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Inside the Verse: Ben Stevenson “Summer Dealer” (Video) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBoothTV "I watched the ceiling fan go round and round again / I can't believe you went but you're gone."  For the latest episode of our Inside the Verse video series, Toronto... Read More


Ben Stevenson - Imagining You [Stream]

When you’re in love, you have a one-track mind; anything and everything can remind you of that special guy or girl. In cases where your affection is unreciprocated, you’ve got to be careful lest your fantasies run... Read More


Ben Stevenson - Dirty Laundry EP [Album]

Much as people pretend to hate gossip and drama, there's something thrilling about rummaging through the skeletons in someone's closet and learning their deepest, darkest secrets. For once, you can stick your nose into... Read More


Ben Stevenson - Still [Stream]

Earlier this month, Ben Stevenson dazzled readers with Summer Dealer, a melancholy single that found him pining after an old flame. Evidently the T-Dot crooner’s got it bad, because two weeks later that woman is Still... Read More


Ben Stevenson - Summer Dealer [Stream]

With his digital debut EP less than a month away from release, singer/songwriter Ben Stevenson returns to stir up buzz with another fresh single off the set. The follow-up to June’s Dizzy, Summer Dealer finds the T-Dot... Read More


Ben Stevenson - Dizzy [Stream]

With his debut EP’s fall release on the horizon, T-Dot crooner Ben Stevenson steps into The DJBooth with a freshly-minted single off the set. Here, producer Drew Scott‘s understated soul grooves accompany the... Read More


4th Pyramid ft. Ben Stevenson - A Little out of Line [Stream]

Still haven’t copped 4th Pyramid‘s latest EP? I’ll chalk it up to forgetfulness—after all, who would knowingly pass up dope, freely-streamable music? Today, the multitalented T-Dot recording artist returns... Read More


Ben Stevenson - Opposites Attract [Stream]

As Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat taught us back in 1989, love has the power to transcend not only social class and species, but also the barrier between cartoons and reality. While Ben Stevenson‘s tastes are a bit more... Read More


4th Pyramid ft. Ben Stevenson - Stay Up High [Stream & Download]

4th Pyramid has been absent from our pages since February 2012, when he made his DJBooth debut with the world premiere of So Balboa, but that doesn’t mean he’s down for the count. Quite the contrary—according to... Read More


Ben Stevenson - Falling Off [Stream]

Fresh off earning phenomenal reader reviews for his live, acoustic rendition of DJBooth debut Left You Behind, Ben Stevenson has plenty of momentum behind him in the musical arena. In his love life, on the other hand,... Read More


Ben Stevenson - Left You Behind (Acoustic Performance) [Stream]

In April of last year, Ben Stevenson earned rave reader reviews for debut feature Left You Behind, a heartfelt ballad addressed to a woman from his past. Those who applauded the original’s honesty and emotional weight... Read More


Ben Stevenson - Left You Behind [Stream]

It’s regrettable, but true: pursuing personal growth often means growing apart from people you love. On Left You Behind, the first Booth feature and latest single from North of the Border buzzmaker Ben Stevenson, the... Read More