New Rapper Big Pooh Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Reckonize Real & Mayhem - The Blame Game ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Justin Cohen [Stream]

It’s been nearly two years since the last headlining Booth feature from Reckonize Real, but the Queens beatsmith returns to our pages today with a brand new effort with Boston emcee and EMS member Mayhem, with the two... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - Promise Land [Stream]

Booth fave Rapper Big Pooh just released his Words Paint Pictures album this week, and you should do yourself a favor and cop if you haven’t done so already. For those that need a little extra motivation, even after... Read More


Little Brother is Not Coming Back, Here’s Why They Matter [Feature ]

When 9th Wonder announced on Twitter, “Little Brother is not coming back,” there wasn’t an uproar, the day continued as if he announced his grocery list. It wasn’t a surprise, it’s been... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - Words Paint Pictures [Album]

They say that one picture is worth a thousand words but, in the hands of a talented lyricist, Words Paint Pictures all by themselves. When it comes to vivid rhymes, few can compete with Carolina underground vet and Little... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - How I Move ft. Eric “Blakk Soul” Keith [Stream]

Following closely on the heels of Augmentation, Rapper Big Pooh hits us with another taste of how he moves with his latest single—a world premiere, no less. Bookended by the soulful vocal stylings of Eric “Blakk... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - Augmentation [Stream]

An artist like Rapper Big Pooh needs no Augmentation to his style after more than a decade of quality material, though a full-length joint effort with producer Apollo Brown is sure to draw no complaints from fans.... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. Steve Roxx - Stop [Stream]

Stop, collaborate and listen! Rapper Big Pooh is back with a brand new record. (While you do that, I’ll hang my head in shame for sullying a dope song with a Vanilla Ice reference.) Premiered today on XXL, the lead single... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh x Blakk Soul - Mistle Toe [Stream]

Searching for some high-quality tunes to add to your holiday playlist? You’re in luck; today, Rapper Big Pooh unleashed a whole EP’s worth of seasonally-appropriate jams. For a taste of what’s in store on... Read More


Bad Nuze ft. Rapper Big Pooh & CyHi The Prynce - Fight (Remix) [Stream & Download]

I’ve got some good news and some Bad Nuze, Booth readers. The good news is that we’ve got some quality music from a veteran West Coast emcee for y’all. And the Bad Nuze… uh… that’s the... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. BJ the Chicago Kid - Last Dance [Stream]

Plenty of people say you should live every day like you’re going to die tomorrow; Rapper Big Pooh actually walks the walk. The result? As we learn on Last Dance, the North Carolina mainstay is happy and fulfilled, but... Read More


GQ ft. Nipsey Hussle & Rapper Big Pooh - Count’em Up [Stream]

Another Road, the introspective lead single off GQ‘s next independent full-length, met a surprisingly chilly reception when it hit our front page back in May. Unfazed, the West Coast emcee bounces back with a follow-up... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh & Roc C - The Crew [Stream]

First in Flight State veteran Rapper Big Pooh and West Coast mainstay Roc C may not be blood kin, but they and their respective cliques are as tight as the closest-knit families…. mafia or otherwise. On The Crew, single... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh x Roc C - Trouble in the Neighborhood [Album]

For almost a decade, emcees Rapper Big Pooh and Roc C have put in serious work, consistently releasing dope music and collaborating with the most respected emcees and producers in the rap game. Naturally, it felt right for... Read More


Stik Figa x Rapper Big Pooh - Juk [Stream]

The label name Mello Music Group rolls right off the tongue, but I was far from “mellow” after word leaked that (the real) MMG signed a two project deal with legendary emcee Big Pooh (of Little Brother fame).... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - Jambalaya [Stream]

Been hungry for some high-quality, lyrically on-point hip-hop? Rapper Big Pooh‘s latest feature will undoubtedly hit the spot. A freshly-released single off the First in Flight State veteran’s forthcoming album,... Read More


Don Streat ft. Little Brother - The Sun (Remix) [Stream]

When a remix makes it onto an album, you know it’s definitely worth your time. For evidence, look no further than The Sun (Remix) by Don Streat. This record, featuring a funky, retro instrumental by Cool FD, is set to... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. Jared Evan - Happy Birthday [Stream]

I’m not sure exactly how many years Rapper Big Pooh has under his belt, but I think it’s safe to say the Little Brother alum’s been around the block. Far from fretting about getting older, though, the First... Read More


