New Bizzy Crook Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Earlly Mac - Big Bank ft. Bizzy Crook & Trae Tha Truth [Stream]

“It’s always Big Bank take little bank,” begins the latest ode to the almighty dollar from Earlly Mac. The Detroit buzzmaker follows up his recent episode of our DJBoothTV Inside The Verse video series by... Read More


Connor Evans ft. Bizzy Crook - I Be Hittin’ That [Stream]

Fresh off Monday’s release of his sophomore street album, Connor Evans returns to our pages with a freshly-released single off the DJBooth-hosted set. Surprisingly enough, I Be Hittin’ That doesn’t center... Read More


Bizzy Crook ft. Los - Lord [Stream & Download]

For an artist, perhaps the most stressful time is when an important project’s release is on the horizon. I’m sure Bizzy Crook knows what I’m talking about, as his forthcoming mixtape, 84—named after the year Michael... Read More


Bizzy Crook - Top of The World [Stream]

Bizzy Crook has been feeling good lately—damn good, in fact. And why wouldn’t he be? With a growing, fervently loyal fanbase (See: the love-in that greeted his last feature, the exclusive Steal Your Heart) and a new... Read More


Bizzy Crook - Steal Your Heart [Stream]

Personally, when I hear the phrase Steal Your Heart I think of that scene from Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, but that’s just because I’m a child of the ‘80s. Luckily, Bizzy Crook has a far more... Read More


Bizzy Crook - Good Luck EP [Album]

Miami rhymesayer Bizzy Crook has come together with The DJBooth and SOL REPUBLIC to bring listeners his latest street release, the Good Luck EP. The project features seven original records (plus one bonus track) from the... Read More


Bizzy Crook - Vegas [Stream]

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless of course Vegas is also the title of your new single, in which case you pretty much want everyone alive to hear it. A world premiere follow-up to previous release Rich... Read More


Bizzy Crook - Rich Some Day [Stream & Download]

If you tuned in for Bizzy Crook‘s previous features, you know that one of the primary motivators behind his hustle is the burning desire to discredit the teachers and peers who said he’d never make it. A noble... Read More


Win a Pair of Tracks HD Courtesy of DJBooth, SOL REPUBLIC & Bizzy Crook [Contest] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Next month, The DJBooth will be offering up Bizzy Crook's latest digital release, the Good Luck EP, for free streaming and download on our mixtape page. In anticipation of its release, we have partnered with... Read More


Bizzy Crook - Heart Breaker [Stream & Download]

Spending one’s high-school years as a relative outcast may be no walk in the park, but it certainly seems to increase the odds of achieving one’s dreams later in life. Just ask Panhandle State emcee Bizzy Crook,... Read More


Bizzy Crook - This is Me [Stream & Download]

Bizzy Crook‘s Booth debut, Over Now, found the Miami repper too wrapped up in a recent breakup to properly introduce himself. On follow-up leak This Is Me Crook rectifies that oversight, filling fans in on his M.O. over... Read More


Bizzy Crook - Over Now [Stream & Download]

As the cliché goes, every ending can also be viewed as a new beginning. Case in point: though Miami emcee Bizzy Crook‘s latest single, Over Now finds him reeling in the wake of a breakup, the smooth, Reefa-produced... Read More