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Kendrick Lamar’s “One of the Easiest Artists to Get a Verse From” if He Likes You [Feature ]

I've seen it happen up close. Artists work together frequently, become something like friends, then one blows up and suddenly text messages asking to collaborate go unanswered. Or a guest verse is promised but... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid - In My Mind [Album]

It's been four years since we received the last full-length from BJ The Chicago Kid, 2012's Booth-acclaimed Pineapple Now & Laters, but the extended interim has come to a close as the Windy City singer/songwriter has finally... Read More


You’ll Love BJ The Chicago Kid’s “In My Mind” Album Even If You Hate Love [Feature ]

I don’t do love songs. I don’t really do love at all. My Valentine's Day plans include seeing Deadpool with bae. That's the level of romance I'm operating on. I can’t help it, I’ve never... Read More


Our Most Anticipated Albums of 2016 [Feature ]

Right now everyone is focused on February 11 and Yeezy season, but there’s 10 more months to go in 2016, which means there's about a bazillion more albums to look forward to, including a number of... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid - Nothin But Love ft. Joey Bada$$ & Hannibal Buress [Stream]

Update: The visuals for BJ The Chicago Kid’s Nothin But Love single have been added. BJ The Chicago Kid, fresh off a credit on Dr. Dre’s new Compton album, has released Nothin But Love, a new single from his... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid Doesn’t Mind Ghostwriting, Says Everyone Has Help [Feature ]

Ghostwriting in hip-hop has been a consistent theme all year and this morning BJ The Chicago Kid stopped by The Breakfast Club to share his own thoughts on the practice. When asked about the age old practice, BJ... Read More


Bryant Stewart - Autocratic ft. BJ The Chicago Kid [Stream & Download]

Ferguson, MO natvie Bryant Stewart has released Autocractic, a J-Louis-produced single lifted from his forthcoming album, eightshadesofgrAy, set for digital release on Friday, September 4. Joining the indie emcee is Motown... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid - Church ft. Chance The Rapper & Buddy [Stream]

Soulful singer BJ The Chicago Kid has released Church, a new single off his forthcoming major label debut, In My Mind. The record, produced by Mike&Keys, features guest appearances from fellow Chicagoan Chance The Rapper... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid - That Girl ft. OG Maco [Stream]

One of today’s more intriguing artist collabs comes courtesy of BJ The Chicago Kid, who taps the help of gruff-voiced, Atlanta buzzmaker OG Maco for That Girl. Maco continues to show the world he’s much more... Read More


Kehlani - Down For You (Gravez & Nehzuil Remix) ft. BJ The Chicago Kid [Stream]

Kehlani is on a roll. Following the release of her You Should Be Here project, the buzzmaking singer announced her signing to Atlantic Records, released a would-be hit single in the form of Chance The Rapper collabo The Way... Read More


Slum Village - Expressive ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & Illa J [Stream]

Detroit veterans Slum Village are gearing up for the June 16 release of their forthcoming album YES!, but take some time out to get Expressive for its latest single. A laid-back groove, the effort features the light... Read More


Kehlani - Down For You ft. BJ The Chicago Kid [Stream]

Just four days after we featured her previous effort How That Taste, Kehlani gives fans her BJ The Chicago Kid-assisted follow-up Down For You. Frequent collaborator Jahaan Sweet mans the boards in this duet of talented... Read More


Joey BadA$$ ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Like Me [Stream]

As if you needed another reason to cop Joey BadA$$’s freshman set, the Pro.Era ringleader joins forces with a few of the Booth’s favorite artists—and one legendary late beatsmith—on a freshly-selected single off the... Read More


Inside the Verse: BJ The Chicago Kid on “Change Gon Come” (Video) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBoothTV "Sometimes I feel like I'm old dirty bastard, but inside I'm like a Rich Boy."  For the latest in our Inside the Verse video series, rising soul and R&B star BJ the Chicago Kid... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid ft. ScHoolboy Q - It’s True [Stream]

BJ the Chicago Kid‘s latest body of work is composed chiefly of cuts the artist had previously released as loosies, but there was one song on the set that fans definitely hadn’t heard before. Yes, It’s True:... Read More


The Worlds Needs a Freddie Gibbs x BJ The Chicago Kid Album [Feature ]

Like Guess Who, beer pong, and spin the bottle, we've all played the dream collaboration game at least once in our lives; I love making up dream collabs in my head.  When I listen to music, I'm always playing an... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid - The M.A.F.E. Project [Album]

In recent months, BJ The Chicago Kid has been feeding his hungry fanbase with one high-quality promo single after another, but has kept quiet as far as when he'll be unleashing something more substantial. As it turns out... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid ft. Freddie Gibbs - B.A.M [Stream & Download]

In recent months, BJ The Chicago Kid has tossed out one promo single after another, and pretty much all of them have been on-point. Is his latest effort another hit? I’ll answer with a timeless quote from Emeril... Read More