Quiz ft. Rapper Big Pooh - Just Do Me [Stream]

Time for an, uh, miniature test: when did we last hear from underground emcee Quiz? If you answered October 7, 2009, you’re correct—and you have a terrifyingly good memory. Today, the Los Angeles representative... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 3: Happy Birthday Thomas [Album]

First in Flight State underground mainstay Rapper Big Pooh has unleashed volume three in his Fat Boy Fresh LP series, Happy Birthday Thomas. His sixth studio album in total, the project follows 2012's Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 2:... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - Don’t Change [Stream]

With his next studio album just a week away from release, Rapper Big Pooh has returned to build anticipation for the set by liberating a brand new single. The follow-up to reader-approved lead effort Gold Chain, this cut... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - Gold Chain [Stream]

Once upon a time, Rapper Big Pooh lusted after Gold Chains and other fly accoutrements. As he grew older and wiser, though, he came to the conclusion that expensive jewelry and designer clothes simply weren’t him. Then... Read More


REKS ft. Rapper Big Pooh - I Remember [Stream & Download]

We all know that the revolution will not be televised, but how will it sound? At the very least Boston native REKS has an idea of what it should sound like, and that’s why he has named his upcoming digital album... Read More


Slum Village ft. Rapper Big Pooh, Joe Scudda & Kam Corvet - Riot [Stream & Download]

No longer satisfied with living in Decadence, Slum Village have decided to start an all-out Riot on the latest song release off their forthcoming mixtape. Of course, there’s only so much havoc you can wreak with just... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - Friends [Stream]

On Whodini’s 1984 hit, Friends, the Brooklyn group asked the enthralling question, “Friends, how many of us have them?”  If Rapper Big Pooh‘s latest effort, also titled Friends, is a proper... Read More


Drique London ft. Jabee, Rapper Big Pooh & DJ Flash - Take It Back [Stream & Download]

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m sensing a stronger-than-usual undercurrent of nostalgia today in the DJBooth. Just a couple hours after hearing Everliven Sound lament rap’s post-1990s decline in... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - Fat Boy Fresh, Vol. Two: Est. 1980 [Album]

Following his acclaimed Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 1 release, underground mainstay Rapper Big Pooh is back with a second edition, Fat Boy Fresh, Vol. Two: Est. 1980. Featuring lead single "Friends," Vol. Two contains thirteen new... Read More


Slum Village, Rapper Big Pooh, J.Pinder & GoDreamer - Turn Around [Stream]

Swisha and The Sparks, the previous song releases off SMKA and The Flush‘s forthcoming A3C compilation, featured a formidable selection of the game’s most notable emerging talents. For third single Turn Around,... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - Where I Am [Stream & Download]

Who says hip-hop doesn’t have love for the Olympics? Just in time for the start of the Olympic games later this week, Hypetrak and Mick Boogie have teamed up for Represent The Stripes, an 18-song mixtape inspired by... Read More


Focus… ft. J. Pinder & Rapper Big Pooh - Clouds [Stream & Download]

After listening to Atlanta producer Focus…’ newest record for the first time its title, Clouds, becomes an increasingly fitting choice. It’s light, it flows along effortlessly, and it even has a slightly... Read More


SonReal x Rapper Big Pooh - I Feel Like [Stream & Download]

Man, I feel like hearing some of that real underground hip-hop. Thankfully Vancouver emcee SonReal delivers exactly what I had in mind on new release I Feel Like, which owes no small portion of its addictive appeal to a dope... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. Big Dho - Harpoon [Stream & Download]

As a general rule any day with new Rapper Big Pooh is a good day, so when I work up and saw new release Harpoon waiting, I immediately knew that, well, this was going to be a very good day. (Plus momma cooked a breakfast with... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. Alexis Jones - The Love? [Stream & Download]

Like fire, love can be either life-sustaining or fatal, depending on the situation. On new promo single The Love?, Rapper Big Pooh tackles the latter half of the aforementioned duality, describing the potentially deadly... Read More


Nefew ft. Shakes & Rapper Big Pooh - Change the World [Stream & Download]

Everybody wants to Change the World—the big question is where to start. On their latest single, Swiss-American emcee-producer duo Nefew wonder what they can do to right the numerous injustices they see surrounding them,... Read More


Jeary! ft. Rapper Big Pooh - Hey Girl [Stream & Download]

