancefloors in 2012—whether you’re a fan or not, you’ve got to appreciate... Read More


Elle Varner ft. Bei Major - Feel Like A Woman [Stream & Download]

Elle Varner’s previous work in The DJBooth, from her debut Only Wanna Give It To You to her most recent offering Soundproof Room, had prompted listeners to compare the newcomer to some of R&B’s established... Read More


Bei Maejor - Mesmerized [Stream]

While the popular image of hypnosis involves a bearded psychoanalyst, a pendulum and the phrase, “You are getting ver-r-y sle-e-epy…”, it turns out that a few bottles, some body-moving music and a swinging female... Read More


Bei Maejor ft. Wale, Trey Songz, T-Pain & J. Cole - Trouble (Remix) [Stream]

The only thing better than money is more money, the only thing better than sex is more sex and the only thing better than getting in Trouble is getting in even more Trouble. Almost eight months after we first heard Bei... Read More


Planet VI ft. Bei Maejor - Fame [Stream]

UPDATE: “Fame” is no longer available to stream. Messengers of peace and enlightenment from the Planet VI, Don’t Talk Much and Da Spokesman take their debut single as an opportunity to warn listeners about... Read More


Bei Maejor - Can’t Believe [Stream]

Not heard from since he and J. Cole got into a little Trouble on a single off his forthcoming debut set, buzzmaking artist/producer Bei Maejor returns with a little something to tide fans over. On free digital leak... Read More


Bei Maejor ft. J. Cole - Trouble [Stream]

Trouble – we’ve all gotten into it at some point, and it’s the subject of the latest from ATL/LA-by-way-of-Detroit wunderkind Bei Maejor. But in this case, it’s the kind of trouble that is welcomed when it... Read More


Bei Maejor Turns the Game “Upside Down” on New Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

Southfield, Mi. -- Veteran producer and up-and-coming singer Bei Maejor's back to turn the game Upside Down (or should that be "u?op ?p?sdn?") with his latest street album. Hosted by Clinton Sparks, the project features... Read More


Bei Maejor - Kisses in the VIP [Stream]

For someone in an exclusive relationship, the club is a minefield of temptations – when young, attractive individuals collide with free-flowing liquor and sexually-charged grooves, stuff tends to, um, happen. Fresh off the... Read More


Bei Maejor ft. Keri Hilson - Gamez [Stream]

I’m sure if Mr. and Mrs. Pacman were to express their longing for one another, they would have more class to say, “We should (insert gaming sound here) with each other”. Not so for producer/rapper Bei Major, who’s... Read More


Sterling Simms ft. Bei Maejor - Coo Coo [Stream]

OK, first things first: did anyone else read the title of this track and feel an immediate craving for Cocoa Puffs? I mean, Krispies are objectively the best Cocoa-based cereal (sorry, Pebbles fans), but… wait, what was... Read More


Ciara ft. Andre 3000, Ludacris & Bei Maejor -  Ride (Bei Maejor Remix) [Stream]

Lead singles get remixes. That’s the way the game works, especially if that lead single winds up getting some serious press for being banned on BET. And so today we have Ciara grabbing producer Bei Maejor and the elusive... Read More


Bei Maejor - Drunk in the Club [Stream]

Even though Bei Maejor’s written a number of hits for the likes of Letoya and Ginuwine in his short career, the young singer/songwriter is interested in much more than simply hanging out with famous musicians in the studio;... Read More