A-Villa ft. Saigon, Jon Connor, Joe Budden & BJ The Chicago Kid - Sucker Free [Stream]

The newly-released freshman set from Windy City beatsmith A-Villa comes fully stocked with guest bars, and you won’t find a single buster, herb or lame among the dozens of artists assembled for the set. In other words,... Read More


SmCity ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - New Spiritual [Stream & Download]

Dropping a dope single involves more than making the right decisions in the studio. You also need a trained ear or two to help you figure out what the people want. If you find yourself nodding along with SmCity‘s New... Read More


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Home [Stream]

Home is where the wi-fi is free, where the bills pile up, and if you like clichés - home is where the heart is. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib delivered lyrical miracles yesterday, with Knicks (Remix), and today they return with... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid - Good Karma [Stream]

I’ve seen too much bad sh*t happen to good people to believe that what goes around really comes around but, if the world did work that way, females in general would have a lot of Good Karma to cash in. On his latest... Read More


Benny Cassette ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Bridges Over Babylon [Stream]

Last we heard from Benny Cassette, the G.O.O.D. Music signee was struggling to escape from a femme fatale‘s clutches on lead EP single Virgo Season. The freshly-released follow-up also deals with the dangerous side of... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid - Soul of a Woman [Stream]

Question for the fellas: how many of y’all know about the Soul of a Woman? If your hand isn’t raised (or if, like mine, it’s wavering in midair because you’re not sure what that means), you’d... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid - Wednesday Weekend [Stream]

You can count on BJ The Chicago Kid to make your Wednesday feel like the Weekend... or your Monday feel like a Wednesday that feels like the weekend, as the case may be. Regardless, if I listened to this jam with the shades... Read More


ScHoolboy Q ft. Nas & BJ The Chicago Kid - Studio (Remix) [Stream]

Featured on our front page when it dropped as a single back in April, ScHoolboy Q‘s Studio won a phenomenal four out of five stars, on average, from our readership. Well, I have a feeling quite a few readers are gonna... Read More


BJ the Chicago Kid - Real Love Never Dies [Stream]

Fresh off earning positive reader reviews for the strip club-ready Go Girl, BJ the Chicago Kid returns to our front page with something a little more old-school. A demo newly released as a loosie, Real Love Never Dies borrows... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid ft. Kobe - Go Girl [Stream]

On his last feature, an early-August promo cut, BJ The Chicago Kid assuaged a special woman’s insecurities about her appearance, assuring her that he found her Perfect in every way. The Chi-town phenom’s latest... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. BJ the Chicago Kid - Last Dance [Stream]

Plenty of people say you should live every day like you’re going to die tomorrow; Rapper Big Pooh actually walks the walk. The result? As we learn on Last Dance, the North Carolina mainstay is happy and fulfilled, but... Read More


BJ the Chicago Kid - Perfect [Stream]

On Thim Slick, a track off this year’s Soul Tape 3, Fabolous and guest artist Jeremih showed their appreciation for ladies of all shapes and sizes. BJ the Chicago Kid takes that theme and runs with it on his latest... Read More


ScHoolboy Q ft. BJ the Chicago Kid - Studio [Stream]

As if you needed a reminder that TDE’s “Most Likely To Bring Bucket Hats Back” rapper dropped a phenomenal album this year in Oxymoron, he just announced the fourth official single. On Studio, ScHoolboy Q... Read More


Jamla Records ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & Add-2 - 15 Minutes Of Fame [Stream]

Forget 15 Minutes Of Fame; I need 15 minutes of BJ The Chicago Kid and Add-2 pouring out their hearts atop a signature 9th Wonder beat. You might think this record is about the perils of fame, but it is actually about... Read More


Nemo Achida ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Hands On [Stream]

Snapchat, sexting and other technological innovations have made it easier than ever to get freaky without the muss and fuss of physical intimacy, but Nemo Achida still prefers the Hands On approach. On a brand new promotional... Read More


Bebe O’Hare ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - City of Win [Stream]

With talented new artists emerging from Chicago at a downright alarming rate, the nickname “City of Win” feels more and more appropriate with each passing day. Today, we bring you the debut feature from yet another... Read More


Vic Mensa ft. Ab-Soul & BJ The Chicago Kid - Holy Holy [Stream]

Whether consciously or not, artists are often motivated by the desire to create something that will outlast them. Such is definitely the case for Vic Mensa, who comes face to face with his own mortality on Holy Holy, a... Read More


Sasha Go Hard ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Gimmie Mo [Stream]

Thanks to the singer’s appearance in GTAV, I have been on a BJ The Chicago Kid bender. When it comes to his smooth vocals, all I can say is, “Gimme Mo.” As for Chi-Town emcee Sasha Go Hard; not only does she... Read More


Big K.R.I.T ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Life Is a Gamble [Stream & Download]

As Marvin Gaye put it on a joint off his 1972 Trouble Man LP, “Life Is a Gamble,” with any given throw of the dice having the power to make fortunes or take lives. On a freshly-released standout off new mixtape King... Read More