It takes a special kind of woman to roll with an artist like Booth newcomer Jeary!. On his latest single, however, the Phoenix-repping rhymesayer thinks he might have found the one. Over Sammy Nichs’ smooth yet driving,... Read More


Scolla ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Big Sant - Take What’s Mine [Stream & Download]

A lot of people are content to sit back and wait for life to give them everything they desire, laying on the couch with one hand tucked into their sweatpants and the other open, just waiting for someone to fill it. Not Young... Read More


Cyrano Sinatra ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Sharp - Full Circle [Stream & Download]

In 2008, First in Flight State emcee Cyrano Sinatra and producer Centric came together to craft acclaimed mixtape Back 2 Lyfe: The Return to Greatness. Four years later, things are about to come Full Circle with the release... Read More


J. Capri ft. Rapper Big Pooh - It Takes a Lot [Stream]

It Takes a Lot of drive, tenacity and street smarts to hustle your way out of the ‘hood—fortunately, J. Capri‘s got plenty of all three. Making its world premiere right here on our front page, the First in... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. Donny Goines & Raven Sorvino - Don’t Say Goodbye [Stream & Download]

All Out, the reader-acclaimed inaugural leak off Kareem Fort‘s forthcoming, Booth-hosted compilation album, is a damn hard act to follow, but the HiPNOTT Records C.O.O. may just have outdone himself with follow-up... Read More


Roc C ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Blu - Styllions [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the release of his latest full-length, Roc C returns to our pages with a freshly-released standout cut. On Styllions, the Oxnard, California underground mainstay goes toe-to-toe with Little Brother alum Rapper Big... Read More


Kosha Dillz ft. Rapper Big Pooh - West Coast Flavor [Stream & Download]

Can a couple emcees from New Jersey and North Carolina successfully capture that West Coast Flavor? If you’d asked me a couple minutes ago, I would have responded with doubt, but I’ll be damned if Kosha Dillz and... Read More


Dave New York ft. Chali2na, Rapper Big Pooh & Bishop Lamont - Music’s All I Got [Stream]

Just how devoted is Booth newcomer Dave New York to his craft? On Music’s All I Got, the latest leak off his forthcoming compilation, the Northeastern spitter reveals that, as far as he’s concerned, hip-hop is... Read More


Young Scolla ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Freeway - The Journey [Stream]

For those not in the know, every year Atlanta hosts the A3C hip-hop festival, bringing together a mixture of underground staples and dope relatively unknown artists for performances, workshops and politicking. During this... Read More


YC the Cynic ft. Rapper Big Pooh, King Mez & Chaundon - More and More (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Did YC the Cynic‘s More and More leave you wanting, well, more, when it hit the Booth back in February? Well, your wish is the Bronx emcee’s command. Today, the record returns in officially-remixed form. On this... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. Phife Dawg & T3 - They Say (Remix) [Stream & Download]

As those who tuned in for Rapper Big Pooh‘s last Booth feature are already aware, the Little Brother alum doesn’t give one iota of attention to what They Say—which is a damn shame, since “their” (that... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. Choklate - They Say [Stream]

Released in late September, Phonte‘s freshman full-length has been a subject of considerable pre-release buzz and post-release acclaim. Lest we forget, however, another Little Brother alumnus has been doing his thing... Read More


Balance ft. Big Pooh & Chaundon - World Wide [Stream & Download]

When your hustle starts to grow so big that a single nation can no longer hold it, then there’s only one thing to do about it: go World Wide! The latest West Coast representative to assert himself on the national scale,... Read More


Dasha ft. Rapper Big Pooh - Good Luv [Stream]

Don’t they say that love blossoms in the summer? Or is that spring? I believe it’s spring, wait, no summer. Either way, a lot of folks are boo’d up right now in order to get some of that Good Luv. As summer winds down... Read More


Gameboi ft. Rapper Big Pooh - Act Right [Stream & Download]

Judging strictly from the lyrics of Act Right, one might draw several conclusions about Michigan emcee and DJBooth newcomer Gameboi: he’s intellectual; he’s charismatic; he’s informed. What might have been a tad harder... Read More


warrenJae ft. Rapper Big Pooh - Live [Stream]

Just how Live is warrenJae? Well, when you hit “play” on his latest mixtape leak, the South Carolina up-and-comer leaps though the computer screen into your house or apartment and performs the record in-person, just for... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. Kendrick Lamar & Ab-Soul - RapperPooh-a-lude [Stream]