BJ the Chicago Kid Talks Motown’s Legacy, Upcoming Album & More (Interview) [Feature ]

A lot has changed since the last time Jacques Morel joined BJ The Chicago Kid for "Outside the Booth." For our latest interview the newly signed Motown singer joins us to talk about his songwriting process, his new album,... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid - Honey [Stream]

In the 2012 Best of the Booth Awards, you selected BJ the Chicago Kid as the artist you expect to see Breaking Through in 2013. Today, the Windy City R&B singer takes his first step towards transforming your lofty... Read More


Lolah Brown ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - History [Stream]

When two people have romantic History (and parted on amicable terms), it usually doesn’t take much to rekindle that old flame. On the latest single from Cleveland soul songstress Lolah Brown, she and BJ the Chicago Kid... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid - Good Luv’n [Stream]

When BJ the Chicago Kid dropped Pineapple Now & Laters back in February, Booth readers and staff alike fell in love, hailing the project as a retro-inspired, but forward-looking revitalization of the R&B genre.... Read More


BJ the Chicago Kid & 1982 to Play A3C’s The Circus Showcase [Feature ]

The upcoming A3C Music Festival will have no shortage of raw hip-hop, but those looking to blur the lines between rap, R&B, soul and just about every other genre will find themselves pulling up a spot on the couch for The... Read More


THURZ ft. BJ the Chicago Kid - Another Number [Stream]

Paradoxical as it may sound, freeloading ain’t easy. In fact, when you reach the level of gold-diggerdom attained by the central character in THURZ’ latest song release, it’s pretty much a full-time job.... Read More


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib ft. BJ the Chicago Kid - Shame [Stream]

Does a one-night stand have to end in a “walk of Shame,” or can it be the stepping stone to something more? That’s the dilemma that Freddie Gibbs broaches on his latest feature, the newly-released, Jonah... Read More


Full |REBEL| Jacket ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Purple Lights [Stream & Download]

There aren’t a lot of rap groups coming from Arizona, and even fewer comprised of emcees originally from Alaska and Texas, but then again, there aren’t a lot of rap groups that sound like Full |REBEL| Jacket. For... Read More


Ab-Soul ft. Jay Rock & BJ The Chicago Kid - Lust Demons [Stream]

Normally, I would not approve nor condone a young artist’s bold decision of sampling a soul legend’s music. I would say first, do your homework and find out what said legend is/was about, then and only then, can you... Read More


DJBoothTV Travels to L.A. for Interviews With Thurz, BJ the Chicago Kid & More [Feature ]

DJBoothTV's crew usually keeps well within the confines of New York City, but for our special L.A. Edition of Outside the Booth, Jacques Morels traveled to the sunny streets of Los Angeles to sit down with seven of the west... Read More


Agacee ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Body Flow [Stream & Download]

Introduced to The DJBooth via February’s 4TheCulture, Agacee makes his triumphant return to the Booth with Body Flow, a freshly-released cut off his next street release. On Body Flow, Tony Baines’ mellow,... Read More


BJ the Chicago Kid - Pineapple Now & Laters [Album]

Over the last decade R&B has slowly but surely morphed from “rhythm & blues” to “hip-hop that just so happens to have a R&B singer on the hook.” Or, at the very least, “R&B that just so happens to have a rapper on a... Read Full Review


Noelz ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Be Alright [Stream & Download]

Life is never easy for a rapper on the rise, but Booth newcomer Noelz knows that, whatever the game throws at him, he’s gonna Be Alright in the end. Previously released to the ‘net but presented here in its final,... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid ft. Kendrick Lamar - His Pain [Stream]

Why are you here? What is your purpose? BJ The Chicago Kid’s latest track His Pain, with Kendrick Lamar, explores these queries as much as it exposes life’s troubles. Leaked previously as a potential Section.80 inclusion,... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid - Dream II (Turn the Lights On) [Stream]

Plenty of artists make the rounds as featured artists before stepping into the Booth with a jam of their own, but precious few have hustled as hard on the collaborative tip as BJ the Chicago Kid. Over the last couple years,... Read More


Thurz ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Hell’s Angel [Stream]

No, Thurz hasn’t joined a motorcycle gang. The Hell’s Angel the U-N-I alum (and recent performer on’s ATL Indie Fest Stage) addresses on this album standout is a female whose unconditional love... Read More


Fly Union ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Don’t Call (Remix) [Stream & Download]

When it comes to romantic relationships, sometimes the silence is more painful that the quarrels. Case in point: Jerreau Smith, JaySwif and IYE of Columbus crew Fly Union, who grapple with a lack of communication on this... Read More


Kidz in the Hall ft. BJ the Chicago Kid - Playground [Stream & Download]

What do Tabi Bonney, Currensy, Mikkey Halsted, Smoke DZA, and Curt@!ns all have in common? Aside from their own unique take on the music game, each one has been on the consistently dope Brain Candy series from Kidz In The... Read More