If you haven’t picked up Rapper Big Pooh’s latest project Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 1, I suggest you make a couple clicks and grab your headphones. However, my words may not be enough to convince you, so Big Pooh has given us a... Read More


Focus…ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Chaundon - Idols & Role Models (Perspective #2) [Stream & Download]

In today’s fast-moving, often-superficial world, Perspective is a rare commodity. Though rap music as a whole plays a part in perpetuating – or at least reflecting – our culture’s messed-up priorities, we can... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - FatBoyFresh Vol. 1 Mix [Album]

Underground veteran and Little Brother alumnus Rapper Big Pooh has joined forces with to bring fans a preview mix of his forthcoming digital-only EP, FatBoyFresh Vol. 1: For Members Only. Mixed by DJ Flash and... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. Carlitta Durand - Freebasin’ [Stream]

Don’t worry, kids – Little Brother alum Rapper Big Pooh hasn’t picked up any unsavory habits since parting ways with Phonte and 9th back in 2010. The title of new mixtape single Freebasin’ simply refers to... Read More


Novel ft. Rapper Big Pooh - Hood Chick [Stream & Download]

I’m a Novel fan, and if you’re a DJBooth regular, you are too. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/producer has earned a name for himself in the industry, and on our pages, for consistently dropping quality music.... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh & M-Dot - No Surrendering [Stream]

Now that Little Brother is no more, is Rapper Big Pooh going to set down the mic and take a breather? Don’t be “redic!” Not only is the North Carolina native hard at work on the solo tip, he’s also been... Read More


Zo! ft. Eric Roberson, Darien Brockington & Rapper Big Pooh - This Could Be the Night [Stream]

Been yearning for some silky-smooth, jazz/R&B goodness from a fresh face whose stage name includes unnecessary punctuation? Well, Tonight May Be the Night your oddly specific dream comes true; for your listening pleasure,... Read More


Apollo Brown ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Black Milk - Hungry [Stream]

Patience is all well and good, but it takes more than a knack for waiting in line to make it to the top: you’ve also gotta be Hungry enough to stay on your grind while everyone else is snoozing. Having friends in high... Read More


Donny Goines ft. Asher Roth, Mistah Fab & Big Pooh - Rock NYC (Remix) [Stream]

Poor New York City. No one ever pays the Big Apple any attention, and the city that never sleeps certainly doesn’t have any anthems it can be proud of. (That was sarcastic, and yes, I’m from Boston.) Apparently not... Read More


Hollyweerd ft. Rapper Big Pooh - Love Me [Premiere] [Stream]

If the dirty south is funky again this summer, it’s not going to be because of Gucci Mane’s new cologne coming out, “Freaky Gurl Fragrances.” (Just kidding, but admit it. I had you going for a sec.) ATL quartet... Read More


Hall of Justus Drop DJ Warrior & DJ Skillz-Mixed Reservoir Dogs Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Joe Scudda, Rapper Big Pooh, and Chaundon of Hall of Justus have joined forces with DJ Warrior and DJ Skillz to drop a street album themed around the work of big-name director Quentin Tarantino. The Little... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - Rear View Mirror [Stream]

Coming to grips with one’s past is never an easy thing to do, and it only seems to get trickier the more memories you accumulate.  Of course, I’m only 20, so I’m hardly qualified to comment on that;... Read More


Big Pooh Preps 4 ‘Flavors’ of “Delightful Bars” Mixtape, iTunes-Only Version Set to Drop 3/24 [Feature ]

Raleigh, NC -- Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother fame has big plans for his latest project; Street LP The Delightful Bars, featuring guest appearances from Jay Rock and Justus League and production by Khrysis, Jake One,... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh - The Comeback [Stream]

Rapper Big Pooh hasn’t been gone for long – in fact, the Little Brother emcee released a downloadable street album, Rapper’s Delight, just a few short months ago – but nevertheless, he has decided that... Read More


Mick Boogie & Little Brother Drop “...And Justus For All” [Feature ]

01) Big Pooh: Intro (Poobie’s Song) 02) Little Brother and Chaundon: Can’t Stop Us (Produced by Young Cee) 03) Little Brother and Oddisee: Delusional (Produced by Oddisee) 04) Interlude: The Purpose Of Mixtapes 05) Little... Read More